How to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Reel?

Facebook is the most interactive social media application. Recently Facebook has updated a feature on its platform that you can share short videos or content as reels.  but can you see who watched your reels on Facebook? Facebook doesn’t provide the facility to check who has viewed your reels as other applications like Instagram do.

When someone creates content, it gives them a craze to check their audience. If you aren’t able to do that, then the users hardly would want to share their content. If you want to find out who has watched your Facebook reels then be with the entire article and see the steps you can follow to check the viewers of your Facebook reels.

Is it possible to check who has viewed your Facebook reels?

Even though with many more advanced features, can you see who views your reels on Facebook? No, you can’t do that. Unlike other applications that provide you the list of your reel viewers, you didn’t get that on FB. But it also doesn’t stop you from determining it in other ways. Let’s discuss the steps:

1). Check for the Reels Insight

Reels Insight could give you a fair idea of the viewers of your reels. Follow these steps for that:

  • Open the Facebook app
  • Visit your Profile page
  • Click on the Reels tab
  • Select the reel from the list (for which you want to check the viewers)
  • After that just click on the Insight option that will have a graph icon.

2). Analysis of the Insights option

After opening the insight option, you have to analyze it. Do that via:

  • You will get to see the information on your reel’s performance on Facebook which will consist of likes, comments, views, and shares. You will also get the demographics of the viewers.
  • You are not going to get a direct idea of the viewers but it will give hints through displaying the gender, location, and even the age of the viewer. This information is enough to know the viewers who are interested in your content.

3). Analyze the comments

You can use the comments section of your reels to connect with your viewers and create a community by responding to their comments. When you get entirely involved, it will also encourage other users with your reels. 

Always remember in 99% of chances, the users who comment are also the regular viewers of your content. Always keep your focus on positive comments for motivation and take the negative comments also in your favor.

4). Plan something to engage more users

To enhance the visibility of your reels, it’s necessary to plan something for more engagement of users with the content. The content that resonates with your audience would help in this case. You can use relevant hashtags, ask some involving questions, or do other activities. They all will tend to increase the involvement of users and hence enhance the visibility as well.

5). Through direct messages

If your viewers want to connect with you through direct messages, you should respond to their queries to get more viewers to create a good and permanent relationship with you. For that keep checking your inbox and for the message related to your reeks.

Now if someone asks you can you see who watched your Facebook reels and then show them These steps? You will get an idea of the viewer. Even the Engagement section also displays the name of the interactor. These steps are also helpful to find who viewed your Facebook profile.

Wrapping Up

Even the demographic view would help a lot in determining the type of audience liking your content on reels. Still, you should also keep track of their engagements with your content to enhance the visibility of your reels.

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