Top ACCA Self-Study Tips: A Quick Guide to Accelerate Your Learning Journey

ACCA qualification can help you outshine your career in accounting or finance because ACCA is a worldwide recognized program with up-to-date, industry-relevant information. Students studying for the ACCA can think of getting a diploma or advanced diploma in accounting and business before joining the organization.

Because of the flexible and easy exam schedule, clearing the ACCA exam is substantially simpler than clearing the CA or CFA examinations. All that is needed for success in the ACCA examinations is to adhere to a proper timetable and have a suitable study plan, which is where coaching institutions like Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy come in. However, it is somewhat difficult to prepare for the ACCA on your own.

It may seem intimidating to wrap up the ACCA self-study program in its entirety. But we’ve gone through the challenge of compressing and streamlining the entire procedure. Check out the top ACCA self-study tips listed below to succeed in the ACCA exam on the initial attempt.

Collect Quality Study Material

Having study material selected and endorsed by top ACCAs is absolutely necessary if you intend to study independently for your ACCA exams. Consider purchasing your books from reputable publishers to make sure you have the appropriate study materials with you. These are some of the most reputable ACCA study guides that are preferred by many students who are prepared all over the world.

Practice, Practice and Practice 

Be sure to have a question bank available as you study for the ACCA exams. It is one of the most recommended ACCA self-study tips by expert professionals. The only way to identify your errors and improve is through practice. You can collaborate with a friend who is also seeking an ACCA degree while you are practicing and assist one another with your combined expertise.

Know the Requirements

When starting your ACCA adventure, you should be able to fulfill a number of admission requirements, which vary depending on your nationality. The ACCA program has a vast breadth, though, and it can take four years to finish. If you have more advanced credentials, you may be eligible for some exemptions. Three GSCEs and two A-levels in five different courses, including English and math, are the minimum entry requirements starting at the knowledge stage. The student’s age must be at least 18. fulfill the academic criteria

Follow a Practical Approach

A practical, application-focused qualification, the ACCA exam requires more practice than memory. You’ll do better on exams if you give what you’ve studied some time to stick in your long-term memory, as opposed to just using your short-term memory. You will have a better chance of passing the exam the first time if you give yourself ample time to study. Create acronyms, write notes in your pocket, and ask your peers and teachers for help in coming up with fresh ways to remember the tips.

Connect with Industry Leaders

Sharing information with other ACCA candidates might inspire you and help you study more methodically, but you still need an expert to point you in the right direction. It is therefore advisable to join organizations or go to gatherings where you can interact with and network with ACCA affiliates. Recognize their methods of learning and emulate what was successful for them. Sort through these suggestions and choose the ones you are confident will be most effective for you.

Take Care of Yourself

Last but not least is one’s own physical and emotional well-being. Only those who voluntarily join the ACCA can do so. Remind yourself that you want to be this person. It goes without saying that perseverance, passion, and patience are crucial. You must work hard and maintain your optimistic attitude, but you must also let all of your anxiety out. Remember that this is not a life-or-death circumstance. You must be patient with yourself. To increase your attention, unwind for a bit and schedule some time for exercise, meditation, or yoga. Try to surround yourself with people who will inspire you and help you relax.

Bottom Line: Top ACCA Self-Study Tips

 Hopefully, these ACCA self-study tips have helped you in your ACCA journey. If you wish to fasten your speed and ensure your success on your first attempt, think of being part of a professional institution like Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy and studying under the guidance of excellent faculties like Subhan Mirchawala, Mustafa Mirchawala Ahmed Shafi, Owais Mirchawala and in a positive atmosphere.

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