Does Bumble Have Read Receipts? 

As a unique dating platform, Bumble has gained significant popularity due to its distinctive features, including the ability to undo accidental swipe rejections, utilize super swipe, and access subscription services. Providing an excellent interface to communicate with intriguing matches, some users have found themselves wondering: “Does Bumble Have Read Receipts?” If you’re seeking an answer to this question, search no more, as we’ll explore all the relevant aspects in this post.

Does Bumble Show When You’re Online?

Bumble offers you all the messaging features found in other similar apps. However, if you’re wondering whether Bumble has read receipts, the answer is no; it doesn’t notify the other person when you read their messages. On the other hand, the sender can confirm if the message has been delivered successfully. This means that regardless of whether the recipient has read the message or is currently online, you can instantly see if the message has been delivered as soon as you send it.

Opinions about this feature vary among users. Some consider it a disadvantage, while others view it as a dating strategy or game. It can work in your favor because it allows you to gauge the other person’s interest or response time. To find out if someone has read your message and hasn’t replied, you can check if they’ve been actively checking their feeds or sending other messages that may indicate they’re waiting to reply.

How Do You Turn on Read Receipts?

Bumble deliberately omits any read receipts feature, meaning there’s no option to enable it on any device. If you’ve sent a message and haven’t received a response, it could be because the other person is currently offline or simply uninterested in replying. This element of ambiguity seems to be intentionally designed by Bumble to shape the user experience.

A notable message displayed in Bumble further supports this notion. It encourages users to message their matches within 24 hours to prevent them from disappearing. This feature motivates users to stay active and fully embrace the dating journey.

So, if you’re wondering how to activate read receipts in Bumble, unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer this option.

Which Dating Apps Have Read Receipts?

While dating platforms like Bumble and Hinge do not provide a read receipt option to their users, some dating apps offer this feature. If you’re seeking an alternative and wondering which dating apps have read receipts, Tinder might be the one for you:


Tinder is a widely popular dating app that appeals to various demographics. Among its many interesting features, it includes read receipts for its users. However, these read receipt options are not readily available; they can be obtained by purchasing packs of 5, 10, or 20. Consequently, having read receipts for every message may become burdensome. Nevertheless, this feature can be useful in critical situations, making Tinder a preferred choice for some users.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different modes of chats in Bumble?

Bumble provides users with three distinct chat modes, each catering to different types of relationships. These modes include Date Mode, BFF mode, and Bizz mode. With these diverse features, Bumble ensures that it is not solely focused on being a hook-up app.

How many characters are allowed in a Bumble Bio? 

In Bumble, users are encouraged to create an efficient self-description within a specific word limit provided for their bio. Similar to other platforms, Bumble enforces this rule strictly, allowing users to craft their bio using a maximum of 300 words.

What precisely is a Bumble Match Queue?

Bumble utilizes a series of algorithms, locations, and your pre-defined preferences to display profiles of potential matches. This results in a curated list of selected profiles, known as the Bumble Match Queue, specifically tailored to suit your preferences. It’s important to note that this feature is not accessible to free users and may require a premium subscription.

Summing Up

Now you have the answer to your question – does Bumble have read receipts? Unfortunately, Bumble does not provide any read receipts, regardless of the subscription you choose or any settings. Some users appreciate this aspect, seeing it as a guessing game when connecting with new matches. However, if you find this feature undesirable, you might consider alternatives like Tinder, which could be another excellent option.

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