30+ Exquisite Fruits that Start with G in English

30+ Exquisite Fruits that Start with G in English

Fruits starting with the letter G offer a delectable and diverse assortment of sweet delights! From the tangy Grapefruit to the crisp and sweet Gorham Pear, there’s a fruit to satisfy every palate.

This group encompasses a variety of options, ranging from familiar favorites such as Grapes and Green Apples to more exotic selections like the Genip Fruit and Goumi Fruit. Whether enjoyed as a quick snack, used in culinary creations, or blended into refreshing juices, these fruits are certain to infuse your fruit basket with a burst of delightful flavors. Get ready to savor the succulent and luscious world of fruits that start with G!

List of All Fruits that Start with G

Here is a list of all fruits that start with G:

  • Granny Smith Apple
  • Gala Apple (also known as Grapple)
  • Golden Delicious Apple
  • Green Apples
  • Gorham Pear
  • Green Anjou Pears
  • Grape
  • Galia Melon
  • Golden Kiwi
  • Guava
  • Genip Fruit
  • Ground Plum
  • Goumi Fruit
  • Gamboge Fruit
  • Gac Fruit
  • Granadilla
  • Governor’s Plum
  • Guabiroba/Gabiroba
  • Grumichama Fruit
  • Guanabana Fruit
  • Giant Lau Lau
  • Grand Nain Banana
  • Grosella Negra
  • Grapefruit
  • Greek Figs
  • Goji Berries
  • Gooseberry
  • Greengage Fruit
  • Guarana
  • Guavaberry
  • Ground Cherry
  • Giant Granadilla

Here are various types of fruits beginning with the letter G:

Apples: A versatile fruit available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, ranging from the tart Granny Smith to the sweet Golden Delicious. Pears: Juicy and sweet teardrop-shaped fruits that can be enjoyed fresh, cooked, or canned, with the Gorham Pear as a particular favorite. Grapes: Small and sweet fruits loved by all ages, available in red, green, or purple, used for making wine, juice, and raisins. Melons: Juicy and sweet fruits popular during the summer, ranging from the Galia Melon to the Golden Kiwi, perfect for snacking or incorporating into recipes. Tropical Fruits: A delectable and exotic selection of fruits originating from warmer climates, providing an exciting addition to fruit bowls or smoothies. Citrus Fruits: Tangy and juicy staples commonly found in many kitchens, including the bitter Grapefruit and the sweet Orange, known for their abundance of Vitamin C and zesty flavors in various dishes.

Common Fruits that Start with G with Descriptions


  • Granny Smith Apple: A tart and tangy green apple commonly used in baking pies.
  • Gala Apple (also known as Grapple): A sweet and crispy apple with a blush of red on its yellow skin.
  • Golden Delicious Apple: A sweet and juicy yellow-gold apple, one of the highest-selling varieties in the United States.
  • Green Apples: Sour and crisp apples available in different types such as Granny Smith, shamrock, and Lodi.


  • Gorham Pear: A sweet and juicy tear-drop-shaped pear known for its melting texture in the mouth.
  • Green Anjou Pears: Sweet and juicy pears with a mild citrus flavor commonly found in grocery stores.


  • Grape: A sweet, juicy, and versatile fruit available in different varieties like seedless, seeded, red, green, or purple.


  • Galia Melon: A sweet melon with a hint of spice resembling a cantaloupe, with light green flesh.
  • Golden Kiwi: A tropical and berry-like flavored kiwi with a bright golden inner flesh.

Tropical Fruits:

  • Guava: A dense and tropically tangy fruit with a slightly sour taste, a personal all-time favorite.
  • Genip Fruit: A juicy and sweet tropical fruit with a thin outer rind.
  • Ground Plum: A sweet and juicy fruit known for its unique flavor and texture.
  • Goumi Fruit: A tart and juicy fruit with a bright red outer skin.

Gamboge Fruit: A sweet and tangy fruit with a unique flavor and texture.

  • Gac Fruit: A sweet and juicy tropical fruit with a bright orange outer skin.
  • Granadilla: A tangy and sour fruit with jelly-like translucent seeds, a type of passionfruit.
  • Governor’s Plum: A slightly bitter and astringent fruit often used for making jam, jelly, or liquor.
  • Guabiroba/Gabiroba: A juicy and sweet tropical fruit with a unique flavor.
  • Grumichama Fruit: A sweet and juicy tropical fruit with a hard outer skin.
  • Guanabana Fruit: A sweet and juicy tropical fruit known for its unique flavor.
  • Giant Lau Lau: A juicy and sweet tropical fruit with a unique flavor and texture.
  • Grand Nain Banana: A sweet and widely sold Chiquita banana.
  • Grosella Negra: A tangy and juicy Spanish black currant known for its numerous health benefits.

Citrus Fruits:

  • Grapefruit: A citrusy but somewhat bitter fruit resembling an oversized orange with pink inner flesh.


  • Greek Figs: Sweet and juicy figs with a natural sweetness similar to fresh honey, primarily grown in Greece.

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