WatchCartoonOnline & Alternatives To Watch Cartoons Online – 2024

Are you a fan of watching cartoons and anime series for free? Are you wondering if WatchCartoonOnline is a safe website? Has it recently stopped working for you? If so, are you in search of alternative websites?

No need to worry, kids! We’ve got answers to all these questions and have compiled a list of active mirrors and alternative sites where you can watch cartoons online in HD for free.

WatchCartoonOnline (WCO) stands out as one of the leading cartoon websites on the internet, offering high-quality content with a vast user base. However, due to certain legal and server-related issues, users are seeking alternative platforms.

First, look at the Genuine websites of Watchcartoononline (WCO):

watchcartoononline.bzOption #1
wcoforever.netOption #2
wcostream.comOption #3
watchcartoononline.ccOption #4
thewatchcartoononline.tvOption #5

WatchCartoonOnline Wiki

This article will offer a concise overview of alternative websites where you can watch shows without errors or interruptions. It has been a consistently well-maintained channel for cartoon enthusiasts over the years, providing access to almost all cartoons online.

Additionally, we will explore some other authorized alternatives to the WatchCartoonOnline website that can add a dose of fun to your holidays. Stats

Please note that this website URL has been changed but performs equally well.

Ahrefs DR27
Semrush Rank102K
Domain Authority27/100
Monthly Traffic (Ahref)100.6K

Top WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives

We have selected the most reliable alternatives for you. These websites are comparable to the original site, and you can discover your favorite content on these alternatives as well. Kindly explore each of them and inform us which one you prefer the most.

1. KissAnime (The Famous One)

KissAnime stands out as one of the widely used alternatives. It serves as a substantial database comprising both classic and latest anime collections from various parts of the world.

This online portal offers diverse genre collections for users to explore. Additionally, recent optimizations have been implemented to ensure that KissAnime delivers a seamless and excellent experience, particularly on smartphones.

2. 9Anime (Simple and Clean)

9Anime is an additional platform for streaming anime content without any charge. This web portal offers access to both popular and the most recent anime series.

If the anime you desire to watch is not currently available on the official 9Anime website, you have the option to submit a request for the show, and it will be uploaded at the earliest opportunity.

However, it’s worth noting that the website lacks a user-friendly interface, which impacts its popularity among users.

 3. CartoonCrazy (Best For Cartoons)

Cartooncrazy stands out as a beloved website among kids, offering an extensive array of cartoons, animes, movies, and TV shows. The website features a straightforward and user-friendly design with a flexible UI.

Furthermore, all the components on the official website are well-organized, facilitating easy searches for cartoons and animes. Once you’ve identified the cartoon titles or anime you wish to watch, you have the option to either stream them online or download them for later access. In summary, Cartooncrazy proves to be the top alternative for a kid’s cartoon network.

4. Vudu (Paid)

Vudu offers an alternative platform for watching shows, featuring a slightly different operational process.

Users have the option to purchase, rent, and view movies and various shows on Vudu. Watching anime, cartoons, and TV shows does not require users to sign in.

They can start streaming online cartoons immediately without any subscription fees. Additionally, the Vudu website provides a Vudu app, enabling users to access a wide range of cartoons, TV shows, movies, and more through their smartphones.

5. OtakuStream (A Favourite of Trending Anime Lovers)

If you enjoy watching anime series, TV shows, and movies, OtaukuStream presents itself as another fantastic free alternative.

The website’s UI and UX are thoughtfully designed, facilitating easy access, navigation, and the discovery of cartoon shows.

Furthermore, OtakuStream offers diverse genre collections, including popular categories like:

  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Action
  • Romance
  • Journey

6. YouTube (Free and Most Accessible)

YouTube stands as one of the oldest and largest video-based platforms globally. Fortunately, it serves as a great haven for cartoon network enthusiasts, offering a plethora of full-length cartoons.

The remarkable aspect is that it is entirely free. All you need to do is sign up using a Gmail account, and you’re ready to explore. Moreover, it provides kid-oriented options, ensuring a safe experience.

You can also explore educational videos, poems, and informative animations. It’s an ideal platform for letting your kids navigate and explore without constraints.

7. KimCartoon

KimCartoon is an additional free streaming website offering all-time favorite cartoon shows and animated movies. You’ll discover an extensive collection to explore if you haven’t decided what to watch yet.

Popular titles on the site include The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, Steven Universe, SpongeBob, and many more. It’s a secure platform for kids to browse, featuring numerous kid-oriented animated collections.

The website is categorized for easy navigation, making it a convenient and hassle-free option for streaming cartoons.

8. Crunchyroll (Paid)

If you seek a website with a sleek, simple, and user-friendly interface, look no further than Crunchyroll. It boasts a comprehensive and well-organized catalog of cartoons and more.

For enthusiasts of anime and Naruto, this is the go-to platform to discover your favorite Japanese anime and manga collections. Crunchyroll is a free website that enjoys popularity throughout America.

The seamless streaming experience and fast speed propel this website to the ranks of top-rated entertainment platforms. With direct access, it offers high-quality, high-definition cartoons for effortless viewing.

9. Gogoanime

Gogoanime stands as an Anime haven catering to fans and enthusiasts of anime. It boasts an extensive collection of numerous renowned anime available for streaming in top-notch quality. The website is consistently updated with the latest collections and new episodes.

It is an ideal platform for those who enjoy series and have an affinity for every ongoing animated season. If you prefer to steer clear of ad pop-ups and slow loading speeds, GogoAnime is the go-to destination. Fear not! It is a paradise for all kinds of cartoons, not limited to just anime. From older collections to animated films, series, and a kid’s section, Gogoanime has it all.

10. Toon Jet

When you access a website to stream cartoons, and it unexpectedly prompts for a download, it can be frustrating. However, Toon Jet offers a solution. Toon Jet is a swift online streaming platform that avoids cluttering your computer with unnecessary downloads and keeps everything online.

Toon Jet provides top-quality streaming and features the latest collection of cartoons. There are no bothersome pop-up ads, and the videos don’t suddenly stop playing. Some of its distinctive features include:

  • Rating and enabling a feedback loop
  • No sign-up or payments required
  • Free of cost
  • Fast streaming and speedy playback

11. MyCartoon

MyCartoon is a diverse space encompassing classic anime series, movies, and cherished collections from the past, offering a wide variety.

If you wish to introduce your kids to the cartoons that defined your childhood, MyCartoon is the go-to destination.

With binge-watch-worthy series and seasons, MyCartoon provides access to both timeless classics and the latest cartoon shows and anime.

Regular uploads and updates ensure you stay up-to-date with your watching spree. Some of the classics featured on MyCartoon include:

  • Sword Art Online
  • Psychoelectric Girl
  • Ground Control

12. Hulu (Paid)

Hulu is another streaming platform that closely resembles Netflix and Amazon Prime. While not exclusively a cartoon platform, it offers an excellent collection. Hulu operates on a monthly subscription basis, and you can avail a free trial for the first month. Additionally, Hulu produces some of the greatest shows of the century, all available on the website. It offers a kid-friendly catalog for safe surfing.

13. Supercartoons (My Personal Favorite)

Supercartoons is the ultimate platform for a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Featuring Cartoon Network classics and Pogo series, Supercartoons provides a super nostalgic ride with its cartoon collection. From Looney Tunes to Tom and Jerry, it serves as an all-time classic collective hub. The website is straightforward, safe to navigate, and perfect for both reliving your childhood and introducing classic cartoons to your kids.

14. Disney Now (Paid)

Disney Now is Disney channel’s initiative focusing on kids’ entertainment. You can customize settings to make suggestions more kids-friendly. The platform offers a wide variety of ongoing and completed storylines, with some content available for free. In certain cases, a subscription is required. It includes a fuller entertainment station with various gameplay and other entertaining content.

15. AnimePahe

Dedicated to anime fans, AnimePahe provides subbed and dubbed versions of thousands of anime. The website has a clean and ad-free homepage displaying recent and latest anime. With a simple, elegant interface, AnimePahe caters to anime lovers and has over 2.5 million users worldwide.

16. Crackle

For a blend of good old cartoons and the latest collection, Crackle is the ideal destination. It features a database of thousands of cartoons available for online viewing. The streaming quality is excellent, and there are no pop-up ads to interrupt your experience. Crackle is free of cost, requiring no subscription, and offers a diverse catalog of cartoon shows.

17. CartoonsOn

CartoonsOn is a versatile platform catering to both kids and adults. It brings a wide range of cartoons, including popular titles and hidden gems. The website categorizes cartoons and ranks them based on user ratings. With a simple interface, CartoonsOn ensures easy navigation to your desired episodes, and new episodes are regularly added.

18. Cartoonito

A U.K.-based children’s cartoon website, Cartoonito features titles curated for kids. It offers simple and fun games to engage children and brings favorite fan shows from TV to home computers. Cartoonito provides a variety of fun videos for learning and growth, even offering a download option for watching online on the go.

WatchCartoonOnline History, App And More

Boasting an extensive database, this platform features a diverse collection of animes and all-time favorite cartoons from across the globe. It delivers high-quality videos and images, elevating the experience of exploring the cartoon network.

For anime enthusiasts, this is the ultimate destination. You can enjoy the exceptional content seamlessly on your personal computer or mobile phone.

This platform serves as a haven for cartoon lovers and a streaming portal for anime shows. Whether you prefer English or Hindi dubbing, you can indulge in watching both anime and cartoons.


To access a plethora of animes at your convenience, you can download the WatchCartoonOnline app on your mobile phones. The mobile application is highly user-friendly, offering swift access to desired cartoons through a single search.

Its popularity is attributed to a variety of animes and cartoons available in different languages. As the most popular free streaming website, it enables high-resolution anime streaming.

Another distinctive feature is its user-friendly interface, contributing to its widespread use. Millions of users enjoy seamless access to the app, solidifying its reputation in the market.

The Official Website

On the official website of, there is no requirement to sign up for watching anime shows and cartoons online. You can effortlessly search for cartoon titles or anime names and enjoy the entertainment at your convenience.

Nevertheless, signing up on the website is recommended. This allows you to save your favorite cartoons and animes, create lists within the same categories, and share them with your friends and family.

Sign Up Benefits

Furthermore, by signing up on the website, you unlock enhanced features. This includes the ability to provide feedback and comment on various videos. Additionally, you can explore specific genres or continue browsing the website to discover your favorite animes and cartoons.

Free Website to Watch Unlimited anime, KissCartoon, and cartoons Online

Watching cartoons online is likely one of the fondest childhood memories for many. The enjoyment of sitting for hours and indulging in cartoons is unparalleled.

Regardless of age, cartoons inherently bring a sense of fun into everyone’s life. Both kids and adults share a love for watching anime and cartoons. However, there are numerous timeless cartoons with valuable lessons that are no longer broadcasted on television.

Choosing The Best Site

Selecting the ideal cartoon streaming website can resolve this situation. If you have free time during holidays and wish to indulge in watching cartoons or anime, finding the right platform is the perfect solution for you.

Limitless Cartoon Streaming

Watching cartoons online provides the freedom to enjoy an unlimited supply of cartoons and anime at no cost. You can rediscover the joy of your favorite childhood cartoons, evoking feelings of youth.

Different Categories of Cartoons on Watchcartoononline (WCO)

WatchCartoonsOnline is a vast platform with an extensive collection of anime shows, videos, and cartoons suitable for all age groups. These cartoons and animes are organized into five major groups:

  • Movies
  • Dubbed Anime
  • Subbed Animes
  • Cartoons
  • Ova Series

These categories facilitate efficient searching while navigating the website. It’s important to note that WatchCartoonOnline (WCO) is considered illegal in some countries. However, using a VPN is one solution for accessing anime content.

Current Classes On WatchCartoonOnline

The WatchCartoonOnline streaming app currently offers various classes on its portal. These classes facilitate user navigation, allowing them to choose the most appealing one.

Upon selecting a specific class, relevant animes and cartoons from the same category are displayed on the screen. This feature provides insights into cartoons and animes within the same class, potentially showcasing popular content that others have viewed. The list of classes includes the following:

1. Journey

Explore cartoons and animes with a journey theme in this category. Examples include “The Deer King” and “Bigfoot,” catering to those who enjoy journey-themed content.

2. Motion

Motion encompasses a broad category of cartoons and animes, featuring globally renowned titles. Access favorites like “Metropolis Wars” and “Star Blazers” easily on Watch Cartoons Online.

3. Animation

This category caters to the vast audience that loves online cartoons, ranging from classics like Barbie to timeless favorites like Looney Tunes. Golden cartoons such as “Popeye the Sailor Man” and “Scooby-Doo” fall under this inclusive category, offering a delightful experience for animation enthusiasts.

4. Comedy

For both adults and children who appreciate humor in movies, cartoons, and animes, the Comedy category provides a diverse selection of videos to bring laughter and smiles.

5. Youngsters

Tailored for children aged 3-7, the Youngsters category offers cartoons and animes like “Tom and Jerry,” “Powerpuff Girls,” and “Ben 10.” These shows provide a complete entertainment package, creating memorable childhood moments for toddlers.

6. Horror

If you have a penchant for scary shows, the Horror genre is your go-to. Watch cartoons and animes like “Ayakashi” and “Gregory Horror Show” to satisfy your love for spine-chilling content.

Apart from these, there are numerous other genres to suit your taste in movies, cartoons, and animes, including science fiction, crime, adventure, fantasy, mystery, and action. This diverse array leads to an extensive collection of online cartoons that you won’t want to miss.

Features of WatchCartoonOnline

WatchCartoonOnline offers various features that enhance users’ experiences, making it a memorable platform. These distinctive features attract users in a unique manner, encouraging them to return to the online portal for more cartoons and animes. Some of the notable features provided are listed below.

  1. High Quality

For those seeking high-resolution and top-quality cartoons, look no further – watchcartoononline (WCO) is the ideal platform. Excellent sound and picture quality enhance the enjoyment of watching cartoons and animes.

Maintaining high-quality videos and sound ensures a more entertaining experience, and users can choose from different video qualities such as 480p, 720p, 1080p, or HD High-quality, depending on their preferences. However, image quality may adjust according to the internet connection speed.

  1. No Subscription Fee

One of its standout features is that it is entirely free. There’s no need to pay any subscription fees or additional charges to watch favorite cartoons or animes online.

This unique feature distinguishes it as one of the most popular dubbed anime TV streaming websites, especially when compared to other platforms that require monthly or yearly subscription fees. Users can enjoy a wide range of fun cartoons online without spending any money.

  1. Fast Downloading Speed

Enjoying cartoons online is most fun when streaming occurs without excessive buffering. WatchCartoonOnline provides excellent connectivity with fast, free online streaming and downloading speeds.

The website utilizes numerous servers to reduce buffering during online streaming and downloading, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. The fast speed of the website maintains user interest in the content, encouraging users to return.

  1. Limitless Streaming of Cartoons and Animes

WatchCartoonOnline stands out by offering limitless streaming of cartoons and animes. Unlike other platforms that impose restrictions after a certain limit, this website allows users to watch cartoon series, anime, movies, and videos without any constraints. The user-friendly interface adds to the overall positive experience, allowing users to interact effortlessly with the platform.

  1. Feedback Option

Valuing user feedback, WatchCartoonOnline welcomes users to point out issues and flaws in the website’s functionality. The platform strives to address these concerns promptly. Users can also request specific movies, cartoon series, and anime soundtracks.

WatchCartoonOnline responds by uploading the requested content on their official website and notifying users about the updates. This interactive approach allows users to explore classic cartoons or anime soundtracks of their choice that may not be initially available on the portal.

All these features contribute to making WatchCartoonOnline a unique and beloved platform for experiencing classic cartoons.


In summary, WatchCartoonOnline stands as an unquestionably popular platform, providing cartoon enthusiasts with free access to a diverse array of animated content. This article has thoroughly examined its different categories, features, mirror sites, and has also introduced alternatives for individuals in search of similar experiences.

When considering alternatives, we’ve spotlighted legitimate platforms that boast an extensive collection of cartoons. These alternatives guarantee the enjoyment of animated content in a legal manner, alleviating any concerns related to the site’s authenticity or security.


Is WatchCartoonOnline legal?

The platform engages in global video piracy, which is an illegal activity. Consequently, it is an illicit website. While it offers an extensive collection of cartoons, animes, and movies, the presence of piracy issues is a significant concern. This has led to the website being banned in numerous countries worldwide.

Why is it not working?

The unavailability of the website could be attributed to various factors such as server downtime, server overload, or network issues. Additionally, if you reside in an area where access to the website is officially prohibited, this could also be a contributing factor. To overcome such restrictions, you can consider using a reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network) or VPS (Virtual Private Server) to access and watch your favorite cartoons.

Does it cause viruses?

Is it safe to watch cartoons online? According to the experiences shared by many users, watching cartoons on the website appears to be safe, provided that proper precautions are taken. Using PC antivirus software and an ad blocker are recommended safety measures to ensure a secure online experience.

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