How to Download Online Videos with 9xbuddy?

In this blog post, we’ll delve into 9xbuddy – an acclaimed video downloader tool available on the internet. We’ll also guide you through the process of downloading videos using 9xbuddy. We hope you’ll find this post enjoyable.

Downloading content is among the most common online activities. Whether it’s files, templates, documents, audios, videos/movies, software, or apps, we frequently seek to download online content for various purposes. The array of downloadable items seems endless, as people aim to keep resources handy for future use.

Even with easy access to YouTube for video viewing, many individuals prefer downloading videos for diverse applications. In such cases, a reliable video downloader becomes essential, right? There’s a myriad of free and paid tools available online or as standalone software programs for download. Some come at a cost, while others are free to use.

Personally, I’ve downloaded plenty of online content, primarily focusing on videos like many others. However, many previously used online platforms for downloading videos have either expired or become cluttered with excessive ads, making them nearly unusable. Some don’t function properly at all.

During my quest for the best video downloading option from popular video sharing websites, I stumbled upon 9xbuddy. This post is dedicated to discussing what 9xbuddy is and providing guidance on how to download videos using 9xbuddy.

What is 9xbuddy?

9xbuddy serves as an online video downloader tool, allowing users to download videos from various websites. On its homepage, there’s a text area where you can input a video link and click “Download” to initiate the download process.

While 9xbuddy has separate pages for specific websites, designed seemingly for SEO purposes, it’s notable that these individual pages aren’t exclusive to their specified sites. You can enter video links from different websites on any of these pages and still successfully download the content. For instance, entering a YouTube video URL on a page for another site results in a successful download, revealing that these individual pages primarily serve an SEO function.

The screenshot provided of the 9xbuddy page prompts for a video link from Porcore, but it’s possible to paste video links from various sites, including YouTube, and download content. Therefore, there’s no need to navigate through individual pages for different sites on 9xbuddy. Opting for the homepage for downloads proves to be more time-efficient when using 9xbuddy.

One of the key advantages of 9xbuddy is its extensive support for numerous video websites, though the exact count isn’t specified. The platform claims to support over 2800 video sharing/hosting sites, indicating a vast array of available downloads. While they might support more sites, the figure mentioned is based on their latest additions.

How to Download Online Videos Using 9xbuddy?

There isn’t much to guide you through because using 9xbuddy to download videos is straightforward. However, I’d like to quickly share a step-by-step guide:

  • Start by visiting any video site and copy the video URL, such as from YouTube.
  • Head over to 9xbuddy’s homepage.
  • Paste the video URL into the search box on the homepage and click “download.”
  • You’ll see multiple download options for the video. Choose “DOWNLOAD NOW” based on your preference, and the download will begin.

In a few minutes, depending on the video’s size, your download will complete. Additionally, among the various options available, you can even download an MP3 version if needed.

That’s all! That’s how you download videos using 9xbuddy. Thanks to this user-friendly process, 9xbuddy stands out as one of the best downloaders in the business today!

When and How 9xbuddy was Started?

According to my research, 9xbuddy was initiated by an Indian individual who operates the website, where 9xbuddy is featured as a project. Additionally, the 9xbuddy website contains a line at the bottom stating “MADE WITH LOVE BY 123SUDO,” indicating its connection to the 123sudo website. The copyright date on the site, ranging from 2014 to the present day (as of 08-05-2020), suggests that the site has been active since 2014 and continues to operate. I’ve captured a screenshot for you from their main site, 123sudo.

On 9xbuddy’s homepage, the site owner explains that the primary inspiration behind creating 9xbuddy was the frequent requests for help from friends and family regarding video downloads from various sites. Being considered the go-to IT person within their circle, the creator aimed to empower them to download videos independently, reducing the need for constant technical support requests.

This backstory indicates that the site originated from a personal need to address friends and family inquiries, resulting in the creation of 9xbuddy, which appears to be among the leading online video downloaders today.

What are the Downsides of 9xbuddy?

Similar to any service or product, 9xbuddy comes with a few drawbacks that I’ll outline below:

9xbuddy serves as a commendable platform for online video downloads, yet it does display links to various sites, including adult content, on its home and other pages. Consequently, the site is best suited for adults (18+) rather than children. If you’re sensitive to or uncomfortable with adult-oriented content, it’s advisable to avoid visiting 9xbuddy. However, you can access and utilize the 9xbuddy downloader following the steps I mentioned earlier.

The presence of numerous advertisements throughout the site can be bothersome. Clicking anywhere on the site for the first time often triggers a new tab to open with an ad, which can be irritating. Nonetheless, considering that the tool is offered for free, it’s understandable that the owner seeks to generate revenue through these ads. This rationale explains the ad placements across the site.

Does 9xbuddy Have its Mobile App?

Yes, they do offer an app, although it’s not named “9xbuddy app.” It’s actually launched under the name “OFFMP4,” and you can locate it on On this site, you can download the APK file of the app and proceed to install it on your Android phone. As of now, this app is exclusively available for Android phones.

The Bottom Line

Despite its drawbacks and other considerations, I genuinely appreciate 9xbuddy because it allows me to download nearly any public video online without spending a cent. For me, that’s hard to beat!

In my opinion, if you’re seeking the finest video downloader, 9xbuddy stands out as the top choice. I hope this information proves helpful, and now you’re familiar with how to download videos using 9xbuddy.

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