How to Check a Private Number that Called You?

Are you constantly receiving calls from unwanted numbers, some of which appear to be from mysterious private numbers? Rest assured, you are not alone in experiencing the annoyance and disturbance caused by these obnoxious callers. Many others also face similar issues, as the callers can belong to various groups such as telemarketers, spammers, scamsters, and others with similar intentions.

At, you can find various tools that offer phone number lookup options to identify unknown callers. Utilizing call tracking tools like Truecaller and TrapCall can also be highly beneficial in discovering the identity behind private numbers. In particular, TrapCall provides an effective option for tracking private numbers with ease.

If you want to learn how to check a private number that called you, this blog post will explore various options to help you with that. Let’s delve into these methods to uncover the identity of those mysterious callers.

Who is a Private Caller?

A private caller is someone who has chosen to hide their caller ID when making a call. This is a common practice used by callers to prevent their phone number from being displayed on the receiver’s phone. Such situations are prevalent, especially during pre-election times when political campaigns seek to raise funds through phone calls. As a result, these calls are often labeled as private caller, restricted, no caller ID, or unknown on your device.

It’s essential to understand that not all private calls are obnoxious. Some may contain genuine information, like calls from doctors or individuals who prefer not to share their number publicly. However, the majority of these calls tend to be spammy and intrusive in nature. It’s crucial to be cautious and aware of such calls, as they may have varying intentions.

How to check a Private Number that Called you?

There are various options that may assist you in tracing a private number that has called you. However, it’s essential to understand that the tips we provide may or may not work in every case. In fact, in most instances, locating or tracking the number might prove to be difficult.

When receiving a call from a private number, it’s evident that the caller intentionally concealed their identity. There are several methods through which the caller could have achieved this, such as using *67 before your number or any other number to hide the caller ID.

Use a Voicemail service

If you have a voicemail service with your carrier, it’s a wise idea to activate it. Divert the incoming call to voicemail, and there’s a chance that the caller will leave a voice message.

Using voicemail can be an effective option to identify the caller, but it’s crucial to note that this method only works if the caller is genuine enough to leave a message. If the private call is from a scammer or spammer, they may not leave any voice message. Since the caller intentionally hides their number, finding out the identity of the private number calling you may not be an easy task.

Dialing *69

This is the number used for redialing the last dialed number in the US. However, please verify if the same code applies to your region, as specific telecom providers may have unique USSD codes for this purpose.

To redial the last received call, use this number and attempt to reach the other party. If they accept the call, you can explain that you received a call without the caller ID and would like to know who is calling. If the caller is genuine, you should receive an answer. Keep in mind that this method may not be effective with scamsters or those with dishonest intentions.

There are private apps available that can assist you in calling or tracing the private number that just called you. Emergency services like 911 can effectively unmask a private number. If you are seeking ways to check a private number that called you, this option can be the most helpful in resolving the issue.

One notable option is TrapCall, which offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Depending on the number of spam calls you typically receive, you can choose a suitable plan to address the issue on your phone.

Can You Call a Blocked Number Back?

Calling a private number back is typically not an available option. Callers who use private numbers often employ the call blocking feature to conceal their identities. So, can you call back a blocked number? Let’s explore whether this is feasible.

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Use a Call Return Code

You can utilize a call return code to call back the number, but please bear in mind that you need to have received the call initially to do so.

Once you have received the call, dial the appropriate call return code. In some regions, the commonly used code is 69, but you may also want to check other codes like 57, 71, or 67, as they could be effective as well. These codes tend to be similar across various telecom companies, but it’s advisable to confirm with your specific telecom operator for assurance.

It’s crucial to be aware that using this method may have unintended consequences. Private calls are often made to verify if your number is active. By using the call return code, you inadvertently inform the caller that your number is active, making it more likely for them to sell your number to other spammers or telemarketers. In such instances, private calls are commonly employed as robocalls.

As a precaution, exercise discretion when using call return codes and consider the potential risks associated with responding to private calls.

Use the Call Tracking Tools

At, you can find various tools that offer a free phone number lookup to identify unknown callers. Utilizing call tracking tools like Truecaller and TrapCall can be highly beneficial in discovering the identity behind private numbers. In particular, TrapCall provides an effective option for tracking private numbers with ease. If you are seeking answers to whether you can call back a blocked number, these tools can be instrumental in addressing your query.

TrapCall offers a seven-day free trial, giving you the chance to explore its functionalities. If satisfied, you can choose from their paid plans for continued access. While Truecaller may or may not be as efficient in finding the caller’s number, there are also other lookup tools like that can provide more detailed data about the caller. These resources can greatly assist you in gaining valuable information about unknown callers and addressing concerns related to private numbers.

How to Deal With the Private Numbers?

Still worried about identifying a private number that called you? If none of the methods have been successful in detecting the caller’s number, the best course of action is to block all unwanted or restricted calls.

Since you are unaware of the caller’s identity and don’t have a specific number to block in the usual manner, you may need to access your phone settings for this purpose. The steps might vary depending on your phone model.

Generally, you can access the right settings through Call Settings -> Blocklist -> Blocked numbers. Here, you should find an option to block calls from private numbers, hidden numbers, or similar sources. You can use this option to block calls from these numbers immediately. If needed, you can even use a call blocking app for added convenience.

While it may not always be possible to detect a private number, the solutions provided here should help you in checking how to find out a private number that called you. And if all else fails, you can always opt to block calls from such hidden numbers instantly!

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