Benefits of Teaching the Quran to Children at a Young Age

We leave everything behind for our children as a legacy, but what children can send us ahead in this life and hereafter? It’s only the Quran that our kids can do us as shared Ajar. Having such a reward from Almighty Allah (SWT) is one of the Benefits of teaching the Quran to children at a young age. The Quran possesses words of Allah conveyed to the prophet Muhammad in Islam to be the guidance and way of life for humanity in this world.  

As a miracle of Muslims, the Quran was gradually revealed and conveyed to Muhammad, the messenger of Allah, and booked into the Quran manuscript. The manuscript has Al Fatihah surah at the beginning and A Naas surah in its final chapter. People can interact with the Quran by means of belief. This is what we can put our children to. In quran classes for kids quran reading, listening, memorizing, understanding the term and putting it into practice in their daily life. 

6 Benefits of Teaching the Quran to Children

  1. Improves Cognitive Ability 

The Quran has a proven dignity in improving children’s cognitive ability. Many research studies have shown social links between human language use and cognitive ability in young kids who listen to the Quran. The children consistently indicated that significant genetic and unshared ecological influences were found for nonverbal cognitive ability and language measures. For instance, it means the length of utterance and the number of different words, as well as the significant genetic linkage between cognitive ability and both language measures.  

  1. Sharpens Mind 

For children, the Quran has had a positive impact on the mind. The kids who learn the Quran show more intelligence and curiosity. Researchers have found that intelligent inculcating practices should be developed to help students learn solely. However, students who are underperforming in self-regulated learning often struggle with cramming the Quran because they lack the necessary skills to learn independently; this way, they become sharpened minds. 

  1. Shines Their Academic Performance  

Children with Quran teachings often outperform in their academic realm. There are many studies on various methods for children to improve their intellectual abilities. Memorizing the Holy Quran (Hifz) improved the academic achievement and socio-cultural life of memorizers (Huffaz). It also proves that listening to the Quran for only 20 minutes per day without using any other skill or training could improve students’ memories. Amazingly, early talk boost could be effective in advancing the language skills of socially disadvantaged children and could improve their schools. 

  1. Enables Them to Study Solely 

Those students who have studied the Quran in a true sense are able to check their school subjects solely—according to the researchers estimated that Quran tutoring systems are developed to help students learn the Quran and also allow them to study school courses independently. However, weak students, who are self-regulated learners, often struggle with Quran lessons because they lack the necessary skills to learn the Holy Book. They further found that the feasibility of using a repetitive Quran study model could enhance parents’ ability to implement effective communication strategies for their children. 

  1. Social and Familial Ethics 

The implementation of Quran teachings in Students’ lives can lead them to learn social and familial ethics. Quran teaching in playgroups and kindergarten has widely improved children’s behaviour. It is generally implemented in Islamic playgroups and kindergartens to strengthen the behavioural quality of children. It also enriches, at the same time, their religious teachings. There are various practices and approaches for memorizing the Quran in kindergartens. Mardisiwi Islamic Kindergarten implemented Quran learning for children.  

  1. Deepens Memory Skills 

This school education requires sharp memory. Students and kids who learn the Quran at an early age are more intelligently outperforming at the Islamic schools where Islamic education is the prime foundation of teachings with national educational requirements. Teaching children to memorize shorter surahs of the Quran every day is an Islamic practice. This memorizing model is done by reading surah as a class activity with repetition in the morning. In the limited number of teachers and facilities, stu class is often ignored. Therefore, students’ memorization could be more considerable. Teachers sometimes need to evaluate their memorization of the prior surah on the following day.  

How to Best Teach Children the Quran? 

The Quran must be taught in a friendly and kind manner. There are many kinds of activities you can introduce to children to motivate them to learn the Al-Quran interestingly. Children find that memorizing letters in the Quran is not a difficult task but interesting. These activities parents can repeat until children can memorize 1-2 verses per day. Memorizing the Quran improves the children’s memory ability. The improvement scores can be interestingly satisfactory. All children in the learning and teaching process of the Quran are able to achieve higher cognitive intelligence. It is obviously found that memorizing the Quran has a positive influence on children. 

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