15 Hottest Plus Size Girl Anime Characters

Anime holds significant influence as a cultural form of entertainment, making it unsurprising that its portrayal has a profound impact on viewers. Within the realm of anime, beauty standards play a pivotal role in shaping the audience’s perspectives.

Anime often features characters with stunning appearances, characterized by slim waists and conventional beauty. However, it is important to break away from these stereotypes and promote inclusivity and body positivity. This is where plus-size anime characters come into the picture, offering a much-needed deviation from the typical portrayal of protagonists. Let’s explore some of these remarkable characters who have captured our hearts amidst a sea of traditionally gorgeous beauties.

15 Plus Size Girl Anime Characters

When it comes to naming a fat anime girl, it can be quite challenging as they are not frequently depicted in the medium. However, it is important to recognize that there are characters who are visibly overweight or slightly fuller in figure, and their inclusion is significant, as it breaks the mold and addresses insecurities.

Unfortunately, stereotypes often portray these characters as having no personality other than being food enthusiasts, which is far from the truth. It’s time to shed light on some of the sexy and chubby anime girls who deserve the same spotlight as their counterparts.

Hanako Ohtani:

One such character is Hanako Ohtani from the anime Persona 4 The Animation. Hanako embodies the stereotypical chubby anime girl, often used for comic relief. However, there is more to her than meets the eye.


  • Hanako is an unapologetic foodie who fiercely guards her tray of food.
  • She carries herself with pride, displaying an arrogant attitude.
  • Hanako is a second-year student enrolled in Yasogami High School.
  • She shares a close bond with Ms. Kashiwagi and the two often stay together at the Amagi Inn.
  • Hanako appears in two games within the Persona series.

These characters, including Hanako, challenge the conventional beauty standards prevalent in anime and provide representation for diverse body types. It’s important to appreciate their unique qualities and narratives beyond mere appearances.

Shigemi Kubota:

Shigemi Kubota is a character from the anime Sakamoto desu ga. She is an incredible individual, known for her sweet and chubby appearance.


  • Shigemi embodies the role of a caring and protective mother figure.
  • She embraces her unique appeal and takes pride in her appearance.
  • Her maternal instincts are strong, and she exhibits a deep sense of compassion.
  • Shigemi’s exceptional character earns her a well-deserved spot on this list.

Satomi Ishihara:

Satomi Ishihara is a character from the anime Plastic Neesan. She is a popular and charismatic chubby anime girl, making her an essential addition to the list of Sexy Chubby Anime girls.


  • Satomi is cheeky and exudes confidence in herself.
  • She has a strong narcissistic streak, fearlessly sharing her thoughts about others, often to the point of being offensive.
  • Her powerful personality captivates those around her, making her desirable and someone others aspire to be.

Minamo Aoi:

Minamo Aoi is a character from Real Drive Sennou Chousashitsu. The anime aimed to depict characters with more realistic proportions, but unfortunately, the public responded negatively, particularly targeting the fat anime girls, including Minamo.


  • Minamo is fifteen years old and starts as an intern hired by Masamichi Haru.
  • She is the sister of Souta Aoi.
  • Throughout the series, she works her way up the career ladder, gradually achieving success.

These characters, such as Shigemi Kubota, Satomi Ishihara, and Minamo Aoi, defy conventional beauty standards and contribute to the representation of diverse body types in the anime world. Their unique qualities and character arcs make them stand out and deserve recognition.

Witch of the Waste:

The Witch of the Waste is a character from Howl’s Moving Castle. She embodies power, wickedness, and evil, making her a fitting inclusion in the list of plus-size anime characters.


  • She is not merely a mean character but the personification of pure evil.
  • The Witch of the Waste is highly narcissistic and resorts to magic to regain her youth and beauty.
  • As the main antagonist of the movie, her origin story explores societal expectations and how they can shape perceptions of evil.


Nikuko is a character from the anime Please tell me! Galko-chan. Throughout the series, she leaves a lasting impression on viewers.


  • She is one of Galko-chan’s schoolmates and a member of the girls’ group.
  • Despite societal misconceptions, Nikuko challenges the notion that being overweight equates to being unfit or flabby.
  • The boys her age have nicknamed her “Sonic Meat” due to her surprisingly quick nature, proving that weight does not determine physical abilities.

Tamako Inada:

Tamako Inada hails from the anime Silver Spoon or Gin no Saji. Her strong personality makes her an essential addition to this list.


  • She is one of Hachiken’s classmates and a determined businesswoman with ambitions to improve her hometown.
  • Tamako’s genuineness is both a positive and negative aspect of her character.
  • When she dresses up or attempts a fashion diet, she transforms into an eye-catching figure, exemplifying one of the prominent plus-size anime girls.
  • She takes pride in her larger size.

Yukino Itou:

Yukino Itou is a character from the anime Real Drive, and her popularity solidifies her place among the notable chubby anime girls. She shares a close friendship with Minamo and Sayama.


  • She is a quiet and chubby teenager with black eyes and dark hair.
  • Yukino often ties her hair in a ponytail, enhancing her endearing appearance that might evoke jealousy in others.

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Mirei Yajimma:

Mirei Yajimma is a newcomer to the anime Genshiken Nidaime, standing out amidst a diverse group of individuals. She is widely recognized as one of the popular plus-size anime characters.


  • She is typically dressed in unassuming attire.
  • Mirei possesses a stocky and overweight physique.
  • Her fashion choices tend to lean away from conventional feminine styles.
  • Yajimma displays reluctance regarding her appearance.

Natsumi Asaoka:

Natsumi Asaoka is a character from the anime The Kabocha Wine. She earned the nickname “L” due to her cup size, which is larger than her partner, Shunsuke.


  • She supports her partner in overcoming clumsiness.
  • Natsumi showcases a loving and affectionate nature, embodying the essence of a loving couple.
  • Her inclusion on this list is attributed to her size, representing diversity within plus-size anime characters.

Yukino Ito:

Yukino Ito is a character from the anime RD Sennou Chousashitsu. She is not only a dear companion of Minami Aoi but also a fellow cohort. Initially, she served as an assistant at the EISF and eventually became a full-time representative.


  • Yukino has a distinct and easily recognizable appearance.
  • She actively participates in a wide range of activities.
  • It is common to find her enjoying food at cafes with her friends.


Minori is a character from the anime No-Rin and is considered one of the attractive plus size anime girls. She has striking green eyes and olive-colored hair.


  • Minori is known for her defensive nature and can be quite protective.
  • Her eyes possess a certain fierceness and brightness.
  • Her chubby figure has a notable shape that adds to her unique appearance.


Bertha is a character from the anime Darker Than Black. She has purple hair and captivating green eyes. She presents herself as an angelic figure.


  • Bertha used to have a dependency on tobacco but quit smoking when she became pregnant.
  • She has a fondness for wearing beaded jewelry.
  • Bertha was once a Viennese theater actress.
  • She takes great pride in portraying herself as incredibly beautiful.


Yunbo is a character from the anime Xam’d: Lost Memories. She has greenish-blue eyes and short hair. Initially, she was seen with Ahm in the Zabani cockpit.


  • Yunbo is a young and plump lady with a light complexion that enhances her appearance.
  • She played a crucial role in discovering and recommending Sentan Island.
  • She is often seen wearing a red scarf and a blue dress, which contribute to her distinctive look.


Anime has become an integral part of teenage life, holding significant importance. If you’ve been searching for information about the plus size anime girls, you’ve come to the right place. This article aims to provide you with all the relevant details, ensuring that you won’t need to look any further for information on this topic.

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