Tips to Heal Quicker After Surgery

Anyone about to undergo major surgery is likely to be anxious before the procedure. The thought of letting their guard down, trusting the medical staff, and being uncertain of the outcome makes them nervous. However, as long as the patient hires the right medical staff, the chances of success are high. After the surgeons have done their job, the patient must work on their recovery. Besides following the surgical team’s aftercare instructions, here are four ways they can use to heal quicker.

Schedule Regular Massage

Massages help with pain relief, stability restoration, and structural correction. However, they also come with their share of risks, such as inflammation, blood clots, limited mobility, and scarring, which can slow down or stop recovery. Patients can improve their recovery by getting a massage, which will help increase their blood flow. Many massage experts use the active release technique (ART) on post-surgical patients. This massage technique is excellent for muscle, tendons, and ligament issues that patients will develop after surgery.

Prioritize Rest

Patients who have undergone a surgical procedure should prioritize resting above everything else. It can feel tedious to stay indoors or in bed most of the time, and one might be tempted to jump back into their routine. But resting is essential as it allows the body to heal. That’s because the body heals most when one is resting. Therefore, patients are advised to get more sleep than usual. If possible, they should create a quiet space to relax without interruption. The more rest they get, the faster they heal and return to their lives. 

Start Walking Gradually

While getting as much rest as possible is good, it does not mean patients should stay in bed during their entire recovery time. As soon as they can walk, they will need to make some movement as this will help prevent issues such as blood clots. However, when walking, they should not strain their body, which could put pressure on the incision. Instead, they should start small and gradually increase the movement. In case of any complications or too much pain when walking, they should discuss it with their physiotherapist. 

Eat a Nutritious Diet

Post-surgical patients must know that their bodies need vitamins and nutrients during recovery. Therefore, they have to be mindful of the food they eat; they should mainly focus on eating nutrient-rich meals, which will help speed up recovery. Patients uncertain about what they should eat should consult their doctors for guidance. They also need to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and freshly squeezed juices, as this will help restore electrolytes in the body. Hydration is also vital as it helps stimulate circulation and promote healing, 

Recovering from surgery is not a straightforward process. It requires the patient to play their role and rest, move, and eat right. Following these tips and maintaining a positive outlook will enhance the healing process and enable the patients to return to their daily lives quickly. They should report any surgical complications to their doctor as soon as possible. 

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