What Does ISTG Mean On Snapchat?

ROFL, LOL, WCW, MCM, WTM… confused about what to write exactly? It’s just like when you open your Snapchat and see acronyms like this on your wall. And you don’t know what it all means. Wondering what does ISTG mean on Snapchat? Let us tell you everything about ISTG.

The number of characters and words is limited for making public posts on social media. So, acronyms extend the margin to write more in fewer words. This also helps you to reduce the screen size. While some people just wanted to be a part of the trend. Whatever be the reason, internet slangs are quite useful for creatively expressing your thoughts.

What Does ISTG Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat has revolutionized communication with its visual snaps, going beyond wordy texts. Among the countless internet slangs, one that’s commonly flaunted on Snapchat and other social media platforms is ISTG.

ISTG means ‘I Swear To God’. This trendy slang might be a little tricky for new users to understand – What Does ISTG Mean On Snapchat? Although abbreviated internet lingo has been around for a long time, from the days of Orkut being the only social hub, there were only a few words like LOL and HRU. Today, around 50% of public posts include hashtags and acronyms. So, it’s essential to educate yourself about these internet slang words.

ISTG, which stands for ‘I Swear To God’, is often written to assure the sincerity of the sender’s statement or information. It serves as a guarantee that the sender is not lying and is serious about what they’re saying. For example, if someone says “ISTG, you look beautiful”, it means they are emphasizing the truthfulness of their words and that the person is indeed very beautiful. Besides assurance, ISTG is also used to indicate harsh reality, surprise, or annoyance.

What Does ISTG Mean In Texting?

Snapchat sets itself apart from traditional messaging apps by offering real-time multimedia communication. Unlike apps that only allow text or audio messages, Snapchat allows users to share short-lived live video messages that disappear once viewed. It adds an extra layer of fun with live stickers, making it more than just a camera for taking pictures.

ISTG is not limited to Snapchat; it’s also commonly used in text messages and chats with friends. Whether it’s in texting or Snapchatting, ISTG means the same thing – ‘I Swear To God’. The phrase itself is not new; it has existed for years. People often swear or take oaths to assert their innocence and show they are not lying. ISTG is simply a shortened form of this phrase.

ISTG Meaning & Definition

he definition of ISTG revolves around the acronym for the phrase “I Swear To God.” This abbreviation is commonly used on social media platforms for both public posts and private chats. When delving deeper into its meaning, ISTG bears a resemblance to “OMG” (Oh My God). In fact, ISTG and OMG are often used interchangeably, although there is a subtle difference between the two. Some people have even further shortened it to “S2G,” which also means “Swear to God.” It is common to end this abbreviation with an exclamation mark to express strong feelings or emotions.

ISTG slang finds its place in situations where a person wants to convey anger, annoyance, or emphasize a statement containing a promise, excuse, or threat. It’s essential to clarify that ISTG, meaning OMG, has no connection to any religious beliefs or practices.

ISTG Examples

There are several examples of ISTG that you might come across on Snapchat and other social media platforms. Here are a few common instances to provide you with a better understanding of how ISTG is used:

  1. A child explaining to their mother: ISTG I didn’t do anything wrong in school.

In this example, the child is assuring their mother that they have done nothing wrong at school. ISTG is used to provide reassurance and convince the mother of their innocence.

  1. A friend to another friend after sharing a secret: ISTG I won’t talk to you again if you tell anyone in our friends’ group.

Here, the person is emphasizing the importance of keeping the secret confidential, and they are using ISTG to convey the seriousness of their threat.

  1. An angry person after a thief breaks into their house: ISTG! I will not spare that furtive mugger who stole my valuables.

The individual is expressing their intense anger towards the thief and vowing not to let them escape punishment once caught.

  1. A lover proposing to their partner: ISTG! I love you to the moon and back.

In this case, the lover is using ISTG to emphasize the depth of their love for their partner and express the sincerity of their feelings.

These examples showcase how ISTG is employed to convey assurance, seriousness, and strong emotions in various situations on social media.

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ISTG Usage

In the 90s, acronyms began to find their way into instant messaging platforms like Yahoo Messenger and Orkut. However, back then, only a handful of acronyms were popular. Over the years, this messaging slang has evolved significantly, with numerous new terminologies being added and continuing to be added.

These slangs and acronyms stem from the one-liners commonly used by teenagers in their conversations. Around the year 2000, acronyms like ISTG started gaining popularity, and now, apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter witness their usage on a daily basis.


Snapchat is all about expressing emotions rather than just focusing on appearances. It’s easy to have fun with it! Simply open the Snapchat app and try out different funny looks by mixing various combos of artwork and stickers. There are emojis to suit every mood and occasion, along with many other funky features like speaking in a chipmunk’s voice, turning day into night, creating stickers out of your friend’s group, and many more enjoyable activities.

Acronyms like ISTG are an integral part of this fun experience, and it’s one of the most commonly used acronyms on Snapchat. Now you know what ISTG means on Snapchat!

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