Tumblr Blog Only Opens in Dashboard. What to Do? {Fix}

Tumblr, a social networking site established in 2007, has captivated teenagers and pre-teens, engendering a devoted following. It particularly resonates with those immersed in fandom culture, whether it’s related to Hogwarts, Middle Earth, anime, gaming, or academic pursuits. Tumblr fosters a diverse community, including renowned segments like the “science side of Tumblr.”

Users can communicate with others, share their ideas through blogs, and interact with content posted by others. For aspiring bloggers seeking to establish their digital presence, Tumblr offers an ideal platform. Its user-friendly features cater to beginners, requiring minimal technical expertise for navigation, thus enhancing accessibility to a wider audience. Moreover, Tumblr provides a free publishing platform.

However, users may encounter occasional glitches while navigating Tumblr. One common issue is blogs opening exclusively in the dashboard or redirecting to it. But fret not, as we’re here to assist you in resolving such problems.

Tumblr Blog Redirects to Dashboard

First, let’s clarify what we mean by the Tumblr dashboard. The dashboard functions similarly to the news feed on other social networking sites. It displays posts from accounts you follow, along with blogs related to those accounts that you may find interesting.

Upon logging into Tumblr, you’re directed to the dashboard. Here, you can create new posts, view content from others, and interact with fellow Tumblr users.

The issue you’re experiencing involves attempting to open a Tumblr blog only to be redirected to the dashboard. So, let’s address why Tumblr redirects to the dashboard.

This redirection may occur if you have hidden your blog on Tumblr. When this happens, attempting to open the blog will automatically redirect you to the dashboard. Essentially, the hidden blog lacks a dedicated URL and cannot be launched in a separate tab. It remains visible only within the Tumblr dashboard.

To check the visibility of your profile, ensure that the toggle button next to “hiding your blog” is turned off. If this option is enabled, your blog will be hidden from others, causing them to be redirected to the dashboard when attempting to access it.

How to Fix the Redirecting of Tumblr Blog to the Dashboard?

While accessing blogs from the dashboard may not seem entirely problematic, it can limit your Tumblr experience. However, you’re not confined to viewing blogs solely through the dashboard. The issue of “Tumblr blog only opens in dashboard” is not permanent.

There are solutions to circumvent this problem, though it’s important to acknowledge that there may be instances where a solution cannot be found. Here’s a workaround:

  • Navigate to settings in the Tumblr dashboard by clicking on the account icon.
  • Select the specific blog that you’re unable to open. If your blog’s visibility has been adjusted and it’s hidden from others, you’ll need to unhide it to resolve the issue.
  • To unhide your blog, locate the visibility settings and toggle off the button next to the option that hides your blog. Once done, your issue should be resolved.

Tumblr Blogs Only Opening in Sidebar

While using the Tumblr dashboard, if you click on a username from your feed, messaging box, or search results, you’ll notice that the blog opens in a sidebar on the screen rather than loading in the typical manner on a full page.

This sidebar feature can be convenient for quick checks or browsing a few posts on a blog. However, we understand your frustration. The small sidebar, combined with an unresponsive dashboard, can discourage spending quality browsing time on your favorite blogs.

Unfortunately, Tumblr has incorporated this design choice, and there isn’t a toggle switch available to change it.

How to Fix the Issue of Tumblr Blogs Only Opening in Sidebar?

Dealing with the sidebar issue can be quite bothersome. However, there are several methods to work around this problem. Below, we’ll outline various ways to resolve this issue:

  • Opening in respective tabs: One straightforward approach is to open Tumblr blogs in separate tabs. Instead of manually entering the URLs, you can achieve this directly from the dashboard.
  • Typically, you can right-click on the Tumblr username or avatar of the person who posted the blog, then select “open link in new tab” from the context menu. This method allows you to quickly open the blog in a new tab. Keep in mind that the new tab will open in the background, so you’ll need to switch to it as necessary.
  • Mouse and Keyboard Shortcuts: For laptop users who find using the right-click button cumbersome, there are alternative shortcuts available.
  • If you have a mouse, simply clicking the middle mouse button on the scrollbar will instantly open the blog in a new tab, eliminating the need for menus.
  • Using Chrome Extensions: Chrome users can take advantage of browser extensions to streamline the process. Extensions like “Click to Tab” or “Long Press New Tab” offer convenient ways to open links in new tabs without relying on menus or shortcuts. However, be aware that these extensions may attempt to open all links in new tabs by default.
  • You can adjust their settings to ensure they only function during your Tumblr sessions. To manage extensions in Chrome, click on the three-dot menu, select “More Tools,” then navigate to “Extensions.” From there, you can enable or disable the desired extensions for opening Tumblr blogs in separate tabs.


Discovering that you couldn’t open blogs in separate tabs likely left you feeling greatly disappointed, as it hinders the ability to comfortably browse through your favorite content.

This limitation is particularly frustrating for bloggers, who may worry about potential readers encountering the same issue. We empathize with your frustration, which is why we’ve provided this article to address the problem and explain why Tumblr redirects to the dashboard.

Now, you can enjoy your blogs without hindrance, knowing that there’s a solution available. Rest assured, your efforts as a blogger won’t go to waste, as readers will still be able to navigate your blog effortlessly.

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