What Does SSB Mean On Snapchat?

What Does “SSB” Mean on Snapchat

You might find yourself here because you feel out of touch with the new graduates of internet slang and social media acronyms. Among all the social media platforms, Snapchat is where you’ll encounter the most trending and widely used slang and acronyms. While we may be familiar with basic acronyms like LOL, ILY, TTYL, FYI, and F9, the constantly evolving everyday slang can make us feel old-fashioned.

Fortunately, there’s hope. A dictionary dedicated to searching for acronyms and their meanings could be the solution to quickly decode these unfamiliar terms. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this article to answer the question: What does SSB mean on Snapchat?

What Does SSB Mean On Snapchat?

SSB holds various meanings, and we’ll explore each of them. The most common context for encountering SSB in comments, captions, and Snaps on Snapchat is ‘Send Snap Back.’ Essentially, when your friend sends you a Snap with SSB, they’re requesting you to respond with your own picture or video. In simpler terms, SSB is a signal to initiate a messaging exchange with someone on the Snapchat app. Nowadays, this is often shortened to SB, which means ‘SnapBack.’

The unique aspect of SSB is its exclusive use on Snapchat, as Snaps are a distinctive feature of this platform. You won’t come across SSB on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Additionally, SSB is used to maintain a Snapstreak with friends. A Snapstreak is a popular Snapchat feature where users exchange Snaps (which can be photos or videos) consecutively for three days within a 24-hour period. Once a Snapstreak is established, a fire emoji appears next to the user’s profile name, along with a number indicating the days of the ongoing Snapstreak. When the Snapstreak is about to end, a timer emoji appears, reminding users to exchange a Snap quickly.

It’s important to note that SSB doesn’t always necessitate a reply. If you receive an SSB text with a Snap but you’re not in the mood or simply don’t wish to engage in conversation with that person, you may choose to ignore it. However, be aware that doing so will break the Snapstreak you have with that friend.

What Does SSB Mean In Texting?

Apart from its usage on Snapchat, SSB can be applied in various other contexts, each with different meanings. To avoid confusion, let’s clarify that on Snapchat, SSB has only one specific meaning. However, in the broader world, we’ve listed some of the most common interpretations below:

SSB – Secret Single Behavior:

SSB also stands for Secret Single Behavior, which refers to how individuals behave when they are alone at home. We often feel embarrassed or shy about doing silly or quirky things when others are present. But when we have the chance to be alone at home, we tend to indulge in these behaviors, making it our “Me Time.” This concept gained prominence from the HBO series “Sex and the City” released in 1998. In one of the scenes, characters played by Sarah Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw) and Kristin Davis (as Charlotte York) discuss Secret Single Behavior, where people do peculiar things when nobody is around to observe them.

SSB – Super Smash Bros:

SSB is also an abbreviation for Super Smash Bros, which is an online game. It serves as the digital and online version of the retro classic game that people used to play on video game consoles. In this adventure game, players need to demonstrate their skills in shooting, jumping, and running. The term SSB is often used to refer to this game. Super Smash Bros has various versions, with the latest one being “Super Smash Bros Ultimate.” You may have come across SSB on social media in the context of discussing victories or defeats in the game.

In conclusion, SSB carries different meanings depending on the context. On Snapchat, it primarily means ‘Send Snap Back,’ while in other settings, it could refer to Secret Single Behavior or Super Smash Bros, the online game.

SSB – Sucks So Bad
The complete form of SSB is “Send Snap Back,” which is exclusive to Snapchat. However, on other social media platforms like Instagram, the meaning of SSB differs. If you come across SSB on Instagram, it does not stand for “Send Snap Back” because Instagram does not have a feature like Snap. Instead, on Instagram, SSB stands for “Sucks So Bad.” This expression is used to convey intense annoyance, anger, or irritation about something. For instance, if someone posts, “SSB, tomorrow is an exam, and you have to study the whole night,” it indicates their frustration and displeasure about the upcoming exam and the need to study extensively.

SSB Meaning

As we’ve mentioned previously, the meaning of SSB is not singular; it varies depending on the context in which it is used. In the context of Snapchat, SSB is entirely unique, representing “Send Snap Back.” This is employed when the sender of a Snap wants a reply from the receiver, usually to maintain their Snap Streak.

However, on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, SSB takes on a different meaning, standing for “Sucks So Bad.” This acronym is used to express anger and annoyance towards any event, person, place, or thing.

Furthermore, there are two other popular SSB definitions unrelated to social media. The first is “Secret Single Behavior,” referring to how individuals behave when they are alone at home. The second is “Super Smash Bros,” a well-liked game among gamers.

To better comprehend the usage of SSB in various contexts, let’s delve into some illustrative examples:

  1. Snapchat context: When someone writes “SSB” after sending a snap of themselves with a cup of coffee, they are indicating their desire for the recipient to send a snap back while holding a coffee mug as well.
  2. Instagram context: A user posts, “SSB, break up from bae. Still miss her.” Here, the term “SSB” is employed to express the user’s strong feelings of grief and longing after a breakup.

These examples demonstrate the diverse applications of SSB in different contexts, and it’s important to understand the appropriate meaning depending on the platform and situation.

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SSB Examples

Knowing the full form of an acronym is not enough; using it appropriately in the right context is crucial to avoid being ridiculed. To aid your understanding of SSB usage on social media, we’ll provide some situational examples:

Example 1: When your Snap streak shows a timer emoji, and your friend doesn’t want to break the chain, they send you a snap with a cup of coffee and write “SSB.”

Explanation: Here, the sender is indicating that they expect a snap back from you, specifically one in which you are also holding a coffee mug, to maintain the Snap streak.

Example 2: Your friend sends you a childhood picture of the two of you together and writes “SSB, let us recollect old childhood memories.”

Explanation: In this Snap, the sender desires to gather old memories and sends SSB to their friends, hoping to receive Snapbacks from them with more childhood memories.

Example 3: In an Instagram post, a user writes “SSB, break up from bae. Still miss her.”

Explanation: Through the use of SSB, the user expresses the depth of their grief following a breakup with their girlfriend.

Remember, correctly using acronyms like SSB in their appropriate contexts will prevent misinterpretations and potential ridicule from others on social media platforms.

Other Lesser Known SSB Acronyms

Below is an exclusive list of some lesser-known SSB meanings in a general and universal sense. Keep in mind that these meanings may vary depending on the place and context of use.

(Note: The list is not provided here as it was not given in the previous text. If you have a specific list of lesser-known SSB meanings that you would like me to rewrite, please provide it, and I’ll be happy to assist.)

  • Safely Surrendered Baby
  • Same Sex Blessings
  • Sandy Spring Bank
  • School Sponsoring Body
  • Sector Skills Body
  • Self Service Banking
  • Service Selection Board
  • Service Separation and Blending
  • Short Selling Basher
  • Since Sliced Bread
  • Single Side Band
  • Single Site Browser
  • Single Switch Ballast
  • Site Specific Browser
  • Skin Surface Biopsy
  • Small Smart Bomb
  • Small Software Business
  • Social Sciences Building
  • Soldier Support Battalion
  • Soup, Salad, and Breadsticks
  • South Side Branch
  • Space Studies Board
  • Spawning.Stock Biomass
  • Special Separation Benefit
  • Spinning Side Band
  • Split System Breaker
  • Staff Selection Board
  • Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Standard Sector Board
  • Standard Setting Body
  • State Seismological Bureau
  • State Statistical Bureau
  • State Street Bank
  • Stateless Session Bean
  • Strategic Support Branch
  • Student Services Building
  • Stupid Son of a Bitch
  • Subscriber Busy
  • Subsystem Bus
  • Sugar Sweetened Beverage
  • Super Smash Bros
  • Supply Support Battalion
  • Support Software Bulletin
  • Switched Service Bureau
  • System and Switch Board
  • Systems and Synthetic Biology
  • Surveillance Support Branch


SSB is a widely used internet slang on Snapchat, frequently employed by its users in their Snaps and texts. However, beyond Snapchat, SSB carries multiple meanings that can vary depending on the context and the reader’s interpretation. For new Snapchat users, this page can be quite valuable in familiarizing themselves with the recently added internet slang.

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