Evolution of wedding dresses with preferences to bride’s having different taste or choices in Pakistan


Wedding is one of the significant events in every culture. But when especially talking Pakistani weddings they are popular all over the world. This popularity is due to number of things just like their outfits, customs etc. The important part of every wedding which could not neglect is wedding dress. Outfits could not be ignored not only weddings but also even a minor event lie gatherings etc. Dress is reflects of your religion or country other than your taste. So marriages are mainly about the dressing, make up etc. Many Pakistani formal wears are kept in mind whenever discussing about marriages.

Outfits for weddings with trendy colors during era in past

Multiple eras have multiple styles in wedding dresses used. Influencer which occur past eras are following

  • White color is used for the marriages during Mughal era. Bride choose use of white colored lehnga choli, sharara or simple salwar kameez
  • On the other hand, a great change occurred in British rule time. Wedding outfit colors are changed from white to red. Red colored lehnga, saree etc are chosen for big days.
  • Whenever talking about Sikhs reign then the most commonly seen colors like red and green. These two colors still very trendy in province Punjab of Pakistan.

Wedding dresses Pakistan considered as the reflection of our cultures and traditional values. The most important factor that is kept in mind while selecting your wedding attire is you’re religious and cultural needs. Pakistani dresses known to be famous for such things.

Colors commonly used in Pakistani weddings

In Pakistan color choices are made on basis of type of events that occurring in wedding. Pakistan is famous for its wedding having large number of events. These events vary from pre wedding events include dholki, mayyon, bridal shower, etc and the main functions like mehndi, barat and reception. All they demand Pakistani formal dresses of varaiable shades suitable to each event. The commonly used colors in pre wedding events of bride includes following

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Mustard
  • Pink etc

All these are used in different combinations. The other major events require most specific choice of the colors like

  • Yellow, green for mehndi
  • Red, maroon for barat day
  • Blue, pink, silver, etc for walima

But all these are not made specified as wedding wear colors. However you have to see a huge variety of new shades that are trending day by day and seem to be more eyes catching. The color specification on walima event is not compulsory as it is considered an event where brides choose dress purely of their own desire. You can choose any Pakistani bridal suit either from to use as traditional or for modern wear use.

Variety in formal wears in weddings

A huge number is available to you in Pakistani formal dresses to choose best for yourself. You can choose outfit by keeping in mind class which you prefer to use either on your own big day or to attend marriage of anyone else. In both cases dressing could not be neglected and is the major part. Two types of outfits that available there to you

  • Traditional outfits
  • Modern attire

Both styling outfits own their grace and popularity. It totally up to you that which type of look you want.

Origin of traditional outfit for weddings

Name represents that they are represent of the traditional points. Everyone knows that traditions come from past or different modulation to them leads to origination of modern attires. Traditional class in wedding wear Pakistan comes from multiple eras. Major influencing eras are considered as Mughal and Sikhs era. Traditional outfits for weddings includes given following mostly

  • Salwar kameez differently styled
  • Lehnga choli
  • Sharara of different shades
  • Gharara in multiple styles
  • Anarkali feroks

Salwar kameez not only the traditional costume used in Pakistan but considered as one of national dress used by Pakistanis. It is originated from Sikhs era or even before that. While on the other hand lehnga choli and anarkali feroks are considered to occur since Mughal era. They all combined to make traditional collection. Formal wear for women seems to be incomplete without all these dresses.

Pakistani modern wears

Modern wear basically formed by combining both eastern and western styled dresses. Combinations are made to complete the religious norms of Pakistan. Covered dresses are selected more in Pakistan than revealing dresses. Modern type Pakistani wedding wears considered to be the following

  • Saree
  • Modern styled lehnga
  • Maxi (full length, tail maxi etc)
  • Bridal couture
  • Differently styled and length feroks (short of long feroks used with different styles of trousers, plazzo) etc.

Here, the styles of Pakistani bridal dresses can be considered for choosing bridal wear.

Final words

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