i’m looking for a song i don’t know the name of

Have you ever found yourself humming a melody or trying to sing a song, but you couldn’t recall its title or artist? The frustration of not being able to find a song can be quite maddening. Whether it’s a catchy tune from a commercial, a track playing on the radio, or a song you heard at a party, losing track of its name can be bothersome. Fortunately, there are several effective methods and resources to help you identify that unknown song. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of finding that elusive song, making sure you never have to sing “la la la” again. Let’s dive in!

I’m Looking for a Song I Don’t Know the Name Of – How to Find It?

1. Hark, Shazam!

One of the most popular and user-friendly apps for identifying unknown songs is Shazam. With a vast database of songs, Shazam allows you to find the name and artist of a song quickly. Simply open the app, tap the “Listen” button, and let it listen to the tune. Within seconds, Shazam will provide you with the song details, including the title, artist, and even a link to listen to it.

2. Google It!

When in doubt, turn to the mighty Google. You can type in the lyrics or a snippet of the song you remember, and Google will work its magic to find the song’s name. Add relevant keywords like “lyrics,” “song,” and “artist” to refine your search. Often, Google’s search results will lead you to websites or forums where others have already asked about the same song.

3. Ask the Online Community

The internet is a treasure trove of information, and there are vibrant online communities dedicated to music lovers. Platforms like Reddit, Quora, and music-specific forums offer spaces where you can describe the tune, share the lyrics you remember, or even hum the melody using text, and the community will help you identify the song.

4. Seek Help from Social Media

In this digital age, social media can be a powerful tool for finding lost songs. Post a message or a short clip of the song on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and ask your followers for assistance. You never know who in your network might recognize the song and save the day!

5. Use Music Recognition Websites

Aside from mobile apps like Shazam, there are also websites dedicated to music recognition. Midomi and Musipedia are excellent examples of platforms where you can hum or sing the tune, and they will attempt to identify the song based on your vocalization.

6. Check with Virtual Assistants

If you have a virtual assistant like Siri (Apple) or Google Assistant (Android), you can ask them to identify the song for you. Simply activate the assistant and say something like, “What song is playing?” or “What song goes like this?” Then, play or sing the part of the song you remember, and the virtual assistant will do its best to help you out.

The Challenge of Remembering Song Lyrics

7. The Tip-of-the-Tongue Phenomenon

The human brain is fascinating, but it has its limitations. The tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon is a common experience where you know a song’s tune, but you can’t seem to recall its name or lyrics. This phenomenon is not uncommon, and many people face it when searching for a song.

8. Why Lyrics Get Stuck in Your Head

You might wonder why certain song lyrics get stuck in your head for hours or even days. This phenomenon is known as “earworms,” and it occurs when a catchy tune latches onto your mind, playing on a continuous loop. We’ll explore the science behind earworms and how they influence your memory.

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Song Search

9. Record the Melody

If you find yourself humming the tune of the song, but you’re unsure about its lyrics or title, grab your phone and record yourself singing or humming the melody. This recording can be a helpful reference when seeking assistance online or from friends.

10. Focus on Keywords

When searching for a song online, focus on specific keywords related to the lyrics you remember. Even a single unique word or phrase can lead you to the right song.

11. Explore Music Databases

Several online music databases, like AllMusic and Discogs, provide extensive collections of songs, albums, and artists. By exploring these databases, you might stumble upon the song you’ve been looking for.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Song Search

12. Mishearing Lyrics

Mishearing lyrics is a common pitfall when trying to identify a song. A single misunderstood word can lead you on a wild goose chase. We’ll discuss how to overcome this challenge.

13. Falling for Song Covers

Sometimes, you might come across a song cover that captivates you. However, mistaking a cover version for the original song can hinder your search. Learn how to differentiate between covers and originals.


How can I find a song if I only remember a few words from its chorus?

Answer: When you only recall a snippet of the song’s chorus, use those few words as your search keywords on platforms like Google or Shazam. Often, this limited information can still lead you to the right song.

Is there a limit to how old the song can be before it becomes nearly impossible to find?

Answer: No, there is no time limit on finding a song. Thanks to the internet and extensive music databases, you have a chance to identify even the oldest songs.

Can I find a song based on its melody alone?

Answer: Yes, you can! Several music recognition websites and apps allow you to hum or whistle the melody, and they will try to identify the song based on that.

What if I remember the music video but not the song title?

Answer: If you recall specific scenes from the music video, try describing them on music-related forums or social media. Someone might recognize the video and provide you with the song details.

Is there a limit to how many songs I can identify using Shazam?

Answer: Shazam has a vast database, and there is no limit to the number of songs you can identify with the app.

Can I identify a song in a language I don’t understand?

Answer: Absolutely! Music recognition tools work regardless of the language, so you can find songs in languages you may not comprehend.


Losing track of a song’s title can be a frustrating experience, but with the right tools and resources, it becomes much easier to find that elusive tune. Apps like Shazam, the power of Google, and the vast online music-loving community are invaluable allies in your quest to identify unknown songs. Remember to record melodies, focus on keywords, and avoid common pitfalls to enhance your search success. Embrace the digital age and harness the wonders of technology to rediscover those lost musical gems. Happy song hunting!

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