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In the dynamic world of online gambling, new slots are released every week by top game developers. These slots come packed with exciting features and innovative gameplay that create an immersive and entertaining experience for players. One such slot that has captured the imagination of players is Mantra88.

Mantra88 is an Asian-themed video slot by Playtech that provides an exquisite gameplay experience. With vibrant graphics, atmospheric music, generous bonuses, and frequent payouts, Mantra88 has become a fan-favorite game at online casinos.

In this in-depth guide, we uncover everything you need to know about the Mantra88 slot game. We delve into the game’s features, gameplay, jackpot potential, and overall experience offered. Read on to learn what makes Mantra88 a slot worth playing.

An Overview of Playtech Games

Before diving into Mantra88, let’s briefly discuss its creator, Playtech, who is among the top casino game developers today. Founded in 1999, Playtech has over two decades of experience in making world-class casino games. Their portfolio includes over 500 top-notch slots and table games.

Playtech is renowned for its high-quality visuals, innovative gameplay features, and licensed slot titles featuring popular movies, TV shows, and celebrities. Some of their hit games are Age of Gods, Justice League Comics, and Rocky Slots.

Playtech games are available in multiple languages and currencies to cater to various markets. They also comply with responsible gambling policies. For these reasons, Playtech slots have a strong following among players worldwide. Now, let’s see how they brought their development expertise into creating the highly enjoyable Mantra88 slot experience.

Mantra88 Slot Layout

Mantra88 slot has a standard 5-reel, 3-row layout with 25 fixed pay lines. The place has an RTP of 95.98% and a hit rate of 25.65%, which means it delivers frequent payouts.

The game matrix is set against the backdrop of an elaborately carved Hindu temple. The reels are framed by ornate pillars with intricately painted motifs. The overall visual presentation sets an exotic mood that draws you into the gameplay.

As for symbols, Mantra88 cleverly integrates its theme within its high-value symbols. You have jeweled daggers, ornate elephants, Hindu deities, temples, and gems decking the reels. 

The visuals are further enhanced with immersive sound effects like temple bells, sitars, and chants that make it feel like you are playing in an Indian palace. The graphics and audio combine to provide an atmospheric and engaging slot experience.

Bonus Rounds in Mantra88

No slot is complete without its bonus features. Mantra88 incorporates two highly rewarding and entertaining bonus rounds.

a. Free Spins

Landing 3 or more scattered Temple symbols awards 10 free spins. All wins during free spins also get a 3x multiplier for huge payout potential. You can retrigger more free spins within the round by landing 2+ scatters. In total, you can get up to 25 free spins in the bonus.

b. Pick and Click Bonus

Getting 3 or more scattered Dagger symbols triggers the Pick and Click Bonus. Here, you get to pick from 20 daggers on screen and reveal prizes like cash, jackpots, extra picks, or additional scatters. You keep picking blades until you uncover the Collect sign, which ends the round. This bonus adds excitement and big win possibilities to the base game.

c. Jackpot Feature

Mantra88 slot has not one but four progressive jackpots – Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega linked to the game. The best part is you don’t need any special symbol combination to trigger these jackpots. They can get randomly awarded after any spin!

This means you always have the chance to grab huge jackpot prizes like:

Mini Jackpot – 100x to 500x your bet

Minor Jackpot – 200x to 1000x your bet

Major Jackpot – 1000x to 5000x your bet

Mega Jackpot – 2000x to 10,000x your bet

The Mega Jackpot can pay out life-changing sums, so you have a great incentive to keep playing.

Smooth Gameplay and Interface

Mantra88 scores highly when it comes to gameplay and interface design. The visuals are optimized for smooth renderings across desktop and mobile. You can play via instant play on a browser without needing to download any software.

The interface allows intuitive navigation between pages. You can easily adjust settings like bet size, pay lines, and autoplay options. All game rules and payouts are clearly displayed in the paytable. The spin button and other controls have a nice large size, which is ideal for tapping on smaller screens.

As you play, the reels animate smoothly with crystal-clear symbols. There is no lag during spins, wins, or bonus rounds. Combined with fast loading, the overall performance is highly optimized for glitch-free gambling on all devices.

Mantra88 Slot RTP, Volatility and Payouts

The slot has an RTP (return to player) of 95.98%, which is an above-average payout rate. So, in the long run, you have a good chance of winning back your wagers. Session volatility is medium, meaning you get a good mix of smaller payouts and big wins.

Here are the highest payouts possible from symbol combinations:

3 x matching Hindu God symbols – 500x line bet

3 x matching Temple symbols – 250x line bet  

3 x matching Elephant symbols – 125x line bet

3 x matching Dagger symbols – 100x line bet

Even the high card symbols can pay out decently with 3-of-a-kind Aces awarding 60x your line bet. When you trigger the lucrative free spins and jackpots, the wins scale up massively into thousands of credits!

Mantra88 Slot Verdict

Mantra88 offers a complete slot experience with its exotic Asian theme, crisp graphics, fitting sound effects, smooth gameplay, generous bonuses, and huge win potential.

The game will appeal to all player types – from casual gamblers enjoying the theme to seasoned slot fans attracted by the big jackpots and bonuses. Thanks to its high RTP and 2,500x maximum win cap, Mantra88 offers the ideal balance between wins and entertainment.

So put on your thinking turban and get ready to be transported into a world of riches by giving the Mantra88 slot a spin today!

Overview of Mantra88 Slot Gameplay Features

Mantra88 is an online video slot from Playtech that provides players with an immersive, Indian-themed gaming experience. With inviting graphics, ambient sounds, and generous bonus features, the Mantra88 slot aims to both entertain and reward players.

In this section, we take a close look at the various gameplay features that make spinning the reels on Mantra88 so exciting. These include:

a. Slot Layout

Mantra88 follows a standard 5×3 slot format with 25 fixed pay lines. The slot has a hit frequency of 25.65%, which translates to frequent payouts.

b. Symbols and Payouts

The Mantra88 symbol set includes ornate daggers, elephants, Hindu gods, temples, gems, and playing card suits designed to match the Indian theme. Landing 3 to 5 identical symbols on an active pay line awards a payout. The Hindu God symbols pay the most – up to 500x your line bet for 5 of a kind.

c. Pick and Click Bonus

3 or more dagger scatter symbols trigger this round. You pick from 20 daggers to reveal random prizes like cash, jackpots, and extra picks. The game continues until the “Collect” sign is uncovered.

d. Progressive Jackpots

Mantra88 slot has 4 jackpots – Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega that can be randomly triggered any time you spin. The Mega Jackpot seeds are at 2,000x your total bet.

Smooth Performance

Mantra88 features optimized performance for desktop and mobile. The graphics and animations are smooth, spins are quick, and gameplay is lag-free for uninterrupted gambling.

Through its combination of rewarding bonuses, big jackpots, and entertaining gameplay, the Mantra88 slot delivers an experience that is hard to rival. Players are guaranteed immersive gambling sessions every time they spin its reels.

Mantra88 Slot Theme and Visuals

A major highlight of the Mantra88 slot is its exotic Indian theme, which is realized beautifully through the game’s visual design and soundscape. Let us look at the key visual elements that create an atmospheric East-meets-West gaming vibe:

a. Color Palette

The color scheme uses vibrant jewel tones of ruby red, emerald green, and sapphire blue, which are synonymous with Indian culture. Golden accents are added for luxury. The rich colors grab attention while representing the slot’s personality.

b. Symbols  

The high-value symbols incorporate elements like ornate daggers, elephants, Hindu deities, and temples in line with the Indian inspiration. The graphics and details on the characters are top-notch.

c. Backdrop

The game screen features intricately carved temple pillars on the sides and a majestic structure in the distance. Combined with sitar music, this transports you straight into an Indian architectural marvel.

d. Artwork

Beautiful Eastern patterns and motifs are etched throughout the interface and behind the reels. Intricate borders, delicate florals, and geometric shapes adorn the slot’s design.

The strong attention to visual aspects creates a slot experience that effectively captures the essence of India. Players get to spin the reels in a detailed virtual world with unique personality and appeal.

Atmospheric Sound Design

In addition to Mesmerizing visuals, Mantra88 slot also excels when it comes to its audio design and sound effects. The following sounds complete the Indian atmosphere:

Sitar strings: This distinctive Indian instrument provides an authentic Eastern flavor to the soundtrack.

Temple bells: You hear soft chimes of bells akin to Hindu temples scattered wins, triggering a ringing of bells indicating big wins.

Chants: Mystical chants and vocals are seamlessly woven into the music.

Nature sounds: Tweeting birds and rustling leaves enhance the ambient theme.

The sounds perfectly complement the overall mood and theme of the slot. The music rises in tempo and intensity during winning spins and bonuses. Together, the sights and sounds of Mantra88 provide an immersive experience of Indian culture.

Smooth Gameplay and Satisfying Wins

An entertaining theme means little if the gameplay itself lacks excitement. Thankfully, Mantra88 delivers satisfying spins and wins thanks to these elements:

Fast-paced action: The spins are ultra-fast, allowing quick gameplay while animations and transitions maintain their smoothness.

Frequent payouts: Thanks to high hit frequency, you get plenty of payouts to keep your bankroll ticking.

Big wins – Large symbol clusters and bonuses like Pick and Click can easily result in thousand-credit wins.

Jackpot chance: Four progressive jackpots add high-stakes excitement to every session.

The overall result is a slot machine that combines aesthetics with rewarding gameplay for a gratifying experience each session. Players will have a hard time tearing themselves away from the reels of the Mantra88 slot.

Mantra88 Slot Jackpot Breakdown

One of the biggest attractions of playing the Mantra88 slot is the chance to win one of its four mystery progressive jackpots. These jackpots can strike randomly after any spin, regardless of the bet amount.

Let’s look at each of the four Mantra88 jackpots and how they work:

a. Mini Jackpot

The Mini jackpot is the smallest prize, but you can still pay huge amounts of 100x to 500x the total bet amount. Its frequency of hitting is the highest among the four jackpots.

b. Minor Jackpot

Dwarfing the Mini jackpot, the Minor bank pays out between 200x to 1,000x the player’s full bet. It hits less frequently than Mini but offers bigger rewards.

c. Major Jackpot  

The Major jackpot is seeded at 1,000x the bet and can climb to 5,000x the stake. This translates to some serious wins when triggered and lands frequently enough to be a motivating prospect.

d. Mega Jackpot

This is the largest jackpot prize, starting from 2,000x the total bet up to a staggering 10,000x the bet. Even at minimum seed value, it can deliver life-changing payouts!

While the Mini and Minor strike more regularly, the prospect of a multi-thousand-times-bet Mega Jackpot win will keep you on the edge of your seat. All it takes is a single lucky spin to become Mantra88’s next big jackpot winner!

Mantra88 Mobile Slot – Optimized for iOS and Android

Like most modern online slots, Mantra88 is fully optimized for mobile play. You can access the game on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets in portrait mode and enjoy uncompromised performance.

The intuitive design ensures all game elements, like tabs, buttons, and menus, render perfectly on compact screens. Graphics retain their high quality without pixelation. The gameplay translates smoothly to tap and swipe gestures.

With mobile gambling gaining popularity, Mantra88 gives players the flexibility to spin the reels on the go. Thanks to robust optimization, the slot plays smoothly whether you use an iPhone, iPad, or any Android device.

The convenience of mobile play means you can dive into the world of Mantra88 at anytime, anywhere! Just visit the casino site in your mobile browser to get started.

Mantra88 Free Play vs Real Money Modes

Mantra88 slot can be played in both free and real money modes, each with its advantages. In the free-play demo mode, you get to spin using virtual credits without risking actual money. This helps you learn the game and test bonus features without financial commitment. When ready to win real cash, you can transition to the real money mode. This requires making a deposit but unlocks Mantra88’s full profit potential. 

We recommend trying the Mantra88 free version first to understand its volatility and experience the gameplay. Once you feel confident, switch to real money mode with a chance to withdraw tangible wins.

Both free and paid versions are identical, so you get to enjoy the same feature-rich slot.


Mantra88 delivers a top-quality slot experience, blending rewards and entertainment seamlessly. 

Smooth performance across devices, high RTP, and hit frequency also make spinning the reels highly satisfying. If you enjoy slots with personality and big winning potential, Mantra88 is a must-play.

Give the exotic and rewarding world of Mantra88 a spin to experience it yourself today!

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