55 Different Types of Melons with “Juicy” Pictures

“Compilation of Various Melon Types in English from Across the Globe. Melons, beloved for their sweetness and juiciness, are a popular fruit cherished by individuals worldwide. They exhibit a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and colors, renowned for their revitalizing flavor and abundant water content. Whether you seek a delectable snack, a nutritious dietary supplement, or a refreshing escape from the heat, melons prove to be an ideal choice.”

Types of Melons

List of Melons

  • Banana
  • Camouflage
  • Crane
  • Sugar
  • Tiger/Tigger
  • Ambrosia
  • Ananas
  • Canary
  • Cantaloupe
  • Caravelle
  • Casaba
  • Charentais
  • Honey Globe
  • Honeydew
  • Persian
  • Rocky
  • Saticoy
  • Sky Rocket
  • Snap
  • Sprite
  • Sugar Baby Matisse
  • Vert Grimpant
  • Watermelon
  • Ananas
  • Bailan
  • Christmas
  • Galia
  • Golden Langkawi
  • Golden Prize
  • Hami
  • Israel
  • Jade Dew
  • Korean
  • Maroon Cucumber
  • New Century
  • Pepino
  • Santa Claus
  • Ten Me
  • Horned
  • Maroon Cucumber
  • Casabanana
  • Citron
  • Pepino
  • Ananas
  • Christmas
  • Gac
  • Israel
  • Armenian Cucumber
  • Bitter
  • Colocynth
  • Spiny Gourd
  • Yubari King
  • Cucamelon
  • Autumn Sweet
  • Winter

Types of Melons from Around the World

Types of Melons in North America

Banana: Resembling both in shape and taste, the Banana melon is a sweet and uniquely shaped variety. It is a robust type that can be cultivated across most regions in the United States.

Camouflage: This muskmelon variety, known as the “frog skin” melon, disguises itself among watermelons due to its dark, green, mottled skin. It boasts a more concentrated flavor compared to watermelons and is typically enjoyed in proximity to its place of growth.

Crane: The Crane melon, a distinctive and flavorsome cantaloupe-sized melon, is recognized for its smooth skin and mottled green and pale yellow patterns. Exceptionally sweet and tender when ripe, it has a short shelf life, limiting its availability to the Crane Melon Barn in Santa Rosa, California.

Sugar: Also referred to as Sugar Kiss melons, the Sugar melon is a smaller, sweeter iteration of the cantaloupe. Its intricately patterned tight netting and intensified flavor make it a popular option in non-arid climates such as Oregon and southern Washington.

Tiger/Tigger: Sporting a striped, “tiger” skin, the Tiger melon is a firm and sweet fruit that demonstrates drought resistance, rendering it an excellent choice for cultivation in Southern Europe and the Americas.

Types of Melons in Europe

  • Ambrosia: A well-loved melon, Ambrosia is renowned for its sweetness and juiciness, commonly cultivated in the Western US and Europe due to its high sugar content and delightful flavor.
  • Ananas: Grown in Southeast Asia and Northern Australia, Ananas is a sweet and tropical-tasting melon, known for its succulence.
  • Canary: A vibrant and luscious melon, Canary is grown in the Western US and Europe, celebrated for its sweetness and juiciness.
  • Cantaloupe: A timeless and cherished melon, Cantaloupe is a summertime favorite, cultivated in the Western US and Europe for its sweet and juicy flesh.
  • Caravelle: Noted for its sweetness and distinct flavor, Caravelle is a juicy melon variety grown in the Western US and Europe.
  • Casaba: Known for its unique flavor and texture, Casaba is a sweet and juicy melon cultivated in the Western US and Europe.
  • Charentais: Grown in the Western US and Europe, Charentais is a sweet and delicate-flavored melon highly appreciated for its juiciness.
  • Honey Globe: This melon, with its sweet and juicy characteristics and distinctive shape, thrives in the Western US and Europe.
  • Honeydew: Celebrated for its classic sweetness, Honeydew is a juicy melon commonly grown in the Western US and Europe.
  • Persian: A classic and sweet melon variety, Persian is grown in the Western US and Europe, cherished for its timeless flavor.
  • Rocky: With a unique texture and delightful sweetness, Rocky is a juicy melon cultivated in the Western US and Europe.
  • Saticoy: Recognized for its unique flavor, Saticoy is a sweet and juicy melon variety grown in the Western US and Europe.
  • Sky Rocket: Known for its distinct and sweet flavor, Sky Rocket is a juicy melon grown in the Western US and Europe.
  • Snap: With its unique flavor, Snap is a sweet and juicy melon variety cultivated in the Western US and Europe.
  • Sprite: Sprite, appreciated for its delicate flavor, is a sweet and juicy melon variety grown in the Western US and Europe.
  • Sugar Baby Matisse: A concentrated flavor characterizes this sweet and juicy melon variety.
  • Vert Grimpant: This French heirloom melon, known for its climbing nature, attains new heights in both flavor and juiciness.
  • Watermelon: A quintessential summer treat, this juicy fruit is perfect for refreshing oneself on a hot day.

Types of Melons in Asia

  • Ananas: This tropical sensation delights the taste buds with its juicy sweetness, making Ananas a true culinary delight.
  • Bailan: For melon enthusiasts, the Bailan melon is a flavor explosion and an ultimate treat for the taste buds.
  • Christmas: Bringing festive cheer to any meal, the Christmas melon is a sweet and juicy fruit perfect for holiday celebrations.
  • Galia: A smooth and satisfying snack, the Galia is a creamy dream come true for melon lovers.
  • Golden Langkawi: Shining bright like a gleaming gem, the Golden Langkawi is a sweet and juicy melon that captures the essence of summer.
  • Golden Prize: Living up to its name, the Golden Prize is a champion in both taste and appearance, representing the pinnacle of melon excellence.
  • Hami: Fit for royalty, the Hami is a king among melons, known for its exceptional sweetness and juiciness.
  • Israel: Providing a refreshing escape, Israel is an essential summer delight in Southeast Asia and Northern Australia.
  • Jade Dew: Perfect for a scorching summer day, the Jade Dew offers a crisp and cool delight for those seeking a refreshing snack.
  • Korean: A staple in Southeast Asia, the Korean melon offers a sweet sensation that continues to captivate melon enthusiasts.
  • Maroon Cucumber: Adding a touch of elegance to any dish, the visually stunning Maroon Cucumber is a unique and sophisticated addition to the culinary scene.
  • New Century: Representing a modern marvel, the New Century melon is a sweet and juicy delight, perfectly suited for contemporary tastes.
  • Pepino: Hailing from South America, the Pepino is a juicy and flavorful fruit, offering a taste experience unlike any other.
  • Santa Claus: A delightful holiday hit, the Santa Claus melon brings a sweet and cheerful touch to the festive season, spreading joy all around.
  • Ten Me: Emerging as a top choice in Southeast Asia, the Ten Me is a sweet and juicy melon that never fails to leave a lasting impression.

Types of Melons in Africa

  • Horned – A one-of-a-kind melon, the Horned is a visually striking fruit that’s perfect for those seeking something different.
  • Maroon Cucumber – A visually stunning cucumber, the Maroon Cucumber adds a touch of elegance to any dish.

Types of Melons in South America

  • Casabanana – An exotic adventure, the Casabanana is a must-try for those looking to explore new flavors.
  • Citron – A South American sensation, the Citron is a juicy and flavorful fruit that packs a punch of unique taste.
  • Pepino – A South American standout, the Pepino is a juicy and flavorful fruit with a taste like no other.

Types of Melons in Australia

  • Ananas – A tropical delight, this sweet and juicy fruit is a staple in Southeast Asia and Northern Australia.
  • Christmas – A holiday in a melon, the Christmas melon is perfect for adding a touch of festivity to any meal.
  • Gac – A sweet treat, the Gac is a top choice in Southeast Asia and Northern Australia.
  • Israel – A refreshing escape, Israel is a summer essential in Southeast Asia and Northern Australia.

Types of Melons in India

  • Armenian Cucumber: A distinctive and flavorful cucumber, the Armenian Cucumber is a must-try for any cucumber enthusiast.
  • Bitter: Also known as “Karela” in India, the Bitter melon is a unique and flavorsome fruit renowned for its abundance of health benefits. Despite its name, it offers a sweet flesh with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste adored by many.
  • Colocynth: Renowned for its sour taste, Colocynth is a highly coveted melon often utilized in traditional Indian cuisine, imparting a tangy twist to various dishes.
  • Spiny Gourd: Not just a flavorful addition to meals, the Spiny Gourd, with its rugged exterior and spiky skin, is a versatile melon commonly featured in pickles and curries, making it a topic of conversation as well.

Types of Melons in Japan

  • Yubari King – This melon is the epitome of luxury and is considered one of the most expensive fruits in the world. Grown exclusively in Yubari, Hokkaido, Japan, the Yubari King is prized for its sweet, juicy flesh and perfect, round shape.

Types of Melons in Mexico

  • Cucamelon – This mini cucumber-shaped fruit is a curious-looking treat that is packed with flavor. With a tangy taste that is reminiscent of lime, Cucamelon is a popular ingredient in Mexican cuisine.

Types of Melons in Florida to Spain

  • Autumn Sweet – This melon is a sweet, juicy treat that is perfect for snacking or adding to your favorite fruit salad. The Autumn Sweet is known for its bright orange flesh and crisp texture.
  • Winter – This is a hearty melon that is perfect for surviving the winter months. With its tough exterior and sweet, juicy flesh, the Winter melon is a staple in Spanish cuisine.

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