The 4+ Star Restaurants Near You That You Can Find Right Online

Star Restaurants

Deciding what to order at home is difficult when you have countless online options on screen. At the same time, getting food that is not up to your expectations can be hurtful. Considering this, it is always a better option to find a “restaurant near methat can also satisfy you with the quality of food. For this, the restaurant’s ratings are the ace of the playcard. Provided by the existing customers and reviewed experiences, the 4+ restaurants are definitely worth getting attention. So, here are some of the top-rated restaurants in Delhi with day-to-day cuisines that you will love to have at your home. 

Punjabi Angeethi

This mind-blowing place will actually polish off your cravings when it comes to Punjabi food. If you are looking for the “restaurants near methat can serve you the most delicious food, then Punjabi Angeethi has to be your place. Here you can find a wholesome Punjabi range with a blend of spices to die for. The food place offers delicacies like Punjabi Spicy Chaap Tikka, Paneer Lababdar, Paneer Tikka Masala [taka Tak], Achari Chaap Tikka Masala [taka Tak], Aloo Onion Kulcha and so much more. The pictures of the food on the menu will make your mouth water, leading you to order more than your capacity to eat. 

Durga Dosa Corner

Dosa in Delhi is the best thing you can treat yourself with. For this, search for restaurants online to find Durga Dosa popping directly on your screen. Don’t think about the ordinary dosa here because something more extraordinary is coming up in the many. Some of the examples of it are Onion Rava Paneer Masala Dosa, Spl Veg Masala Dosa, Butter Onion Rava Paneer Masala Dosa,Mix Uttappam (1 Pc), and a lot more. Not just South Indian, you will also find many such Chinese options on the menu to enjoy along. 

Short Crust- Cakes And More

The OG platforms for bakes and cakes are nothing in front of this place for bakeries. If you are looking for the mouth bursting flavors of cakes or desserts that can make you happy, then you should look at the menu of Short Crust. You will always find it near you when you search for restaurants. It is reachable, affordable, and overloaded with a fantastic menu. Some of its must-haves are Choco Delight Cake 500Gms, Nutella Hazelnut Cake 500Gms., Lotus Biscoff Cream Roll (1 Pc), Choco Truffle Cake 500Gms. etc. 

Fresh Menu

As the name says in itself, the menu of this place is really fresh to Delhi. Here you will find a happening range of menus that is hard to find even if you search everything. The exquisite menu of this place includes Classic Mac n Cheese Steak Meal, Chicken Maryland, Soboro Don, Ultimate Burrito Superbowl and a lot more. The eatery will surprise you with its unique taste and the unique menu so far. 


Don’t go on the name. The name may sound Indian, but it definitely has a lot more food than just Indian. This restaurant offers almost everything that can calm the storm in your heart and stomach by giving you good food. The happening menu of this place includes 4 Chicken Skewers + Spicy Rice + 2pcs Garlic Bread + PERi-PERi Dip, Chicken Butterfly, PERi-Cashew Paneer & Spicy Rice Tigela, Cabo Sosatie etc. If you are looking for a restaurant near me that can satiate your hunger for chicken, then Nando’s it is. Its way of offering a wide and mouth-watering variety of chicken is everything that a non-veg lover wants. 

Good Flippin Burgers

These burgers from the Good Flippin Burgers make a great deal about what an authentic burger should taste like. If you are a true burger lover, then you must know this place and how it is winning people with its food overtime. The vivid burger menu of this place includes The Cluckinator + Atomic Tenders, The Kerfuffle, Chicken Tenders, The Cheese Bomb + Peri Peri Wedges etc. When it comes to burgers, people do not necessarily have to search for restaurants near me because they can deliver the burgers to your place in no time. 

Salad Days

These salads can take you on a helluva ride of flavors, making you think how dieting can be so much fun. The salad days agree to it to the most by presenting an expansive and unique menu full of salads. Suppose you are on a diet and planning a home-alone feast. In that case, you can surely order from Green Goddess Avocado Sandwich, Spicy Yogurt & Chickpea Pita Pocket, Chicken Orange Bowl, Chicken Mushroom Stroganoff Bowl, Mango Mint Oatmeal Bowl, and more. You will never feel less with options when you are looking for a healthy feast from here. 

Nh1 Bowls- Highway To North

This place’s bowls are no lesser than the bowls of happiness. After all, it is coming straight from the highway to the North. But do not worry, you will still find it nearest to you when you look for restaurants near me because the place deliveres the food in no time. What you find here is Ludhiana Subz Lababdar [Steamed Rice] Bowl, Dilliwala Paneer Makhni [Steamed Rice] Bowl, NH1 Chicken Tikka Masala [Steamed Rice] Bowl, Punjabi Tandoori Chicken Wings [6 Pcs], etc. Each of these gives you the true Punjabi essence you lure for. 

These are all the top-notch and top-rated restaurants that you can definitely trust when looking for restaurants near me that can serve great food. For this, Swiggy is there to hold you back and drop the list of the best restaurants with the best food. This will make it easy for you to find the happy place to satiate your shaking taste buds. Order online and get your kinda food delivered straight to your home. And you can also expect great discounts here, because Swiggy always surprises people with jaw-dropping discounts and lip smacking hot food, coming straight to your place. 

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