Candle Moulds: How to Prevent Them from Tearing?

Candle-making is a creative and enjoyable hobby that allows you to make unique and beautiful candles for various occasions. Moulds are often used to create these candles. However, a common problem candle makers face is tearing or cracking moulds. This can lead to frustration and a waste of resources and time. To prevent this problem and to enhance your candle-making experience, we’ve created a list of effective tips.

Correct Mould Selection

The right mould is vital to preventing tearing. For specific candle sizes and shapes, different candle moulds exist. Choose a design-specific mould before starting your project. To withstand the force of the molten tallow, the mould must be made from sturdy materials. A popular choice is silicone moulds due to their flexibility.

Warm Up the Mould

This step is crucial before pouring the hot wax into a mould. This step can be helpful in two different ways. This prevents a sudden temperature differential between the hot wax and the mould, which reduces the possibility of tearing. Preheating the mould will allow the wax to flow and settle evenly in every crevice. This results in a more perfect finished product.

Use a Release Agent

Consider applying a release spray before pouring in the wax to reduce the likelihood of it tearing. A release agent such as a mould release spray or light vegetable oil coating creates a layer between the waxes and the mould. This barrier will make it easier to remove your candle once it’s cooled down and hardened.

Monitor Wax temperatures

You must maintain the wax at the proper temperature to avoid mould tearing. Overheating can cause the wax to expand and increase pressure in the mould. A thermometer is a good way to check that the wax temperature remains within the range recommended for candle-making. Different waxes have different melting temperatures, so you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Slow and Steady Pouring

Pour the hot wax steadily and slowly into the mould. Pouring the hot wax into the mould too quickly may create air bubbles. It can also cause an uneven distribution, which could lead to tearing. Pouring the wax evenly into the mould and avoiding sudden pressure can reduce the chances of tearing.

Tap and Release the Air Bubbles

After pouring the wax into the mould, gently tap it on a solid surface. This will release any trapped bubbles. Air bubbles create weak points in the candles, making them more susceptible to breaking. Taping on the mould can help the wax settle down and fill small gaps or imperfections.

Allocate Sufficient Cooling Times

It is important to be patient when making candles. Let your candles cool and solidify completely before removing them from the mould to avoid tearing. If you hurry this step, the wax may still be soft and not fully solidified.


Candle-making is an exciting and rewarding hobby. But it takes attention to detail to avoid problems such as the tearing of moulds. Follow these simple tips to reduce the chance of breaking and make a beautiful, tearless candle that will impress you and your friends. To perfect your skills in candle-making, patience, and repetition are essential. Keep going if you run into challenges. You will eventually become a candle-making master with experience and time.

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