Guide: How To Select Shoes For Men That Are Perfect For Any Party Ensemble

Drowning in a sea of options and scratching your head because not sure what shoes to wear to a party? While some people like to wear Oxford or Derby shoes, some prefer sneakers or slides. Thankfully, men’s fashion has evolved to a point where you don’t necessarily have to show up in a crisp white shirt, black pants, black ties, and formal shoes. The more relaxed your look is, the more charm you have, and the better you can enjoy the parties (well, that’s the main outcome you want, right?). Choosing the right pair of shoes for men can be daunting at times. 

Whether you want to make a lasting impression or need a pair that complements your outfit, we have the perfect guide for you. Read on for some amazing suggestions on how to find the right party shoes for yourself. 

  1. White Shoes

A staple in everyone’s wardrobe, white shoes make for the perfect choice to wear with any outfit. The neutral colour enhances your clothing without making too strong a statement. Attending an office party? Pair white shoes for men with a dapper suit or blazer and jeans. Attending a casual party? Well, pair them up with any casual outfit from your wardrobe, and you are all set.

  1. Slip-On Shoes

If you want something more relaxed and casual, slip-on shoes for men are the perfect choice. They come without laces, so you can wear them and take them off in no time. Made from different materials such as leather, suede, canvas, etc., they are highly comfortable. You can style them with shorts, jeans, track pants, etc., and your party look is complete without a second thought.

  1. Slides

Highly versatile and comfortable to wear for any casual event, slides are another footwear option for men. Their sleek and unique design, high level of comfort, and effortless look make them ideal for parties. Pair them with your favourite sweatshirt and jeans, or a plain white tee and shorts for a laidback look. You can wear a watch or a beanie cap to add some accessories to your ensemble. 

  1. Black Shoes

Like white shoes, black shoes for men are another great option for a party look. As classy and powerful as this colour looks, black shoes are best to match with outfits of neutral tone. If you want a spruced and sharp look, wear a plain oversized t-shirt (preferably of a lighter shade), blue denim, and sport these shoes. Wear a bomber jacket if it’s chilly outside. On the other hand, if you want a relaxed look, try them on with a snug hoodie and a lighter shade of jeans. 

  1. Trainers

This may seem like an odd choice for a party look, but given the craze of athleisure looks, trust us with this suggestion. Not only do you get to choose from several types of shoes for men, such as basketball shoes, tennis shoes, etc., but you also make no compromises on your comfort and foot health. Pair them up with a sporty outfit from your wardrobe for a trendy look. It is best to avoid socks since you don’t want a workout look. Lastly, put on your favourite aviators and rock the look in style.

Tips To Remember Before Buying Shoes For Men

Now that you know what different types of shoes will complement your party outfits, let’s see some important things to remember before you purchase a pair.

  • Think about the occasion.

The first and foremost step in deciding which type of footwear to buy is to consider the occasion. Is it a formal occasion, like a business gathering, or a fancy event, like a wedding, or a casual party, like a get-together with your high school friends? Depending on the event, you can choose the right shoes for men.

  • Plan your outfit.

Rather than running around the house at the last moment, wondering what outfit you will wear, plan it ahead of the event. Also, make sure what you plan to wear goes well with the shoes you have. If not, you will have some extra time to play around with different outfits and see what suits you best. Also, make sure your shoes do not overpower your outfits unless you plan on wearing funky sneakers with cool designs on purpose. 

  • Quality, comfort, and aesthetics are all important.

It is common for people to choose aesthetics over the comfort or quality of their shoes. However, wearing the wrong footwear can cause injuries, blisters, swelling, back pain, etc. Before you buy shoes for men, make sure the fit is right, the material is breathable, and they support your feet well. 


It is said that a man’s ensemble is assessed from his shoes up. Naturally, your footwear becomes the most important element of your style statement. Fortunately, there are some shoes for men that you can wear with a lot of outfits from your wardrobe for a stunning party look. You can mix and match white and black shoes, slides, and even trainers with different clothing items. Lastly, make sure you have a pair that offers quality and comfort and matches your personal preference.

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