Bangkok Thailand – The Digital Nomad Hub

Amanda MAM

Thailand is one of the top tourist destinations on the planet and has been for many years and with the rise of the digital nomad, it is no surprise that this unique country is very popular with digital entrepreneurs. Bangkok is an amazing metropolis; a city where a state-of-the-art skyscraper sits next to an ancient Buddhist temple and if you thought Bangkok is a third-world city, think again.

Here are a few reasons digital nomads love to live in Bangkok.

  • Cheap accommodation – When looking at a condominium for rent in Bangkok, luxury living is very affordable; a typical condo development would have a large swimming pool, covered parking, attractive grounds, fitness gym and a selection of stores on the ground floor. Manned security 24/7 and owners share the cost of maintenance; a few hundred dollars a month and you can live like a millionaire!
  • High-speed Internet – There are a few ISPs in Thailand and they all offer inexpensive unlimited data packages, which is a must for someone who works online. Less than $70 per month gives you an unlimited data SIM and you can hotspot your laptop wherever you happen to be. Prices are low when compared to Europe; providers such as DTAC, True Corporation and AIS, offer a wide range of packages that are ideal for nomads.
  • Low cost of living – You can actually save money living in the City of Angels, providing you don’t succumb to the awesome Bangkok nightlife! If you live frugally, you can save enough to take a holiday, then again, you are only a few hours away from a tropical beach. Getting around is cheap, with an extensive mass transit system, Skytrain and BTS, taxis and river taxis take you where you want to go, while the roads are excellent.
  • Ideal for travelling – Bangkok is used as a travel hub; nomads who plan to visit Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos will use Bangkok as their base; leaving most of their luggage at a guesthouse in order to travel light. Khao San Road is the area in Bangkok where backpackers hang out; solo travellers hook up with others for travel projects that might last a few days. If you are looking to buy a travel bag, click here.
  • Great cuisine –Some digital entrepreneurs cite Thai food as their main reason for living in Bangkok and who are we to argue? Bangkok might be a huge city, but you are never far from delicious street food, with vendors selling fresh fruit, ice cream and other delicious Thai desserts. Restaurants are everywhere, with a diverse style of eateries and prices are low.

If you are planning a visit to Thailand, exploring Bangkok will be a highlight of your experience and we are sure you will want to stay a while. Travelling within Thailand is comfortable and very affordable, whether the stunning beaches down south or the mountainous north; Internet coverage is nationwide.

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