Kalpataru Elitus Review

Kalpataru Elitus Review

As a seasoned expert in the public finance industry, I was recently on the market for a new residence. Moving was a significant choice motivated by both private and professional considerations. Having a safe and secure home is essential for someone in my line of work, as is having a pleasant and practical place to live. Therefore, my search for a new apartment was distinguished by severe requirements.

Working in government finance for a long time has taught me the value of careful preparation and prudent decision-making. My professional experience has given me a deep appreciation for budgetary discipline and caution.

My primary motivation for searching for a new apartment was to be closer to my place of employment. The time I spent travelling to and from work harmed my ability to finish the job. In my quest to find the ideal apartment, I looked at several housing possibilities. While researching, I came across Kalpataru Elitus, a prestigious property with a stellar reputation for quality and creativity.

The fact that Kalpataru Elitus is known for quality houses, many of which have sustainable design elements, piqued my interest. In my search for a new place to call home, Kalpataru Elitus felt like more than simply a real estate property.

Kalpataru Elitus Price and Amenities are Impressive 

At Kalpataru Elitus, Kalpa-Taru has organised various impressive conveniences for your use. Enjoy high-end living without sacrificing ecological integrity thanks to generous apartment sizes, huge forests, and open areas. The price of the apartments ranges from ₹1.35 Crores – ₹3 Crores. Several first-rate amenities are waiting for you, such as: 

  1. A senior citizen’s cove, wooden play areas, a garden with hammocks, a shared garden, a party lawn, and parks ensure that people of all ages may enjoy time in nature.
  2. A gym, a squash court, a badminton court, a basketball court, and a running track so you can keep up with your exercise routine. 
  3. Gas lines, parking spots, and elevators are already installed for maximum convenience.
  4. There are intercoms, fire alarms, surveillance cameras, a security gate, and a generator in case the electricity goes out. You may feel secure and comfortable here.

3 Reasons to Buy Property at Kalpataru Elitus 

1. Location Advantages 

Accessibility and proximity to my business were significant considerations in my housing search. Locations close to quality educational institutions, medical clinics, and public transit were also prioritised. Because I come from a solid financial background, I had to choose a home within my price range. The apartment needed to be both reasonably priced and an excellent long-term investment.

Kalpataru Elitus is found in the developing neighbourhood of Mulund West, home to some of the city of Mumbai’s finest amenities and most convenient transport nodes. The area near Kalpataru Elitus is known for several unique things, including:

  1. There are two bus stops, four and five minutes distant from the complex: Mulund Depot and Shivaji Chowk.
  2. The Kalpataru Elitus is located 9 minutes from both the Mulund and Nahur train stations.
  3. The walk to the Mulund Depot Train Station takes about 13 minutes.
  4. Only 5 minutes, or 1.5 kilometres, separate you from Life Care Medical Systems.
  5. The outstanding educational institutions of Smt. Vidyaben D. Gardi High School and Junior College are about 5 minutes from the residential complex.

2. Luxury Lifestyle 

The way of life on offer at Kalpataru Elitus perfectly reflects the confluence of opulence, practicality, and concern for the environment. The residential community’s lifestyle features were especially appealing to me since they reflected my refined tastes and respect for the best life offers. Kalpataru Elitus has enticing aesthetics due to its impressive architecture. The layout of the buildings allows for abundant natural light and airflow, making it easy for residents to relax and enjoy their surroundings. 

3. Reputed Builder 

KALPA-TARU does not need any introduction, having already won over a hundred prizes and recognitions during its history. Especially in and around Mumbai, sometimes called “the city of a million aspirations,” it has provided more than five decades of development excellence to our nation and more than delivers on those hopes. Since its establishment, it has given thousands of people shelter and safe, secure places to raise their families. 

A home in the peaceful and happy residential complex of Kalpataru Elitus has been a dream come true for me. My journey to find the best home was accelerated thanks to the verified property listings on NoBroker.in. I could find all necessary information about the project, amenities and the apartment on the portal itself. If you are looking to save money and time, do visit NoBroker.in to search for the best properties. 

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