How to Bold text on iPhone Text Message?

In emails, you have a subject line and various formatting choices to highlight specific parts of your message. However, when it comes to SMS or iMessage on an iPhone, formatting text isn’t readily available. Interested in bolding text within an iPhone text message? While it’s not a straightforward task, it’s not entirely impossible either.

Why bold text on iPhone text message?

Maybe you aim for a more professional look in your messages. That’s likely why you’re seeking ways to bold text in iPhone text messages. Bold text allows you to emphasize specific sections of your message or text, providing the necessary emphasis.

Additionally, bold text aids in organizing and facilitating message searches. When sending longer messages, highlighting critical sections in bold can help recipients navigate through the message efficiently without losing interest. Moreover, it assists recipients in quickly jumping to relevant sections when searching within a specific thread.

How to Bold Text on iPhone text Messages?

By default, iOS doesn’t support text formatting within messaging, particularly iMessage, which doesn’t offer any text formatting options. Nevertheless, there are a few workarounds that can aid you in your quest to bold text on an iPhone.

Use the Subject feature on Messages

The iPhone’s Message app includes a Subject feature. To bold a section of your message, you can utilize this Subject feature within the messaging app.

Here are the steps to enable the Subject Line:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Messages.
  • Find the option labeled “Show Subject Field” under SMS/MMS settings.

Please note that even though the option appears under SMS/MMS settings, it is also applicable for iMessages.

To add a subject line within your iMessage text, follow these steps:

After returning to your iMessage app, when you attempt to send a new message, you’ll find the option to include a subject line. Any text entered within the Subject Line field will appear in bold.

This method might be the easiest and most effective way to utilize bold text in your text messages. If you wish to make the entire text message bold, you can type the entire message in the Subject Line field and leave the Text Message or iMessage section blank. Your message will appear as a standard text message but in bold.

The advantage of this trick is that there’s no character limit for the Subject Line, allowing you to write your entire message in bold. However, the total characters in the message may still be subject to the usual limitations set by your service provider.

Is there any way to make the text bold on normal SMS?

Unfortunately, no, the Subject Line feature is exclusive to iMessages and isn’t available in the standard SMS app. Even if you attempt to use it in the SMS app, typing anything in the Subject Line will prevent the message from being sent.

There might be keyboard apps that offer text formatting for iMessages or SMS, but their functionality may vary. It’s advisable to verify the compatibility and features specific to your device. iOS prioritizes high-end security, which could limit or restrict certain functionalities in third-party apps.

Will the Subject Line feature affect other services?

No, there’s no need to be concerned about the Subject Line feature affecting other apps on your iPhone. The notifications, spotlight search, and other elements on your iPhone will continue functioning as usual. This feature won’t disrupt the regular functionality of your device in any way.

If you find yourself not using this functionality frequently, it’s practical to enable the Subject Line feature only when necessary and keep it disabled otherwise.

Disabling the Subject Line feature is straightforward, especially since you know where to find it. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Messages.
  • Find the option “Show Subject Field” under SMS/MMS and disable it.

The Passing Remarks

If you’re seeking the best method for bolding text in iPhone text messages, the previously mentioned option should ideally suffice. While there are alternative methods to bold text across the entire device, they won’t enable you to send messages in bold, as the recipient won’t receive them in bold format.

Try the method for bolding text in iPhone text messages and let us know how it worked for you. If you’ve discovered other options that could assist in this task, feel free to share them too.

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