Realizing When to Consult an Employment Attorney

Realizing When to Consult an Employment Attorney

In the event of a dispute, an employment lawyer who specializes in Knoxville TN Employment And Business Law can facilitate communication between the employer and employee in order to find a mutually agreeable solution. An employment attorney is a valuable resource to have on hand in the event of an employer-employee issue, such as one involving pay, workplace safety, discrimination, or wrongful termination. 

What exactly does an employment lawyer do?

There are two primary specializations within the field of employment law. One type represents employees or claimants (also called employment discrimination attorneys, employment rights attorneys, or federal employment attorneys), while the other represents businesses (often called management attorneys) in employment disputes.

When is the right time to consult an expert?

When an employee has a problem and feels ignored by their employer, it is time to get outside help. However, this does not mean the worker must immediately retain legal counsel. If the worker suspects discrimination, they may file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or a similar agency at the federal or state level.

The agency’s finding of insufficient evidence does not exclude the worker’s ability to initiate a lawsuit. In that case, the agency will either assist the worker or advise them to consult an attorney. Therefore, a worker should consult a lawyer specializing in employment law to learn their options and whether or not their case merits legal action. 

How can workers ensure their safety on the job?

Suppose an employee believes they are the victim of discrimination, unfair pay practices, etc. In that case, keeping a detailed log of all relevant events, including timestamps, is in their best interest. Take down the names of any potential witnesses. The agency or lawyer representing the worker will benefit greatly from having this information.

What are some solutions for business owners?

No matter how humble, a company of any size should have an employee handbook with policies and guidelines in place for equal-opportunity hiring. The procedure for filing a discrimination claim or making a formal complaint should be spelled out for employees in the handbook. After that, it is the responsibility of any and every employer to investigate the allegations of wrongdoing.

Why not independent contractors?

People who work as freelancers are self-employed. In essence, they run their own businesses. Given their non-employee status, they enjoy few protections. Freelancers have no legal protections save for those included in contracts with clients. A business is not required to hire or retain a freelancer.

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