How to Get a Stripped Allen Screw Out: Simple and Effective Methods

How to Get a Stripped Allen Screw Out: Simple and Effective Methods

Dealing with a stripped Allen screw can be frustrating, especially when you need to disassemble something urgently. Whether it’s a piece of furniture, a bicycle, or a machinery part, a stripped Allen screw can bring your project to a halt. However, fret not! In this article, we will explore some simple and effective methods to tackle this common issue and get that stripped Allen screw out without causing further damage.

Understanding the Problem: What is a Stripped Allen Screw?

Before we delve into the solutions, let’s first understand what a stripped Allen screw is. Also known as a hex socket screw or hex key screw, an Allen screw has a hexagonal recess in its head, requiring an Allen wrench or hex key for installation and removal. When excessive force or the wrong size tool is used, the corners of the hex socket can wear down, making it challenging to grip the screw effectively. This situation is known as a stripped Allen screw.

Tools You’ll Need

Before attempting any removal method, gather the necessary tools. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. New Allen Wrench or Hex Key: Ensure you have the correct size that fits snugly into the screw head.
  2. Rubber Band: A thick rubber band can provide additional grip and traction.
  3. Pliers or Vice Grips: These can be handy for extracting the screw if the head is accessible.
  4. Drill and Screw Extractor Set: For more stubborn screws, a drill and screw extractor set are invaluable.

Method 1: Rubber Band Trick

The rubber band trick is one of the simplest methods to try first. Follow these steps:

  1. Place the rubber band over the stripped screw head.
  2. Press the Allen wrench or hex key firmly onto the rubber band.
  3. Slowly turn the wrench counterclockwise while applying steady pressure.

The rubber band fills the gaps in the stripped screw head, allowing the wrench to gain traction and grip the screw securely.

Method 2: Using Pliers or Vice Grips

If the screw head is slightly exposed, you can try using pliers or vice grips to remove it. Here’s how:

  1. Position the jaws of the pliers or vice grips over the screw head.
  2. Apply firm pressure and turn the pliers or vice grips counterclockwise.
  3. If the screw starts turning, continue unscrewing until it’s fully removed.

This method works best when the stripped screw protrudes slightly from the surface.

Method 3: Applying Heat

Heat can expand the metal around the screw, potentially loosening its grip. Be cautious when using this method, especially on delicate surfaces.

  1. Use a heat gun or a small torch to heat the area around the stripped screw for about a minute.
  2. Immediately try turning the screw counterclockwise using the Allen wrench or hex key.

If the screw remains stuck, let it cool down before attempting other methods.

Method 4: Drilling and Using Screw Extractors

When all else fails, drilling into the screw and using a screw extractor can save the day.

  1. Select an appropriate-sized drill bit and create a pilot hole in the center of the stripped screw head.
  2. Insert the screw extractor into the pilot hole.
  3. Turn the screw extractor counterclockwise using a wrench or pliers, and it should catch onto the screw, allowing you to remove it.

This method is highly effective but should be used as a last resort, as it may damage the surrounding material.

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Dealing with a stripped Allen screw doesn’t have to be a nightmare. By using the methods outlined in this article, you can confidently tackle this issue and successfully remove stubborn screws from your projects. Remember to apply the rubber band trick and try using pliers or vice grips for minor stripping. If necessary, consider the application of heat or use a drill and screw extractor for more challenging situations.

Getting that stripped Allen screw out is now within your reach, so go ahead and complete your project without further delays!


Can I reuse a stripped Allen screw?

It’s not recommended to reuse a stripped screw, as its grip is compromised, and it may not hold securely in place. It’s best to replace it with a new screw.

Can I prevent a screw from stripping?

Yes, you can prevent a screw from stripping by using the correct size and type of screwdriver or wrench. Applying steady pressure while turning and avoiding excessive force can also help.

Can I use pliers on deeply recessed screws?

Pliers may not be effective on screws that are deeply recessed. In such cases, the rubber band trick or drilling and using a screw extractor are better options.

Is it safe to use heat to remove a stripped screw?

While heat can be helpful, it’s essential to be cautious, especially if the surrounding material is heat-sensitive. Use heat sparingly and avoid applying it for an extended period.

Do screw extractors work on all screw types?

Screw extractors are designed to work with a wide range of screw types, but success depends on factors like the screw’s condition, material, and size.

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