What Does “Pushing P” Mean? What We Know About The Popular TikTok Phrase

What Does "Pushing P" Mean

Unless you’ve been completely disconnected from society over the past year, chances are high that you’ve encountered the term “Pushing P” circulating on your social media timelines. But, what exactly does “Pushing P” mean?

Whether it appeared in a TikTok video showcasing intricate hand movements forming a “P” or took on a new life through Instagram captions featuring the 🅿️ emoji, it has undeniably become a significant moment in pop culture during the 2020s. Even Kim Kardashian referenced this viral phrase in a sizzling bikini picture, captioning it “Beach 🅿️arty.”

Here, we’ll delve into everything we’ve gathered about this TikTok-driven phrase that gained immense popularity thanks to Gunna, Future, and Young Thug’s track sharing the same name.

What does “Pushing P” mean?

Gunna shared that “Pushing P” signifies staying genuine and positive. In January 2022, he further elaborated on its meaning with a tweet stating, “Being loyal is definitely 🅿️.”

During a February 2022 interview on The Late Late Show With James Corden, the host inquired about the term. Gunna responded by relating it to support and authenticity. “Just like how you’re showcasing your show and premiering an artist like me… that’s pushing P, supporting and backing someone who’s genuinely great.”

In an Instagram live stream, Gunna delved deeper into the concept, explaining, “It’s about simple acts like holding a door for someone, that’s pushing P. It’s also about avoiding unnecessary conflicts, like not arguing over money with a friend. That’s not pushing P.”

In essence, “Pushing P” implies staying true to yourself or keeping it authentic. Here, we’ll explore its application in everyday conversations.

How to use “Pushing P” in text

A: Did I really just see you grab those sneakers you’ve been eyeing on your Instagram story?

B: OMG, yes! They were finally on sale, so I thought, why not treat myself <3

A: Yesss, you’re totally keeping it real with those new kicks!

How did the phrase “Pushing P” gain popularity?

According to Dexerto, the term “Pushing P” has been in use in Texas and the Bay area of California for some time, but its reach expanded to other places when it went viral on TikTok For You Pages in January 2022.

The slang gained traction when rappers Gunna, Future, and Young Thug incorporated it into their song with the same name. In terms of lyrics, the track conveys the concept of being honorable and maintaining a confident persona, as per insights from Genius.

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