Knowing These 6 Secrets Will Make Your Sequin Dresses Look Amazing

To all the girls who love to shine, it is your time to bedazzle in the glittery glory of sequin dresses.  If you’re looking for a perfect head-turner for your cocktail party or your best friend’s wedding, sequin dresses will never let you down, whatever your needs may be. Sequin dresses are back in the game and are all the rage these days. If you too want to make a statement with this versatile wardrobe staple, knowing these six secrets will make your sequin dresses look amazing:  

  1. Classic Elegance

For an evergreen classic and sophisticated look with sequin dresses, you can pair your sequin dresses with minimal and dainty accessories like a delicate necklace, a tiny bracelet, etc. Anything chunky must be avoided to stave off an overdone look. You should rather go for a sleek updo paired up with an elegant pair of heels to add that subtle finesse to a red-carpet event. Going for a monochromatic color palette such as black, nude or other monotone colours will make you look the most elegant and gorgeous woman in the room. Hello Molly sequin dresses come in a variety of colors to choose from and allow you the opportunity to decide on the perfect classy sequin dress.

  1. Chic, Casual and Cute

Sequin dresses are meant for formal events and parties and can go well with any daytime or casual event. You just need to know how to style it right. If you feel like unleashing your inner fashion rebel by adding an edgy twist to your sequin dress, you can pair it up with a pair of cute sneakers to create a fun and graceful look. Some chunky statement jewellery with metallic accents, such as a studded choker or oversized hoops, can also make your look chic and playful.

  1. Boho Girl Look

Sequin dresses can match your aesthetics and styles very well as they’re extremely versatile, and a bit of sparkle doesn’t hurt anyone, be it any vibe you’re going for. Sequin dresses in gold or bronze, such as ‘Hello Molly Hand Me A Spritz Sequin Dress’ and ‘Hello Molly Lights On Me Cream Gold Sequin’ paired with layered necklaces, fringe details or stacked bracelets can give a bohemian-inspired look. This boho-chic style with loose, wavy hair, strappy sandals or ankle boots will let you exude that free-spirited vibe along with a lot of sparkles.

  1. Casual Look

If you want to make a statement but also don’t feel like doing too much, you can also go for a casual look with sequin dresses. Dress down your sequin dresses for a casual daytime look or just an evening stroll out with friends by layering your sequin dress with a denim jacket or an oversized cardigan, along with a pair of casual slip-ons or strappy flats. Choose minimal accessories like stud earrings and pendant necklaces. This effortless yet fashionable look is the perfect combination for brunch with friends or a shopping spree.

  1. Go All Glamourous

Sequin dresses are your best friends if you want to achieve a glamorous and sensational look that will make every head turn at you. A unique and captivating glamorous look can be achieved with sequin dresses by opting for midi sequin dresses with slits or body-hugging designs to show off your curves. Hello Molly has a lot of options in sequin dresses with slits, for example, ‘Hello Molly Glowing From Within Sequin Midi Dress Emerald’, ‘Hello Molly Cant Afford Me Midi Dress Slate Sequin’ and much more. Sleek and straight hair with smoky eyes and subtle makeup paired with pencil heels will complete this glamorous look for you.

  1. The Layer on Layer Trend

Layering is a trend that is back for all good reasons and can never go wrong with any piece of clothing. It adds depth and dimension to your overall look, with your sequin dresses sparkling from underneath. You don’t have to ditch your sequin dresses in the cold days of December as you can layer them up with a cosy turtleneck, a fitted long-sleeve top underneath or a classic overcoat above the dress, along with a pair of mesh tights to keep you warm. Warmer color dresses like the ‘Hello Molly Wanna Know How You Feel Sequin Dress Navy’, ‘Hello Molly Seize Your Moment Midi Dress Black Sequin’, and many more will make you sparkle and shine even when the temperature drops.

So, these are the six ways you can make your sequin dresses look amazing for any event, any time of the year. Hello Molly has got your back the next time you find it hard to decide on the perfect statement dress for any occasion!

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