37 Juicy Fruits that Start with P in English

37 Juicy Fruits that Start with P in English

Seeking fruits beginning with the letter P? Look no further, as this page has all the information you need about fruits starting with P.

There is a notable variety of fruits that start with P. When considering fruits beginning with the letter P, one of the first that comes to mind is pineapple. However, for those residing in Mediterranean countries, the pomegranate might take precedence. This delectable fruit thrives in the wild in nations like Spain and Portugal, often found in the outskirts and olive groves during the latter part of summer.

Fruits that Start with P

Why do So Many Fruits Start with the Letter P?

Many fruits and vegetables derive their names from Latin. Classic Latin had a common form and a formal form. For instance, the common form of pineapple in classic Latin was pina. This is probably where the pineapple got its name from. Somebody thought the pineapple looked a bit like an apple, so they added apple to the name.

Interestingly, the common Latin name for apple is pomme. There you have another P to add to your list. When you look at languages, you soon realize that the way we give names to fruits, vegetables, and flowers is an interesting process.

List of Fruits that Start with P

  1. Pacific Rose Apple
  2. Palestinian Sweet Limes
  3. Papaya
  4. Parsonage Pears
  5. Passion Fruit
  6. Paw Paw
  7. Peaches
  8. Peach Palm Fruit
  9. Pears
  10. Pecan
  11. Pequi fruit
  12. Persian Limes
  13. Persimmons
  14. Petit Rouge Grapes
  15. Peumo Fruit
  16. Pie Pumpkins
  17. Pigeonplum trees
  18. Pigface Fruit
  19. Pili Fruit
  20. Pineapple
  21. Pineberries
  22. Pink Pearl Apples
  23. Pink Lady Apples
  24. Pinot Noir Grapes
  25. Pinova Apples
  26. Pitaya
  27. Plantains
  28. Plums
  29. Plumcots
  30. Pluots
  31. Pomato
  32. Pomegranate
  33. Pomelo
  34. Ponderosa Lemons
  35. Prickly Pears
  36. Prunes
  37. Pumpkins

“Our compilation of fruits beginning with the letter P serves multiple purposes. It proves useful for activities such as solving crosswords and tackling various word puzzles.

Moreover, this list can aid those with an interest in gardening or reading about horticulture. For example, the term ‘pomelo’ may be used interchangeably with ‘grapefruit.’ In numerous countries where Latin-based languages are spoken, ‘pomelo’ is the term for grapefruit.”

Is Prickly Pear a Fruit?

“Yes, prickly pears qualify as fruits, cultivated on the Opuntia cactus. Commonly found in Mediterranean regions, this cactus, despite its thorns, yields a delectable and safe-to-eat fruit. Once the tough and prickly exterior is removed, the prickly pear reveals a flavorful fruit abundant in antioxidants and vitamin C.

The taste profile is predominantly sweet, with subtle tangy undertones. One of the most delightful ways to relish prickly pears is by extracting their juice. If you possess a juicer and have access to prickly pears, you’ll discover that this fruit yields a copious amount of refreshing juice.”

Final Thoughts

“Some of the fruits listed here do not require exotic environments or warmer climates. Pears and Pink Lady apples, for instance, thrive in cooler conditions. Additionally, several other fruits can flourish in regular residential gardens without the need for specific growing conditions. We trust that you find our compilation of fruits starting with P to be beneficial.”

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