Wax Pots Vs. Microwavable Wax: Which Is Better?

Waxing can be a daunting process especially if you don’t have the right equipment to do the job correctly. You may be worried about how long it takes for your wax to melt and also fear getting burned while handling the way. This is why it is important to have effective equipment that can serve their intended purposes.

There are several ways to get your wax ready including using a wax pot or purchasing microwavable wax. However, there are some big differences between wax pots and microwavable waxes which usually leaves people wondering which is better. In this article, we’ll take a look at wax pot vs. microwavable wax and see which is better.

Wax Pots Vs. Microwavable Wax


When it comes to effectiveness, there isn’t much competition between wax pots and microwavable waxes. They both come with several advantages that allow them both to work as they should. However, the effects are not entirely the same. Warm warmers heat the wax to the correct consistency and do a better job than microwavable wax that heats unevenly in the microwave.


The most important thing when dealing with wax is that it needs to be safe. Wax pots have proven to be safer for melting wax than microwavable wax. When heating the wax, microwavable cans don’t do as good a job as wax pots. The heat in the microwave is not well controlled which can make microwavable wax heat unevenly. This can cause burns when applied to the skin and in some cases, bruises. The microwavable wax has to be applied multiple times in some instances which can lead to pain.

Hard wax can be difficult to melt and using microwavable cans may not be the best idea. This is because there are so many different microwaves out there with various settings that can make it a bit hard to control the temperature. As a result, the wax may heat too much or not enough. 

On the other hand, wax pots are better since they have controllable temperatures and on-and-off switches. This allows you to be in control and ensure the wax is just the right temperature and consistency. The instructions to use a wax pot are also much easier to follow than microwavable wax. Having a good-quality wax warmer ensures that your wax heats evenly every time with you controlling the process every step of the way. 

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As you’ve probably guessed, microwavable wax cans are the most affordable option between the two. This is because these products aren’t meant to last and after a month’s use or so, they may start to wear down. Also, if you offer waxing services to larger areas of the body like the legs, microwavable wax isn’t a good option since they don’t last as long as a high-quality wax pot. 

Wax pots are the better choice since they give you value for money especially if you get a durable unit and maintain and clean it regularly. They also work better when waxing large areas of the body since the wax gets heated evenly. This means that you’ll have enough wax to spread on large areas without having to reheat the wax if you get a sizable unit as they come in a variety of sizes. 


There are some big differences between wax pots and microwavable wax as you can see outlined in this article. Although the best option can depend on your taste and preference, wax pots clearly come out as the better option between the two. Microwavable wax can be hard to heat evenly and does not last as long as a wax pot. To ensure you get better value for your money, provide effective waxing services, and be safe, wax pots are the best choice.

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