Butterfly haircut trend in 2024: Here’s everything you need to know! 

Everyone wants to stand out in the crowd these days with unusual haircuts. This year, the butterfly haircut has become quite popular. These are not your typical haircuts; these are an upgrade. We believe that the style keeps up with the current long hair trend while giving your hair more movement and dimensions.

This distinctive style has been seen in both celebrities and everyday people. This might be the best choice for you if you want to experiment with a new look! The butterfly cut is a popular choice among celebrities and fashionistas because it is adaptable. wedding and looks good on a variety of hair textures and lengths.

If you’ve been eyeing the popular butterfly haircut, you might be curious about how it would suit your particular face shape and hair type. So read on if you’re interested in learning more about the butterfly haircut trend!

What is a butterfly cut? 

A butterfly cut is definitely one of the best-trending hairstyles to try in 2024. It’s a contemporary interpretation of the iconic shag haircut from the 1970s, with layers and feathered ends for a flowy, soft look. The layers are cut in a pattern that resembles butterfly wings, thus the name.

The butterfly haircut is known for its soft and feminine appearance, making it popular among women of every age group. Regardless of your hair type—straight or curly, long or short—you can customize the butterfly haircut to fit your unique style.

To unlock the collection of this beautiful haircut, keep reading! 

Top 8 best butterfly Haircut Ideas: Check the Full List

  1. Butterfly Cut in Golden Blonde

To add some flair to your straight hair’s natural texture, you don’t have to curl or cut your hair into shaggy layers. A butterfly cut adds dimension for a more carefree,  interior design, tousled appearance, and blonde balayage elevates your look to a truly sophisticated level.

  1. Butterfly Haircut with Bangs 

Women who wish to draw attention to certain facial features and frame their faces are best suited for a layered butterfly haircut with bangs. To showcase the butterfly layers haircut and lift it up, we recommend using texture spray when styling the butterfly haircut.

  1. Butterfly cut with waves 

The butterfly cut is a chic way to combine the distinctive butterfly-wing pattern with soft, voluminous waves on curly hair. This combination produces an alluring and carefree hairdo. The longer section of hair is styled with loose waves to contrast with the butterfly-cut hair. The waves give the butterfly hairstyle more body and texture, which improves its overall aesthetic appeal.

  1. Big waves butterfly waves 

A gorgeous way to combine the butterfly-wing pattern with dramatic, voluminous waves is to pair the butterfly haircut style with big waves. This creates a glamorous and eye-catching butterfly hairstyle. To complete the look, large waves are applied to the longer section of hair, resulting in a bold and voluminous texture.

  1. Butterfly Cut Straight

If you want a more sleek and contemporary take on the butterfly hairstyle, this is ideal. While the traditional butterfly cut may include texture or waves, the straight butterfly cut is defined by straight and smooth hair. 

The central portion of the hair is left longer and styled to create a modern and straight appearance, while the surrounding hair is trimmed or shaved to form the butterfly-wing pattern. The combination of a clean and precise butterfly pattern and straight hair results in a polished and contemporary look. 

  1. Elegant butterfly haircut with layers 

We strongly advise you to take a closer look at this stunning butterfly haircut with blonde highlights and waves if you’re looking for a way to add some flair to your medium-length hair. This combination will enhance your appearance and draw attention to how beautiful your natural look is. 

  1. Mid-Length Butterfly Cut for Oval Faces

To achieve this stunning butterfly haircut style, request a short butterfly layers haircut on the top of the head and throughout the crown. This will give the cut its unusual and humorous name, as it will somewhat resemble butterfly wings. For a more dimensional effect, add auburn or copper babylights.

  1. Large Wavy Butterfly layers Haircut

This butterfly haircut female, similar to a layered haircut, features large wavy layers in different sections. Layers are applied to the longer section of hair to create a bold and thick texture. 

Such large wavy layers are best suited to people whose hair is longer than medium length but doesn’t go beyond the chest area. This glamorous butterfly hairstyle creates a dynamic look that is appropriate for both daily wear and special occasions.  

To Wrap it up! 

Here’s the complete wrap on the blog for highlighting the best butterfly haircut ideas for 2024. And, as we have stated earlier – it’s a versatile cut that works for different hair types and lengths, offering a fresh, modern twist to your butterfly hairstyle.

All in all, we believe that this butterfly haircut style has gained popularity for good reason. It’s not just about following a trend; it’s about finding a style that feels uniquely you. So, if you’re thinking about trying something new with your hair, the butterfly haircut will be the perfect next step.

However, in order to adapt to this versatile trend, you can partner with an expert hair stylist. If you are looking for one, hire the best hairdresser in Houston – Greg Decker Hair. He is a leading professional, who can understand your needs and offer the best solutions accordingly. 

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