How to Download Facebook Videos for Free?

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Over 2.9 billion worldwide users use Facebook. This huge figure makes it the most used social media platform worldwide. Users from various demographics use it. 

Facebook enjoys massive popularity because of two main reasons. One is its introduction well before all other renowned social media platforms, and the second is its aim to provide users with the best experience with timely updates and advancements. 

Regarding updates and advancements, the most appreciated feature is the feature that allows users to upload videos. 

Users can upload videos in various forms on Facebook. They can upload in-post videos, reels, and video stories. They can also share their activities through interactive live streams. Facebook has also introduced the ‘Facebook Watch’ tab to allow users to explore various posts according to their interests. 

According to recent research stats, up to 500 million active users access Facebook daily to watch videos on Facebook. This huge figure results in billions of watch hours daily. The humongous number of videos Facebook hosts makes it one of the largest online video libraries.

It poses serious competition to renowned streaming platforms as many people prefer watching videos on Facebook. You will find videos related to various topics and niches on Facebook. Many content creators and influencers have also started uploading their vlogs and podcasts on Facebook to reach maximum followers and earn a living. Gamers also live stream their gaming activity online through Facebook. You can also attend web seminars on Facebook through the live-streaming feature offered by Facebook.

It is often observed that many users also want to Download Facebook videos for various purposes, including more accessible access to their favourite videos and ease of sharing. There is no need to use costly conventional methods to download Facebook videos, as this article discusses various ways to download Facebook videos for free. Read on to learn more.

Various Ways to Download Facebook Videos for Free

Many users want to download Facebook videos, especially live streams, to watch longer videos according to their comfort. Moreover, they want to download videos to enjoy high-quality streaming without any disturbance due to ads. They can use a few effective methods to download videos from Facebook for free without spending a single dime. They just need to be aware of these methods, and downloading videos from Facebook will become easier. 

Further details about these methods are given below.

Using Online Facebook Video Downloader

You may have heard about downloaders that require installation to work for you and download videos from Facebook or any other platform. However, now you can download videos using a Facebook video downloader online. This tool doesn’t require installation; you can access it through any device. Using it is also pretty simple. You just have to access the Facebook downloader and paste the URL of your desired video from the platform. Once pasted, you can press the download button.

Upon pressing the download button, the tool will verify the URL. After verification, it will provide a preview of the video and give you various options in terms of the video quality you want to download. You can choose any quality options, and your video will be downloaded to your device. The interface of a Fb video downloader is also friendly. Moreover, it is generally available in multiple languages making it easy to use for worldwide users. 

Install Browser Plugin

You can also take the help of a browser plugin to download Facebook videos. This method requires installing a specified plugin capable of downloading videos from Facebook on your default web browser. You will easily find such a plugin from the web store specified for your browser. Once you have installed the plugin and activated it. The browser plugin will be ready to download Facebook videos on your device. 

This method helps you avoid the effort of copying and pasting the URL of your favourite video. Once you start watching a video posted on Facebook, a popup will appear on the screen, allowing you to download a video. Some plugins also offer you the choice of deciding the download quality of videos. If you opt for the download option, the browser downloads the video and saves it to the download folder. It is worth mentioning that this method is only usable on laptop and desktop PCs. 

Using Smartphone Applications

We all know that most Facebook users access it through their smartphones. The main reasons behind this phenomenon are the mobility and ease of use offered by smartphone devices. Although smartphone users can easily download Facebook videos through Facebook video download online, another option is available for them in the form of smartphone apps. These apps also allow smartphone users to download videos from Facebook.

They need to install such apps from the store. Most apps that let you download Facebook videos are available for free. The method of using such apps for video download may vary from one app to another. For instance, some apps work the same way as a Facebook video downloader, while others allow in-app Facebook browsing and direct download. Such an app may consume significant storage space on your smartphone, leaving much less space to save videos offline. 

Download Facebook Videos Without Any Tool

Until now, you have learned methods that require some sort of tool to download Facebook videos, but you will be surprised to learn that you can also do it without using any tool. 

However, you may witness a significant compromise over the quality of the downloaded video. You just have to work on a few steps to download a Facebook video for free using this method. 

  • Copy the URL of the video you want to download.
  • Open the copied URL in a new tab and replace “www” with “mbasic.”
  • The individual post featuring the video will appear.
  • Right-click on the video and click “Open in a new tab.”
  • Only video will appear on the display upon opening the new tab.
  • Again right-click on the video and opt for “Save video as”

The video will be downloaded to your device. 

In the End

Facebook is a perfect place to watch interesting online videos. You can also download videos from this platform for free. All you need is the knowledge to use these methods. 

We have discussed all these methods to help you in this regard. Hopefully, you will find these details useful and use any of the aforementioned methods to download Facebook videos for free.

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