What Does PC Mean in Text?

LOL, AKA, BTW, AMA, HAND, L8R… Do you grasp the message we’re conveying? Well, this is what’s known as internet and social media slang. In this context, LOL stands for Laugh Out Loud, AKA is Also Known As, BTW means By the way, AMA is short for Ask Me Anything, HAND indicates Have a Nice Day, and L8R is an abbreviation for Later.

One such social media slang frequently used on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and others is ‘PC’. Understanding the meanings of these slangs is crucial for smoother interaction on social media. Let’s delve into everything about ‘PC’ used in this context on social media.

What Does PC Mean In Text?

Social media and the internet have created an entirely new virtual world within the realm of human existence. According to a report from a renowned institute on social media usage, people of all age groups are actively participating on these platforms. Social media also offers special features for business pages. Within this virtual world, a unique language has emerged, commonly referred to as slang. These are typically abbreviated forms used to provide quick replies during chats and comments, likely to save time and effort.

Now, let’s discover the meaning of ‘PC’ in the context of online communication. ‘PC’ is an internet slang frequently used on social media, websites, blogs, and other online spaces. The term ‘PC’ can hold various meanings depending on the context. In the realm of the internet and social media, encompassing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, ‘PC’ is an abbreviation for ‘Politically Correct’.

PC Stands For Politically Correct

Politically correct is a term that extends far beyond its initial impression. Let’s make it clear: Politically Correct has no direct association with politics. Instead, it’s a comprehensive term applicable not only to online slang but also to the real world we inhabit. A person is considered politically correct when they refrain from causing emotional harm to individuals in society who may face unequal treatment based on factors like caste, sex, or physical and mental abilities. Such individuals are conscientious about their choice of words to ensure they don’t hurt anyone. They are non-judgmental, treating people impartially, regardless of their caste or nationality. Moreover, they avoid offending others with their vocabulary and are known for their open-mindedness within society.

What Does PC Mean On Instagram?

It’s almost impossible to find someone who hasn’t heard of Instagram. What started as a simple photo-sharing app has evolved into a comprehensive social platform, encompassing personal and business marketing spaces. Within this world, people use various Instagram slangs for quick conversations, often relying on abbreviations.

One common slang you’ll come across on most posts in your Instagram feeds is ‘PC’. Many new users may be unfamiliar with this term and wonder about its meaning on Instagram.

The abbreviation ‘PC’ stands for ‘Photo Credit’ or ‘Pic Credit’. In today’s digital landscape, Instagram serves as a prominent social media marketing space. Many individuals utilize it as a digital marketing platform rather than just a social media handle. Including the Instagram profile name after the ‘@’ symbol is a cool way to give credit to the photographer who took the picture. This gesture not only promotes the photographer’s profile but also encourages visitors who liked the photo to explore the photographer’s profile and potentially follow them as well.

‘Photo Credit’ or ‘PC’ is usually provided at the end of the caption. There are numerous instances when giving ‘Photo Credit’ is a good idea. For instance, newlywed couples often share photos and videos of their marriage ceremony or pre-wedding shoot on Instagram, and they credit the photographer for their work. As a result, the photographer receives free promotion through credit points, as people who liked the photo may visit and follow their business profile.

Additionally, anyone can give credit to the person who took the picture. Both Facebook and Instagram allow you to promote any profile, be it a celebrity or someone else, by using ‘@’, which automatically converts into a clickable profile link. This facilitates the promotion of various profiles and fosters a supportive community on these platforms.

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What Does PC Mean In Gaming?

There are several meanings for a single abbreviation in different contexts. The term “PC” also holds multiple meanings in the gaming world. To be concise, let’s briefly describe the two main meanings of “PC” in gaming. Take a look:

PC Means – PC Gaming:

PC gaming and video games, in general, are immensely popular. Many of us have enjoyed numerous games on our personal computers, creating fond memories. PC games are played on personal computers and can be enjoyed both online and offline. The beauty of PC gaming lies in using the computer’s input devices (Keyboard, Mouse, and Joystick) as game controllers, eliminating the need for a separate console. The Windows Store boasts a vast collection of fun-loving and engaging PC games.

Some PC games require specific computer hardware prerequisites to run optimally. For the latest PC games, a powerful sound card, graphic card, operating system, and processors are essential. Nowadays, PC games can also be played on consoles, offering players a terrific gaming experience.

PC Means – Player Character:

In the realm of video games, “PC” refers to the Player Character. In role-playing games, the Player Character is a fictional character controlled by the actual player of the video game rather than by system commands. In contrast, there is the non-player character, controlled by the gaming software itself, acting and playing based on preset game rules. Unlike the Player Character, the non-player character lacks consciousness.

Typically, video games feature two types of characters: the player character and the non-player character. However, in some multiplayer online games, shooting, or fighting games, there may be multiple player characters. Each character possesses unique competitive abilities and powers to choose from. During gameplay, only one player character can be controlled and selected at a time.

PC Meaning in WhatsApp

WhatsApp stands as one of the largest instant messaging applications, now with a payment system, boasting a massive user base. We all use WhatsApp to share photos instantly, send quick messages, and exchange voice notes. During WhatsApp chats, you might encounter some abbreviated language that may be unfamiliar to you. One such abbreviation is “PC.” Though frequently used in WhatsApp conversations, many active users remain unsure of its meaning.

In WhatsApp, “PC” stands for ‘Private Chat’ or is sometimes referred to as ‘Personal Chat.’ This term is employed when a person intends to leave a group chat and continue the conversation in a private, one-on-one setting, known as Personal Chat. Essentially, it signifies the person’s desire to communicate directly and exclusively with another individual on the other end. Therefore, the next time someone texts you “PC,” you can interpret it as an invitation to engage in a ‘Personal Chat.’


Language serves as the medium of communication, enabling you to comprehend what others are conveying or thinking. Among the hundreds and thousands of languages worldwide, social media possesses its own unique vocabulary and terms that every user should be familiar with. One of the most prevalent and frequently used abbreviations across various social media platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp, is “PC.” However, it’s important to note that each platform may attribute a different meaning to this abbreviation, necessitating a proper understanding. With the information provided in this article, we hope to enhance your social media dictionary and offer valuable insights.

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