Exploring the different resume types to land a job position

Different resume types often matter a lot when landing a desired job position. Choose to write a chronological, functional, combination, or targeted resume, and the motive to consider these types is that the resume type is used for different purposes. So, it is worth taking time to decide which type of resume to use, and in that case, there is a need to think about your current employment circumstances. AI Resume Builder like Resumod will assist you in choosing from the resume types and creating the one that will fit your necessities.

Types of Resumes worth having an idea about 

The commonly used resume types are chronological, combination, and functional, and there are a lot of differences between them. But the point one needs to remember is that though they follow different formats, each includes the same elements. The common elements are Name and contact information (at the top of the resume), Education, and Work history (always starts with the current or most recent job). Besides, the resume types have other elements in common but aren’t always formatted the same way. The difference also lies in the resume sections appearing in different places on the page.

  • Chronological Resume

With Resumod, you will get the availability of a range of Free resume templates online that will help you with the designing of a chronological resume. The most commonly used resume type is a chronological resume, and it is highly beneficial because it traces your work and educational history in reverse chronological order. Job seekers use a chronological resume as recruiters are familiar with it and know exactly where to look for your work history and education.

This resume type is in demand because hiring managers like to associate what you learned with where you learned it, and in this regard, only Chronological resumes make it easy to do that. The resume has the Work History or Experience section, where you can list your jobs, starting with your current or most recent role, and then you need to go backward until you reach your first. Also, the resume type allows you to list your accomplishments as brief bullet points. Right after the work history section is where you input your education, volunteer experience, and other points you wish to include.

  • Functional Resume

The Free Online Resume Builder will also be beneficial when you want to craft a specific functional resume as probably the least used resume format. However, a functional resume benefits people with a nontraditional work history. The resume format is also highly specific in drawing more attention to their skills and abilities than the workplace. But you should remember that the functional resume is tough to read. It usually turns out difficult for recruiters to find out about what you learned. Also, it becomes tedious to analyze the career breaks, and this is the reason that functional resumes usually turn out to be a red flag for hiring managers, as previously, the reason behind using them was to hide gaps in work history.

  • Combination Resume

This resume is also referred to as a hybrid resume; you may also use Academic Resume Templates to craft one of these resumes. Combination resumes are a combination of chronological resumes and functional resumes. A combination resume is often a choice among the candidates for the reason that it follows a similar format to chronological resumes, so hiring managers find it easier to scan the resume and find the necessary information to determine whether a candidate is suitable for the job or not. 

Another benefit of using this resume type is that it places more emphasis on your skills and abilities instead of your chronological work history. When you are designing a resume with the combination resume type, there’s a need to list contact information and a professional summary in the top third of the resume. After that, include a skills section, which ensures that this resume type holds similarities to a functional resume. But the only issue is that this resume type isn’t as long or in-depth as a functional resume. With this resume type, you will get the option to group your skills by type or list them. 

You needn’t worry about the structuring of this resume, as the Online Resume maker will take care of it. When you are creating one of these resumes, you can list the work history after the skills section. The pattern is a reverse chronological order and includes several bullet points that comprise mainly of your duties and accomplishments under each job, and it becomes related to what you’ve learned in a specific job. But while creating one of these resumes, there’s a need to include fewer bullet points than a chronological resume.

Final say

Use the free AI resume builder that will be serving well as an interactive online tool and is loaded with different resume templates to be used for a wide range of industries. Also, a reason to use the resume builder is that it has templates with multiple eye-catching themes to match the style of the job type, making it easier to land a job position. Rest assured that the online resume builder offers a quick and easy way to create your professional resume, and you will get the opportunity to choose from a range of professional resume templates.

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