How to See What Someone Likes on Facebook: A Comprehensive Guide


In today’s digital age, Facebook has become an integral part of our lives. It’s not just a platform for connecting with friends and family; it’s also a place where we can explore our interests and hobbies by liking various pages and posts. But have you ever wondered how to see what someone likes on Facebook? Whether it’s out of curiosity or for a specific reason, this article will guide you through the process.

Understanding Facebook Likes

What Are Facebook Likes?

Facebook Likes are a way for users to show appreciation or interest in posts, pages, or content shared on the platform. When you like something on Facebook, it not only serves as a form of engagement but also adds that content to your profile’s activity log.

Why People Like Posts and Pages

People like posts and pages on Facebook for various reasons. It could be because they genuinely enjoy the content, want to show support to friends or organizations, or simply find something entertaining or informative.

Checking Someone’s Likes

Step 1: Log into Your Facebook Account

To begin, log in to your Facebook account using your credentials. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create one.

Step 2: Go to the User’s Profile

Navigate to the profile of the person whose likes you want to see. You can do this by searching for their name in the Facebook search bar.

Step 3: Access the “More” Tab

On their profile page, click on the “More” tab located just below their cover photo.

Step 4: Select “Likes”

In the dropdown menu that appears, select “Likes.” This will take you to a page where you can explore their liked pages and posts.

Viewing Liked Pages

Step 5: Explore the Liked Pages

Here, you will find a list of pages that the user has liked. You can click on each page to see more details and the content they have engaged with.

Step 6: Interact with Liked Pages

If you find a page that interests you, you can like it or follow it directly from this section.

Viewing Liked Posts

Step 7: Navigate to the “Likes and Reactions” Section

To see the posts the user has liked, go back to their profile and click on the “More” tab again. This time, select “Likes and Reactions.”

Step 8: Browse Through Liked Posts

You’ll now be able to view a list of posts that the user has liked. Click on any post to see it in detail.

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Privacy Settings

How to Adjust Your Own Privacy Settings

While you can see what others have liked, it’s essential to manage your privacy settings as well. You can control who can see your likes in your Facebook settings.

Respecting Others’ Privacy

Remember that privacy is crucial on social media. Before exploring someone’s likes, consider their privacy settings and whether they would be comfortable with you doing so.

Why Is This Information Useful?

Personal Reasons

Knowing what someone likes on Facebook can help you understand their interests better and provide conversation topics.

Professional Purposes

For businesses and marketers, understanding what their target audience likes can be valuable for tailoring content and advertisements.

Facebook’s Algorithm

How Facebook Uses Your Likes

Facebook’s algorithm uses the information from your likes to curate your newsfeed, showing you content that aligns with your interests.

Implications of the Algorithm

This algorithmic approach can sometimes create echo chambers, where users are only exposed to content similar to what they’ve liked, potentially limiting diverse perspectives.

Ethical Considerations

Respecting Boundaries

Always respect others’ privacy and obtain permission if necessary before exploring their likes.

Online Etiquette

Remember to engage with others respectfully, whether online or offline, and be mindful of the content you share.


Exploring what someone likes on Facebook can offer insights into their preferences and interests. However, it’s crucial to do so with respect for privacy and ethical considerations. Social media connects us in many ways, but maintaining boundaries and practicing online etiquette are equally essential.


Is it possible to see someone’s likes on Facebook without being their friend?

Yes, you can view the likes of a public Facebook profile without being their friend.

Can I see the likes of a private Facebook profile?

No, you cannot view the likes of a private Facebook profile unless they accept your friend request.

Do Facebook users receive notifications when someone views their likes?

No, Facebook does not notify users when someone views their liked pages or posts.

Is it ethical to explore someone’s likes on Facebook without their knowledge?

It’s generally considered respectful to ask for permission before doing so, especially if the profile is private.

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