How To See Hidden WhatsApp Status

✎ Quick Answer:

  • To view a blocked WhatsApp status, you need to activate your new WhatsApp account and add that person to your contact list.
  • Then, navigate to the status section on your WhatsApp messenger, where it will be displayed.
  • If someone has blocked you, there are limited possibilities for viewing their status.
  • You can either attempt to unblock yourself or create a new account to request that person to unblock you.

Mark from the WhatsApp team provided some insights on this matter. Let’s discuss further.

He confirmed that if the person’s number isn’t saved in your phonebook, their status won’t be visible to you. However, based on my experience, you can see someone’s status after adding their number to your phonebook.

How To See Hidden Status On WhatsApp:

If you have any other mobile which is not known to that person use that now to create another WhatsApp with it.

1. Using Apps: MoChat

You don’t need to erase the current WhatsApp, instead create a clone on MoChat and register there. Now, once you go to the status tab from the new WhatsApp account, you will see the update. The blank profile picture issue will also go away and you’ll see the original recent DP there.

Note: Now, this method will work on the basis of the previous method. Once it is done, follow the steps:

Step 1: Install MoChat and clone WhatsApp on it.

Step 2: Register there with a new mobile number.

Step 3: Once you set it, go to the ‘STATUS’ tab and see the Recent updates.

That’s all you’ve to do. The person will know who viewed his/her status and the exact timing of that.

Please Note: This method works in case the person excluded you from seeing his/her WhatsApp status. But, if the person sharing the status only with a few people then only by adding your number to the list, it is possible.

2. WhatsApp Status Viewer: GBWhatsApp

When someone blocks you, it’s typically because they notice an unknown person viewing their story. Surprisingly, there’s an alternative to WhatsApp that can serve as a status viewer app, allowing you to see others’ statuses without their knowledge, even if you’re blocked.

✅ First, Download & Install: GBWhatsApp Apk

⭐️ Follow these steps:

Simply open your GBWhatsApp and tap on the ‘Hide View Status’ option from the top icon.

Once this option is activated, you’ll be able to view others’ WhatsApp statuses even if you’re blocked.

3. Participate in WhatsApp Groups

If the WhatsApp user whose hidden status you wish to view has posted a status to a group, you can join the group to view their status without their knowledge.

However, it may not be possible to join a group if you are not a member of the group or if the user has not posted a status update in a group.

4. Ask the Person Directly

The most ethical way to view someone’s hidden WhatsApp status is to directly ask them.

Explain why you wish to view their status and request that they share it.

If you do not have a good relationship with the person or if they do not wish to share their status with you, this method may not be useful for you.

5. Use a Different WhatsApp Account

You can create a different WhatsApp account with a new phone number and add the person whose hidden status you want to view.

Once you have added them, you can view their hidden status without them knowing. However, this method requires a second phone number, and you may need to switch between accounts frequently.

6. Turn off Read Receipts

You can turn off read receipts in your WhatsApp settings to prevent the person whose hidden status you want to view from knowing that you have viewed their status.

However, this method only works if the person has not turned off their read receipts.

7. Use a Screen Recorder

You can use a screen recorder to record the hidden status on your phone screen. This way, you can save the status without the person knowing. However, this method requires you to have a screen recorder app on your phone and start the screen recording while you open the status. But, do this in flight mode.

8. Use a Fake Profile

You can create a fake profile and add the person whose hidden status you want to view.

Once you have added them, you can view their hidden status without them knowing. However, you both need to save each other’s number.

How To See WhatsApp Status Of Blocked Contacts:

Follow the methods below:

Step 1: Unblock the Person

The first step you have to follow if you want to see the status updates of blocked contacts on WhatsApp is you have to unblock the person. Go to Settings, then to Accounts, and then to “Privacy”.

Scroll down and click on “Blocked contacts”. Click on it and on the person you blocked. Select the option “Unblock [number]”.

Step 2: Modify settings for the person only

You have to then make it seem like the person is still blocked. You have to hide last seen; do this by going to “Privacy” and clicking on “Last seen” and then on “My contacts except…”. Select the contact you unblocked.

Hide your profile picture by clicking on Profile photo under Account and then on “My contacts except…” and select the contact.

Step 3: Wait for her status to be visible

People do not always post status updates, not constantly, at least. This is why all you can do right now is wait for them to post something. You will know this when you open the app and swipe to the “STATUS” section. Their name and Profile photo will appear in this section when they post something.

Step 4: Turn on Airplane Mode & View the Status & Clear App Cache

As soon as their status update appears, all you have to do is turn off your internet and click on the airplane option so that your phone is in flight mode. You can now view their WhatsApp status easily without their knowledge. After you have done so, go ahead and clear the app cache so that they never find out that you saw their status.

Step 5: Block the person Again and Turn off Airplane mode

Now that you’ve seen their status and removed the data from your phone, it is time to go back to blocking them, which you can do by going to their chat and clicking on the three lines icon, then “More” and then on “Block” and then confirm blocking. Also, turn off your flight mode.


The general consensus is that viewing hidden WhatsApp statuses can be achieved through various methods, such as using third-party apps, joining WhatsApp groups, creating fake profiles, or disabling read receipts.

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