Getwoord Review & Alternative Tool 2023

Getwoord Review & Alternative Tool 2023

Text to Voice is an assistive and accessible technology that has made traditional voiceover practice effortless. This technology has made it easier for people with visual impairments to access written information. TTS tools have surpassed the language barrier. Online Text-to speech-tools convert written text to audio so that people can easily listen to it instead of reading it. 

GetWoord is one of the most popular TTS tools, but it’s a little expensive. Don’t worry, you can also move to another ai voice generator like,, Murf, Natural Reader, and more. So, today we will discuss an incredible tool called textospeech as the best Getwoord alternative in 2023.

Getwoord Text-to-Speech Online Tool

Getwoord is a famous AI voice generator that helps you get instant audio of your text. It gives you a platform to generate a voiceover of any text content like blog posts, news, books, or research papers. You can easily use the generated voiceover on social media sites, YouTube channels, e-learning modules, or any commercial purpose.

Key Features

  • Woord offers you a free sign-up. However, its paid version is available with more advanced features.
  • It provides you with the feature of the Chrome extension. 
  • This tool offers 21 languages and 50 text-to-speech voices in its paid plan.
  • You can easily edit your content with the SSML editor that is given to you for free.
  • It gives you high-quality audio in MP3 file format.

Getwoord Review

Woord is free to sign-up and gives you a 7-day free trial. It’s a paid tool, so you won’t be able to enjoy its advanced features until you purchase its premium plans. It has a pre-generated audio file library that you can use to hear voice samples. Woord is a bit expensive and offers you limited ai voices that sound robotic. Its starting plan will cost you $24 per month. – The Best Alternative to Getwoord is an innovative text-to-voice generator that offers natural-sounding ai voices in various languages. It has an intuitive interface, so no prior knowledge is required to use this tool. This tool allows you to customize the speech characteristics of the voiceover like speed, intonations, etc. This text-to-speech online tool uses advanced AI-generated technology to generate realistic and natural voice simulations from text. You can easily use text-to-speech voices in your content, which can be educational, commercial, entertainment, a YouTube channel, or personal projects.

Key Features offers you the following features.

Cost Effective Tool

This online text-to-speech offers its services for free. However, you can also purchase its paid plan at an affordable cost of $19 for a 3-month package. You can generate unlimited voiceovers by buying paid plans.


It offers 140+ languages in 300+ realistic and natural-sounding text-to-speech voices.


Textospeech works efficiently and can generate a voiceover of text in an average of 1 minute.


This text-to-voice generator is a simple web-based application with an intuitive interface. It is comfortable to use for everyone, even if you are using this tool for the first time. 

Customizable allows you to customize the speed, accent, volume, and intonation of the voiceover. You can choose any male or female voice according to your choice and add emotions also.

Device Compatibility

It is responsive to all devices and is compatible with Android, iOS, laptops, and PCs.

Final Word

Online Text-to-speech tool has become an emerging technology in recent years. Hundreds of TTS tools offer these services. Woord is one of the ai voice generators that we discussed above. It is an expensive tool and provides limited features to its users. Therefore, we discussed, which is the best substitute for Word, for the ease of our audience. It offers fantastic features for free and in an affordable plan.

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