Multistage Water Pump- What is it?

The water pump is essential to transfer fluid from one stage to another with the help of impellers and diffusers. 

The difference between ordinary water pumps and multistage water pumps Is very significant. Ordinary water pumps have one impeller to transfer fluid to one level and one diffuser to transform the fluid speed into pressure. On the contrary, a Multi Stage Water Pump comprises two or more impellers and diffusers. They propel fluid in a large amount from one stage to the second or onto more stages.

Types of Multistage Pumps

The multistage pumps are of the following two types:

  1.  Vertical multistage pumps
  2. Horizontal multistage pumps

Vertical Multistage Pumps

Vertical multistage pumps are installed in the vertical direction. Therefore, they can not be installed if the space in the vertical direction is narrow there. But the low space in the horizontal direction can go with them.

But if you compare the maintenance of vertical and horizontal multistage pumps, you will find that vertical multistage motor pumps can be maintained easier than multistage pumps.

There are some drawbacks to vertical Water Pumps. The contaminated fluids, as well as large solid fluids, can not be transferred to another stage. In addition, they can’t handle large flow rates of fluids efficiently. 

Vertical multistage centrifugal pumps are ideal for:

  • Boiled feedwater
  • Desuperheaterfeed
  • High-pressure bath systems

Horizontal Multistage Pumps

Horizontal centrifugal multistage pumps are installed in the horizontal direction. Their installation and maintenance are more difficult than the vertical multistage pumps. The configuration of the pump is done in this way. The rotating components of the pumps are installed between the bearing capacities. They ensure that the rotating components are balanced in high pressure.

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On comparing the cost of the horizontal multistage water pumps with the vertical centrifugal pumps, it is found that the horizontal water pumps are costlier. In addition, horizontal multistage pump procedures and maintenance are difficult. Therefore, its operator should have good knowledge about it.

Horizontal centrifugal mechanical pumps are ideal for the following applications:

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Boiler Feed
  • Shower
  • Snow Making
  • High-Pressure Cleaning

Advantages of Multistage Water Pumps

There are the following advantages of multistage water pumps:

  • The diameter of the multistage pump’s impeller is small in size.
  • They are very efficient in operations.
  • The diffuser generates more pressure in multistage pumps rather than in single-stage pumps.
  • Their mechanism comprises tight clearance. It gives the assurance of high efficiency with high performance.

Disadvantages of Multistage Water Pumps

There are the following disadvantages of multistage water pumps:

  • A large number of solids, as well as contaminated fluids, are not transferred to the next stage in the multistage water pumps.
  • The multistage water pumps have more rotating parts. Therefore, they are not having a good level of balance.
  • The priming issues are more in multistage water pumps.

Difference between Single Stage Pump and Multistage Pump

Let’s check out the difference between both types of water pumps given below:

  • In the single-stage water pump, only one impeller and diffuser pressurize fluid. On the contrary, multistage pumps are used for heavy machinery. Thus, the fluid is pressurized through at least two stages.
  • A single impeller and a diffuser are fixed in single-stage motor pumps, while numerous diffusers and impellers are fixed in multistage water pumps.
  • The balancing of bearings is good in single-stage pumps because of the fewer rotating parts. Multistage water pumps have more rotating parts.
  • Multistage centrifugal pumps are higher in efficiency.
  • The maintenance cost of a multistage pump is also higher.


Hope that you have got about the multistage pump description in easy words here. The piece of information that we have shared with you is factual and accurate.

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