Home Maintenance 101

Home Maintenance 101

If you have recently become the proud owner of your first home, congrats are in order! It is very difficult in this day and age to get mortgage approval and save the necessary deposit and if you have just moved in, here are some important building maintenance tips that every homeowner should know.

  • The importance of regular inspections – This refers to the roof, the structure, water and electrical systems; regular inspections will highlight any minor issues that can be dealt with promptly. Ask a local roofing contractor to inspect your roof every 6 months and you will receive a detailed report on the status of your roof.
  • Protect all exterior surfaces – Timber needs to have several coats of quality varnish, while your roof tiles can be sealed with a silicone spray. Composite materials never need to be maintained, which is a good reason to replace exterior timber with wood-grain finish composite. Taking a proactive approach to property maintenance is by far the best way forward when it comes to building maintenance.
  • Use quality materials – Yes, you might save a little by going for the cheapest materials, but it will cost you in the long run. If you are hiring the services of a local builder, he should inform you of material options and you can choose the better quality.
  • Don’t tackle projects above your station – Some repairs are quite straightforward, while others are more difficult; it is important to know your own limitations and if a job seems complex, hire a local tradesman to handle the repair. At least you will receive a warranty of materials and labour.
  • Prompt repairs keeps costs down – There is a constant re building maintenance, which is that repairs cost more if they are not carried out quickly. A stitch in time saves nine is very apt for this scenario; a $100 fix can quickly turn into $500, all you have to do is nothing!
  • Window cleaning – Your windows soon get grimed up, especially in an urban setting; the best window cleaning Melbourne has to offer is only a Google search away! They will come every week or two, depending on your needs, inside and out can be done in a couple of hours and you’d never know they’ve been!
  • Plumbing – Every house has a complex network of water and waste pipes; the water system is pressurised and weak joints will eventually develop leaks. Regular inspections will reveal any issues, while you should also have the drains inspected; a plumber sends a CCTV buggy into the system and he can see everything. Worn pipes can be relined and a power wash prevents blockages.

If you are into DIY repairs, you will find useful tutorials on YouTube to assist you and you can watch as many times as need be. Your home is a major investment and one that needs to be looked after.

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