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CPF is the abbreviation of “Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas” which can be translated as “Registration of Natural Persons” in the English Language. Actually, it is 11 digit number that is generally regarded as the Brazilian Taxpayer Registry Number. This number is issued to all Brazilians and aliens by the Brazilian Federal Revenue for tax purposes.

In order to combat the tax problems, the Brazilian Government has made Law No.14.523/23 mandatory for everyone. Under this law, everyone who wants to carry some activity in the territory of Brazil must have this number regardless of age and nationality. With the allotment of this number, the Portuguese Government tracks the tax duties of its citizens, so that it can make possible the provision of essential security facilities to them.

What is CPF Number?

CPF Number is an 11-digit number in the form of 000.000.000-00. The last 2 digits are called “check digits” because they are generated on the basis of the first 9 digits through an arithmetic number. Gerador de CPF is a Portuguese term that translates to “CPF generator” in English which is commonly used in Brazil. The importance of having a CPF number in Brazil can be visualized from the fact that one can do nothing without it in Brazil. Because it is necessary for all economic and commercial activities. It is essential for following different activities.

  • Online Shopping
  • Utility Services
  • Taking Exams
  • Getting Certificates
  • Passport Renewal
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Start a Company
  • Paying Tax
  • Apply For Loans
  • Draft Contracts to enter Brazil

Best Tool for Generating Your CPF Number

The site Geradordecpf.net  has one of the best tools. The tool is developed and designed by a team of professionals, who made their best to make it bug-free. Moreover, this tool can generate multiple unique and perfect CPF numbers for a single person. The generated CPF numbers are so unique and error-free that you can easily use them for testing and development of software.

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