See The World Differently: Latest Window Replacement Trends

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With more of us embracing flexible working, our homes are becoming our second offices. Due to this, many of us are choosing to invest in the look and feel of our homes, adding unique design touches to various rooms in the household. One particular trend taking center stage? Windows. 

Aside from enhancing energy efficiency and providing ventilation and natural light, windows create focal points and are a huge design element.  

Looking to add interest to your home? Read on to discover this season’s top window replacement trends. 

1. Picture Windows 

If you’re lucky enough to have a home with a view, such as a picturesque mountain range or a beautiful, lush, verdant garden, investing in large picture windows is one of the best ways to embrace this view.  

Picture window replacement is often more cost-effective than alternative window styles yet looks equally impressive. This style of window doesn’t feature any frames or breaks and, therefore, results in a picture-perfect view that is entirely unobstructed.  

Although these windows can’t be opened, their unique style can make a room appear larger than it is. 

Many of these replacement windows, including those available from Odyssey Windows, are low-maintenance, insulated, and come in various styles, including stained glass, decorative grids, tinted glass, and privacy glass, meaning there is a design to suit all homes.  

2. Bay Windows 

Bay windows are another popular style trending this season and are often seen in kitchens and living rooms. They create a small shelf-like seat that projects from the outside wall.   

To install bay windows, your home must have flat windows set into an angled frame.  

3. Sliding Windows 

If your home boasts elongated wall areas, a sliding window could be just the ticket and is a great addition to a smaller room, especially if you wish to open the space up, as sliding windows can make small spaces appear larger.  

This window style is made up of two sections, sometimes called sashes, which are conventionally crafted from single windows. To open and close these windows, one section simply slides over the other horizontally.  

4. Skylight Windows  

If certain rooms in your home lack light, such as attic rooms or smaller offices, a skylight window is a great option that promises to welcome plenty of natural light.  

These windows are often installed into slanted roofs and come in moveable and fixed styles.  

5. Awning Windows 

If you live in an area that experiences heavy rainfall, an awning window is a great shout. Why? When opened, this style of window creates a water-resistant awning. Instead of opening inwards, they swing outward and are usually operated by a handle or latch.  

Aside from being extremely weather-resistant, they are also renowned for being easy to clean and budget-friendly.  

6. Circle Windows 

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Circle windows ooze an element of gothic appeal and come in elliptical, round, oval, or half-round shapes. These windows certainly add architectural interest to various rooms while nodding towards the Victorian era.  

7. Arched Windows 

Boasting unique rounded tops, arched windows add instant aesthetic appeal to existing windows and can be installed directly above windows that are already in place. They add both an on-trend style and assist with ventilation.  

These windows don’t tend to open and close. They can be installed in a multi-arch structure, comprising either rectangle or square window panes on either side, one example being the Palladian Window design

8. Glass Block Windows 

Aside from heightening the light flow in the home, these windows are also used for privacy. Traditional block windows boast patterned or frosted designs and are perfect for basements, bathrooms, and any other spaces in the home you wish to keep private. Another benefit of these windows? They’re extremely hard to break! 

9. Big Windows 

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Sometimes, bigger is better, especially when inviting as much natural light into your home as possible. Large windows can make smaller rooms appear much more significant than they are, making them appear more spacious and open.  

If you wish to invest in a larger window, consider a few factors, including choosing the correct sizing and placing them in the proper position. This must be a space that boasts enough space to allow the light to bounce. Enlisting the help of a professional window fitter will help you choose the correct position.  


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Windows are an asset to our homes, and choosing to replace the ones you currently have with an on-trend and efficient style will add value to your property and embrace natural light, bringing a little of the great outdoors inside.  

Quality windows open our homes, pose as focal points, and add natural light to dark spaces, which regulates human physiological functions. If you’re considering replacement windows, consider the space you have to work with and the effect you wish to achieve. 

With so many styles and sizes of replacement windows, there is something to suit all tastes and all homes.  

Following the above tips and enlisting the help of a glass window specialist, you can ensure adding new replacement windows to your home is a breeze, adding value and a new design element to various rooms in your household. 

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