200+ Cool, Funny, and Funky BeReal Username Ideas in 2024

If you’re interested in BeReal usernames, this article is for you. Before we proceed, let’s take a moment to learn more about the BeReal app, as we haven’t discussed it yet on Techtricksworld.

What is BeReal App?

BeReal is a photo-sharing platform founded by Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau in France in 2020. The term “BeReal” carries a double entendre, signifying words or phrases with dual meanings or a touch of sarcasm.

Additionally, it resembles “BReel,” referring to unused footage in the final cut of a film. This concept emphasizes authenticity, nonchalance, and a disregard for social media trends.

BeReal has garnered attention for its unique approach to photo sharing. Users are allotted a two-minute window each day to submit photos, encouraging spontaneity and discouraging overuse of social media.

The platform aims to provide entertainment rather than consume users’ lives, promoting a healthy relationship with technology and social media.

Some BeReal Stats

BeReal also earned the title of iPhone app of the year in 2022, experiencing a surge in popularity during that year. At the time of its rise, the app boasted approximately 10 million daily users and 21 million active monthly users. As of February this year, those numbers have increased to 13 million daily users and 41 million active monthly users.

Now, let’s explore some of the funniest and coolest username ideas for both boys and girls.

BeReal Username Ideas for Boys

When choosing a username for boys on BeReal, it’s important to select one that reflects their personality and individuality. Your username should be unique to you, helping to carve out your own identity in the BeReal community. Below, we’ll explore some fantastic username options that can help you establish your presence and express your true self on BeReal.

Become a Muse (BeReal Username ideas for Boys that Display Lovable)

Here are some names that exude romance and allure. The notion that girls are attracted to bad boys is outdated. The modern sentiment is that girls appreciate good boys who can love them with all their heart. Here are some Muse options perfect for expressing your character:

  • Craftylover
  • Sinkinglavender
  • Masculinelovelifeline
  • WanderlustWarden
  • DreamyDrogoLover
  • AureliaFallingMan
  • WisdomWonderchild
  • DancingSerenade
  • LostLovingMan
  • Robinhoodinlove
  • DreamyandPerkynights
  • TheCravingSensation
  • PerfectPirouette
  • LovebombVicar
  • Bombshellboldy
  • MuscularMasculine
  • LoveTerrainTraveller
  • BewilderingBoy
  • LoveAbacked
  • AdorableAdonis

BeReal Username Ideas for Boys that Display Strength

To gain attention on social media, especially with certain characteristics, you need a strong username that sets you apart as an alpha male. Alpha males are admired by other men, and whether we admit it or not, some girls are drawn to bad boys rather than “good boys” for a casual fling. While it’s true that some girls prefer romantic types, to capture her interest for the long term, you often need a confident and assertive attitude.

This brash demeanor is attractive to many women, especially during their younger years. However, when it comes to settling down, many women seek stability and goodness in a partner. Nonetheless, to attract a woman during her prime without a bit of charisma, it’s challenging to stand out as a masculine presence.

  • Muscleman
  • VeteranBodyBuilder
  • RocketGymLauncher
  • FirmManChest
  • HunkyHorsemen
  • GiantGigaChad
  • Wolfslayer
  • DemonFighter
  • FighterInDwell
  • AndrewTateReimagined
  • BroadShoulders
  • RippedMasculine
  • MaleMercy
  • IrresistibleSexMachine
  • IronedHands
  • MusclePoet
  • GymArtist
  • DigitizedExpression
  • UnrealMusculature
  • CaringCasanova
  • HeartthrobHero
  • KindKing
  • LovableLad
  • SweetheartSage
  • TenderTiger
  • BelovedBear
  • CaringCasanova
  • CharmingChap
  • DarlingDude
  • EndearingEmperor

Username Ideas for BeReal Profile to Show humor (For Boys)

Humor is a significant factor that resonates on social media, as girls often find guys with a good sense of humor extremely appealing. Humor has the power to alleviate awkwardness and foster connections, leading to stronger relationships, be it friendship or beyond.

Guys are drawn to individuals with whom they can share a laugh, as humor has the ability to uplift the mood and create a more enjoyable atmosphere. Here are some usernames that can help you establish meaningful connections:

  • ChuckleChamp
  • LaughRioter
  • Hilarious Hipster
  • HottiewithHumor
  • HeavyHappiness
  • HowzieJoker
  • EnchantingClown
  • CreepyLaugher
  • SatireMan
  • HumorousHarry
  • GrinGeorge
  • FartMachine
  • RomanLaughMachine
  • HumorousGladiator
  • CrispyDryHumor
  • HumorinTragedy
  • Potbelly
  • EstrangedRabbit
  • LionwithGiraffeLegs
  • QuirkyQuipster
  • SillySultan
  • SmilingSamurai
  • WittyWarlock
  • YuckingYogi
  • ZanyZookeeper
  • ComedyCruiser
  • FunnyFellow
  • HilariousHunk

Become cool/offbeat/unique (BeReal Username Ideas for Boys)

Another effective way to capture attention is by opting for a unique username. Unique names have a captivating allure that can attract considerable attention. A person with a cool demeanor is someone you deeply admire because they exude an effortless charm.

They navigate through life with ease, effortlessly blending fun and success, making them stand out from the crowd. Here are some unique username ideas that can help you make a memorable impression:

  • Monkey_Dude
  • Rocky_Garfield
  • Style_Mania
  • Triumphant_Tale_Teller
  • Rocky-Raven-Mystic
  • Kaleidoscope_Color_Bearer
  • Modern_Romi
  • Poet!! Patriot!!
  • Asian_Sexbomb
  • Breeze-Body
  • Rockstar_Rambo
  • Politics_is_fake
  • Worrisome-Gary
  • ColdSlam
  • Literary_Locker
  • Fire_and_Ash
  • Hobbyist
  • MarinerMarvel
  • Cryptic_Watcher
  • Rob_is_Rolling

Funny BeReal Username Ideas for Boys

  • ChucklesCharlie
  • ComicalCody
  • LaughingLeo
  • WittyWyatt
  • JocularJake
  • AmusingAaron
  • HilariousHenry
  • EntertainingEthan
  • JestingJared
  • PunnyParker
  • SillySeth
  • HumorousHunter
  • PlayfulPreston

BeaReal Username Ideas For Girls

Women often have an advantage on social media, although they still face oppression in many developing countries. In such places, societal norms often restrict their integration and participation until they reach a certain age suitable for job-related activities.

However, globally, women are increasingly asserting their choices and preferences, expressing their individuality, and articulating their desired qualities in a long-term partner. They are also seeking to make casual friendships through social media platforms.

Girls Username Ideas for BeReal for Being Beautiful

Although girls may have some advantages, their choices are not without their challenges. They often navigate within constraints and limitations. Some usernames that emphasize physical appearance tend to attract attention on social media platforms, including BeReal, for both boys and girls. Here are some examples:

  • LadyLove
  • Rumi’sLostChild
  • Austen
  • Witchhuntreess
  • SexySwift
  • BeautywithPride
  • LifeHealer
  • Nourisher
  • CuriousChatty
  • PristinePriestess
  • LifeSaverGrace
  • LisarayDevin
  • NextYasmin
  • LadyAusten
  • GrandchildOfEmma
  • PowerofChoice
  • LustyMistress
  • HeartDiamondQueen
  • BendyJessica
  • Inside_The_Void
  • RadiantRose
  • StunningSapphire
  • PrettyPeony
  • ExquisiteEmber
  • ElegantElle
  • EnchantingEve
  • GracefulGwen
  • AlluringAmber
  • SplendidScarlett
  • LovelyLily

Funny BeReal Username Ideas for Girls

  • LaughingLena
  • AmusingAvery
  • WittyWillow
  • JollyJenna
  • CheekyCharlotte
  • FunnyFrancesca
  • HilariousHannah
  • PlayfulPiper
  • QuirkyQuinn
  • SillySamantha

Girl Username Ideas for BeReal That Shows Being Strong

If you aim to attract a large female following, projecting strength is key. Girls are often inspired by fellow females who exude strength and vigor, challenging stereotypes associated with appearance and behavior. Here are some usernames that convey strength and empowerment:

  • Catwoman
  • SuperGirl
  • LadyWITHMuscles
  • RockstarRacer
  • GothGirlie
  • Punkstar
  • Rocklina
  • CinderellaonSteroids
  • Killing Demons in Wonderland
  • SleepingBeautywithKnife
  • StrongGoldDigger
  • TaraninaTango
  • BendyBreakDancer
  • RaphaelGirlie
  • LadyWarrior
  • LaxLockoLalitha
  • BrownBulgingSugar
  • HeavyShape
  • Surviving_Stars
  • Peculiar_Naivette
  • FearlessFemme
  • StrongSiren
  • MightyMaid
  • PowerfulPearl
  • CourageousCleo
  • ResilientRaven
  • WarriorWoman
  • TenaciousTigress
  • IronIvy
  • BoldButterfly

BeReal Username Ideas that Display Being Princess

Using princess names is a peculiar trend that continues to captivate many. Such names evoke notions of grace and elegance, attracting both male and female peers. Perhaps the enduring appeal of these names lies in the fantasy they evoke, ensuring they remain fashionable.

  • Cindrella2.0
  • AliceinBeReal
  • RockstarRupanzel
  • ColorquotientMoana
  • HappyLeah
  • JasmineJeremyJones
  • PriestressofNeverland
  • PowerfulCindrella
  • CindrellaReloaded
  • DuchessDreamer
  • LightLocii
  • PrimePantena
  • SugarWoman
  • MistressArmageddon
  • AlwaystheQueen
  • QueenBeyonceReloaded
  • CrookedCrickets
  • LightwormsFirefly
  • PrincessSabrina
  • RundownRoxanne
  • KimKruzack
  • FatFoxiePaegantress
  • CurvyCharolette
  • QueenoftheJungle
  • BloodlustDominator
  • SubmersiveQueen
  • RockyLadybug
  • PoignantPeach
  • RustyRoxette
  • DryDaniel
  • AwkwardAurielawithTiara
  • LovingLeela
  • PoeticPleasure
  • QueeninVogue
  • TheLastLadywithbeautifuleyes
  • PrincessPetal
  • RegalRose
  • NobleNymph
  • MajesticMaiden
  • ElegantEmpress
  • CrownedCrystal
  • GracefulGoddess
  • QueenlyQuartz
  • LadyLavender
  • EnchantedElegance
  • ImperialIris
  • SovereignSapphire
  • RoyalRuby
  • TiaraTopaz
  • PrincessPosey


I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of potential username ideas for your BeReal ID, catering to both boys and girls. I’ve ensured to cover various themes and styles, providing you with plenty of options to choose from. Pick a name that resonates with you the most.

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