Expert Review: Are Online Essay Writing Services Worth It

Any person of any age and grade can feel the pressure to excel in academics. Essays are an essential component of every class. Whether in grade one or a PhD student, essays never leave your side. 

But what should one do when faced with looming deadlines or learning about a topic they have yet to know about? Many students turn to professional essay writing services for this. 

Companies providing essay writing assistance to students offer a wide range of help, including topic selection to complete essay writing. However, you should ask yourself, are these services worth the investment? This blog will answer this question for you. 

Advantages of Essay Writing Services

Companies offering assistance with writing essays usually provide the following benefits. 

Time Constraints

Juggling studies with other activities like part-time jobs can give students limited time to complete their work. Essay services help alleviate this burden and help you complete your assignments before deadlines.  

Topic Difficulty 

Complex topics can seem daunting, mainly if you have limited or no information. Essay writing services offer research and provide a solid foundation for your essays. 


Only some people are natural academic writers. Students with weak writing skills or a second language may seek help with grammar and structure. Moreover, students with good writing skills may use expert essay writing services for better insights, proofreading & editing. 

Guaranteed Grades

Most services have professional writers who guarantee that you will get good grades. This is generally appealing to students who are struggling academically. 

Plagiarism Free 

Expert companies make sure that your work is free of plagiarism and original. They mainly offer a free Turnitin (or some other credible software) report and the submitted task. 

Disadvantages of Essay Writing Services

While hiring someone for your academic tasks may seem ideal, risks are involved. 

Academic Dishonesty

Essays produced by services should only be used as a first draft. Submitting work as it is is considered plagiarism, a severe offence—with penalties ranging from failing to expulsion. 

Poor Quality Work 

Not all services can deliver high-quality essays. You may receive poorly researched and factually incorrect content. It could put a severe strain on your academic standing.

Unrealistic Expectations 

Guaranteeing grades is unethical and unrealistic. Essays are a way for professors to assess your understanding, and you will need more than a bought essay to help you learn.

Unethical Business Practices

If no contracts are signed at the beginning, the professional essay writing services you employ for your work might also resell pre-written essays or sell your essay to other students.

Ethical and Effective Use of Online Services

If you choose to use an online essay service, approach it with caution and prioritize ethical practices:

  • Focus on Editing and Proofreading: Use a service to help refine your essay, not replace your writing entirely.
  • Fact-Check Everything: Never rely solely on the information provided by a service. Conduct your research and verify all facts and citations.
  • Understand the Material: Only submit an essay you understand. Use any online assistance to improve your understanding, not act as a substitute for learning.

Alternatives to Online Essay Writing Services

There are ethical and effective ways to improve your essay writing skills and get the academic help you need:

Use University Resources

Most universities offer writing centres staffed with tutors who can guide you through the writing process, from brainstorming to editing.

Seek Professorial Help

Do not hesitate to reach out to your professor during office hours. They can clarify expectations, offer feedback on topic selection, and answer questions.

Form Study Groups

Collaborate with classmates to discuss ideas, share research, and provide constructive criticism on each other’s drafts.

Invest in Writing Resources

Style guides and plagiarism checkers can be valuable assets in your academic toolbox.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more you write, the better you will become. Take advantage of in-class assignments and explore additional writing opportunities like the school newspaper or literary journals.


Ultimately, the decision to use online essay writing services rests with you. There are several benefits and risks of using these services. Consider them before investing in such companies. Ensure that your service is credible and offers reliable assistance and support. 

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