Order Yummy Delights on Whatsapp and Enjoy Your Train Journey

During a trip, one of a traveler’s top concerns is food. What to keep in bags that always taste good and satisfy you, what to eat if the food you brought from home goes bad while you’re traveling, and what to pack that won’t get contaminated. These thoughts likely cross your mind as you prepare your belongings for a lengthy train journey, and if you’re a food enthusiast, they may even cross your mind for a brief trip. You can Order Food in Train on WhatsApp easily. 

You might consider using your car’s pantry as a source of food or purchasing it from nearby vendors as you look for answers to all these thoughtful questions. However, since pantry food is associated with a number of negative connotations, including a bad taste and a lack of hygienic standards. Additionally, only some trains have access to it. And whichever train is available, it offers a very small selection of foods.

By providing a wide variety of food options on almost all long-distance trains, Zoop’s e-catering services serve as a solution to this issue. Users can place their preferred food orders for the train with just a few clicks thanks to its user-friendly interface. The train food app has now added a new way to order food—”e-catering Whatsapp Services”—to make the process even simpler.

Why Use Zoop’s WhatsApp Services?

One of the most useful apps that almost all of us have is WhatsApp. More than any other social media channel, this messaging app has the highest availability from us. We rely on it to keep in touch with our friends and families through messages, voice notes, and video calls as well as for our college notes, paying our bills, and learning about people’s lives. You can now use it to order food like Jain Food in Train, Vegan food on trains and many more. .

How to Use WhatsApp to Order Food in a Train

Train passengers can order on-the-go food through the Zoop WhatsApp number by following a few easy steps, and it will be delivered right to their seats at any Indian railway station.

You must first store the Zoop Whatsapp number 7042062070 with the Indian dialling code on your Android or iPhone. After you’ve saved the number, look for the blue tick next to the company name to confirm its legitimacy.

Now you can respond with a standard greeting like “Hi,” “Hello,” or “Namaste.”.

The AI boat will reply to your message with friendly greetings and a helpful mind to help you with the train food ordering process.

If you tap the “order now” button for your rail food order, you must provide a PNR number. In the event of a problem, the chatbot can also help you locate the PNR number.

You can choose between “order food” to place an immediate order and “track order” to see the status of an order you have already placed.

You Can order Various food with Zoop Whatsapp Chatbot 

The Order Food in Train on WhatsApp will give you a list of stations where you can order food after you enter the PNR number from your ticket. The list of available restaurants and their menus will be presented to you once you have selected a station.

Pick your favorite food from a variety of menu options, including mouthwatering pizza, mouthwatering burgers, delicious Chinese food, regional thali, and more, to satisfy your hunger and taste buds.

After you’ve made your meal pick, you may proceed to the payment choices. You can pay online or in cash at the time of delivery.  Now, place the order.

Track the status of your food order on WhatsApp

The option to track your fresh food order is available after greeting at the whatsapp number 7042062070. You must carry out these actions in order to track your order.

Send a message of greeting to 8010802222 The chatbot will now have two options: ordered and track orders.

A “track order” button should be selected.

Your registered mobile number, which you provided when placing your order, will now be requested by chatbot.

Your order ID, a seven-digit number that can be found in the SMS that Zoop sent you, must then be entered.

You will receive your order status on WhatsApp after providing a valid order ID

You can  do many more with Whatsapp chatbot 

You can also contact our customer service representative. Through the WhatsApp chat bot if you have any questions regarding orders, food selections. The accessibility of our services at specific stations, or anything else. The cutting-edge method of placing food orders on trains will completely change the way you travel. So what are you waiting for? Place your food order via WhatsApp for your upcoming train ride. As an alternative, you can use the Zoop website or download the train food app. To place your food order while traveling by train.

What advantages does Zoop’s “order online food by WhatsApp service” offer?

Passengers won’t need to visit any Zoop websites or download Zoop apps. If they Order Food in Train on WhatsApp service. With the two-way interactive communication platform that offers hassle-free. And simple-to-book online meal services. They may place their food order straight from the eateries at their selected en-route locations.

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