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Drawing cartoons is a wonderful and creative way to express yourself. Tom and Jerry, the iconic cat and mouse duo, have entertained audiences of all ages for generations. Learning how to draw them can be a fun and rewarding experience, whether you’re an aspiring artist or just looking for a fun activity to try out. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to draw Tom and Jerry in a simple and engaging manner. So, grab your pencils, and let’s get started!

Materials You’ll Need

Before we dive into the drawing process, let’s gather the materials you’ll need for this fun art session:

  1. Drawing Paper
  2. Pencils (HB, 2B, 4B)
  3. Eraser
  4. Fine-tipped Black Marker
  5. Colored Markers or Pencils (Optional)

Step 1: Outlining Tom

We’ll begin by outlining the characters. Let’s start with Tom, the mischievous cat. Draw a medium-sized circle for his head and add two smaller circles for his ears. Then, sketch a slightly elongated oval for his body. Draw guidelines to help with facial features’ placement.

Step 2: Adding Tom’s Face

Tom’s expressive face is a crucial part of his charm. Add two large oval eyes, leaving a highlight in each to make them lively. Below the eyes, draw a small triangle for the nose. Complete the face by drawing a wide smile using a curved line.

Step 3: Drawing Tom’s Body

Next, let’s work on Tom’s body. Sketch his arms and legs using simple curved lines. Make sure to give him those distinct white paws! Connect the head and body using two curved lines to form the neck.

Step 4: Creating Jerry’s Outline

Now that we’ve drawn Tom, let’s move on to Jerry. Start with a small circle for his head and add two larger circles for his ears. Draw a slightly curved line for his body, giving him a more compact look than Tom.

Step 5: Designing Jerry’s Face

Jerry’s face is endearing, and we’ll capture that essence in this step. Draw two large, round eyes and add highlights for that characteristic sparkle. Below the eyes, sketch a small oval for his nose. Jerry’s smile is essential, so draw a gentle curve to represent it.

Step 6: Outlining Jerry’s Body

Jerry’s body is small but full of personality. Draw his arms and legs with simple, fluid lines. Since he’s a mouse, add a long, curved tail behind him.

Step 7: Adding Details and Expression

To make Tom and Jerry more recognizable, it’s time to add some essential details. Draw Tom’s pointy ears, sharp claws, and the famous bowtie around his neck. For Jerry, draw his large ears, long whiskers, and a little bowtie as well.

Step 8: Inking the Characters

Now that we have the rough outlines, it’s time to bring our characters to life by using a fine-tipped black marker to ink over the lines. Be careful and take your time to create clean, bold outlines.

Step 9: Coloring Your Artwork

For the finishing touch, you can use colored markers or pencils to add vibrant colors to Tom and Jerry. Stay true to their classic color schemes – Tom is mostly shades of gray, and Jerry is brown with white accents.

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Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to draw the beloved characters, Tom and Jerry. Drawing these iconic figures can be both enjoyable and challenging, but don’t forget that practice makes perfect. Keep honing your artistic skills, and soon you’ll be creating more complex and exciting artwork. So, grab your drawing tools and let your creativity flow!


Is this tutorial suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! This step-by-step guide is tailored for beginners who want to learn to draw Tom and Jerry.

Do I need expensive art supplies to follow this tutorial?

Not at all! Basic drawing materials like pencils, erasers, and paper are sufficient to get started.

Can I add my own style to Tom and Jerry?

Of course! Once you master the basics, feel free to experiment and add your unique touch to the characters.

What other cartoons can I learn to draw?

There are countless cartoon characters you can explore, such as Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and SpongeBob SquarePants.

Where can I share my artwork?

you can showcase your drawings on social media platforms or art communities to connect with other art enthusiasts.

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