The Basics of Rim Repair

Rim repair is a specialized service that addresses issues with the rims of a vehicle. A rim is a more defined term for the outer edges of the wheel structure. Due to its slightly protruding nature rim damage can be relatively common and thus it needs to be repaired.

If the rim of your wheel is bent there is a high likelihood the seal of the tire itself is damaged and if not already broken it is close to it. Once the seal is broken the integrity of the wheel falls away and it can be easily punctuated resulting in a flat tire. It can also pop on its own due to the weight of the vehicle disproportionately weighing on a specific point at the dent.

Types of Damage & Effects of Having a Damaged Rim

Rim damage can also cause uneven tire tread, this might not sound serious but it can have some expensive and frustrating results if left unchecked. Most commonly if left unaddressed a repair shop will have to replace one or more of your tires which can jump up the price. Another concerning issue is if poor tire grip is met with harsh weather like snow and heavy rain, causing your car to skid or worse crash.

Cracks to the rim can lead to the whole wheel losing its structural integrity. Causing the risk of a blowout potentially harming you as well as whoever is nearby when it happens. When it comes to extensive damage it is better to err on the side of caution and get it checked out as soon as possible.

What once was simple cosmetic damage such as scratches and small nicks becomes a greater problem when left untreated. The exposed metal is the perfect home for rust and other chemical reactions. To keep the corrosion to a minimum it is smart to have the issue addressed quickly before it becomes an expensive problem.

Simple cosmetic issues are a simple fix technicians will use light sand paper and maybe paint or refinish the rims to protect it from the weather. For hairline fractures and other thin cracks, your mechanic might use precise welding to fuse your rim back together.

Some damages will not be able to be repaired such as deep cracks to the rim progressing into the wheel and heavily deformed sides.

 In this case, it is suggested to replace the entire wheel. While it tends to be more expensive than it is to repair, in order to have structural stability a new wheel is needed. This is a great time to think about upgrades you may want to invest in as you have the perfect opportunity.

Repair Time

Depending on the severity of the damage to your vehicle’s rims the time to complete the repair can vary. If it is only cosmetic it may take less than an hour if they do not have other cars to work on. However, if welding or more heavy-duty techniques are implemented the time frame for the repair can expand.

By having your wheels checked at the same time you do your oil change you can stay on top of any sneaky damages that you might not notice till they are too bog to repair. These preventive measures can help you save money in the long run and help you make timely repairs.


Rim repair are on the front ground when it comes to vehicle health they can sometimes be one of the first indicators of are more pressing matter. Thankfully many qualified experts can help you diagnose and repair your problem as long as take your vehicle in to be checked. With the benefits of investing in the health and functionality of your car rims, you will be able to drive peacefully knowing you will get to your destination safely.

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